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Here at The Idle Man, we've joined forces with BEAST Grooming - the one-stop shop for all things male grooming. We've combined our menswear expertise with the prowess of the BEAST Grooming team to bring you a curated collection of everything you'll ever need in your grooming routine.

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The men's grooming industry has boomed massively over the past few years, with taking pride in your appearance no longer confined by gender stereotypes - men want to look good too, duh. It's a market that has long been neglected by the beauty industry, but with the male market now big money, more and more brands are turning to the male customer. But the first, and arguably the most innovative brand around has to be BEAST Grooming.

The Seven Dials-based grooming emporium has gained huge industry attention, praised for their revolutionary approach to catering to notoriously 'difficult' men. BEAST Grooming is the brain child of Steve Banks and Spencer Wallace - two guys frustrated by the fact men have to go to several places for all their grooming needs, rather than having a reliable go-to for their favourite brands and products.

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Putting their theory to the test, the guys asked their friends to send them a photo of all their grooming products and where they bought them from - the result? A messy myriad of department stores and online retailers. Sensing a massive gap in the market, BEAST Grooming was born, providing a curated range of products with an easy-to-shop attitude. You need moisturiser? You head to the moisturiser section. It's as simple as that.

With BEAST Grooming making such waves in male grooming, alongside our own penchant for innovation in men's style, it was only natural for a collaboration to come about. With The Idle Man being the go-to destination for on trend men's fashion, our partnership with BEAST Grooming is the ultimate in lifestyle convenience - bringing you everything you could possibly need to look and feel great with minimal effort required. We're dedicated to bringing you the best menswear around - after all, where else can you find impartial, curated advice on both grooming and men's brands?



Well, the answer is only here of course. The Idle Man X BEAST Grooming is the first major collaboration of it's kind, and we're proud to exclusively play host to BEAST Grooming's premiere partnership, fusing their simplified ideologies with our own. Expect a brand new, dedicated area on The Idle Man, with over 300 different products covering hair care, body, shave and face categories from around 30 brands including the likes of REN, Murdock and Refinery.



On That Note

We're proud to launch The Idle Man X BEAST Grooming collaboration later this month, but there's more exciting stuff in the pipeline. To bring you a taste of the exclusive collaboration, we're hosting a launch party at the Earlham Street BEAST Grooming store, putting our aesthetic alignment into practise and combining the top grooming products with a pop-up of The Idle Man's Autumn/Winter collection. We'll keep you posted with a date in the near future, but until then, go check out The Idle Man X BEAST Grooming.


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