Introducing Folk

Introducing Folk

Fusing contemporary, elegant design with some serious attention to detail, Folk has gained the full attention of the menswear world. With its latest collection new to The Idle Man, we take a look at the history of the seemingly timeless brand and how they've come to be at the forefront of men's style.

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A relatively new brand on the menswear scene, Folk has quickly built a covetable reputation as one of the coolest names around. With a strong minimal, clean aesthetic working alongside their timeless designs, Folk is now one of the must-have additions to the modern man's wardrobe.

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Created by Cathal Mcateer in the early 2000s, Folk found its niche in creating collections that bridge the gap between the spheres of streetwear and art, combining easy to wear shapes with an architect-designer aesthetic. When it comes to Folk, its all about the subtle detailing - style without drama. Working with simple, classic silhouettes and tried-and-tested pieces, Folk's focus on the subtleties sets it apart in the sartorial style stakes. Concentrating on quality textures and fabrics as well as unique, unexpected trimmings, such as crushed coconut shell buttons, Folk has nailed everything right down to the tiniest details.

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With the focus on quality rather than the fast pace of contemporary fashion, Folk has found its place as one of the most desirable menswear brands around amongst guys who appreciate a little something extra. But Folk's ethos exists in a larger context than just the fashion scene, looking at the wider context of modern, tactile product design. Its original inspiration for the creation of the brand looked towards exquisite, contemporary furniture, objects and artwork - something that continues to play a part in Folk's designs, with artist collaborations often featuring in its collections.

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Today, Folk's Studio continues to extend its design philosophy to the things that surround us - and a look at any of its interior pieces are definitely a feast for the eyes, and that's even before you check out the garms. Artwork and furniture shape bold, stylish environments, and every piece that Folk creates is rich in the quintessential traits of quality textures and resonant details. Folk's range of homeware even includes hand-crafted wooden chess sets, travel backgammon sets and hand carved rocking chairs. Natural materials, often enjoying their second life, are also an aesthetic choice with an environmental conscience.

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