Filmore Skincare Creator Craig Robertson Speaks to The Idle Man

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Filmore Skincare is one of the most exciting grooming and skincare brands around. We caught up with the founder of Filmore, Craig Robertson, to find out more about the brand and how it started. 

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Starting in 2016, this relatively young brand strives to provide a range of products that use natural and recognisable ingredients. Taking on the already crowded skincare market may seem like a daunting task, but it's one that Filmore has taken in their stride. Whether you want a natural face wash to clean your pores or some moisturiser to stay invigorated, there's something for everyone. Keep reading to find out more about this uniquely simple brand.


What’s the first thing you do when you get into work in the morning?

Before I get to work I tend to have already scanned our social channels, but I save emails for the office so that's the first thing to check. Although as soon as I walk through the door the first thing is to fire up the Nespresso machine!

What originally inspired you to begin making skincare products?

The 'lightbulb' moment I guess was when I was casually having a look at the ingredients list of a moisturiser I had, and not only were none of the ingredients recognisable in any way, but they were barely pronounceable. We felt we could do something a little different.


The market for grooming products is quite crowded, what do you feel makes your product different than others?

As said we felt that there was a brand missing that was open and honest about what was used in their products. We're trying to create effective formulations but keeping the number of ingredients in total to a minimum and for more of those ingredients to be recognisable to the user. On top of that, we engaged with a fantastic graphic design team to create a brand that is clean and minimal, not basic and boring but has a strong design ethic.

How important do you think university/college education is for beginning a grooming brand, or a business in general?

I think that's a tough question. The bottom line about starting your own business is that there is a lot to understand because you're involved in every aspect, and if you've not been exposed to that in some way then it can be difficult. Going to college or uni can give you a real insight into business best practice.

I studied fashion marketing and it was a really valuable course, but my Dad has also been running his own business for 30+ years so I think I was always going to end up doing something along the same lines. Entrepreneurial traits tend to appear no matter what the background or education it would seem, I just happen to have business in my blood I guess.


Your products have a great minimalist aesthetic. Is there something in particular that inspires this?

Our design team and I have a love of both Scandinavian minimalism and bold graphic design, so we've tried to create a slight combination of the two! We didn't want our branding to be too boring, but we wanted to change things up from the norm and go with a white and grey palette and a strong actual brand. Our mark itself is the 'F' from the semaphore language of the sea, which we loved as soon as saw it.

What’s your favourite product from your collection?

You mean which is my favourite child!? I love them all equally and I'll love our new upcoming products just the same!

As a relatively young brand do you feel you have more room to innovate?

Absolutely. I think as a new brand it's your responsibility to innovate otherwise what's the point. Whether it's our products or our partners or collaborations we always ask ourselves if we're making improvements, and I think of our USP's is that are doing things a little differently from our competitors.


Any interesting facts about Filmore Skincare?

Filmore, the name, actually comes from the famous street in San Francisco where my wife and I got engaged. We just removed one of the 'L's' from that Filmore to make it ours!

Also, everything we do: design, manufacturing, packaging and day to day working is based in Scotland, which is quite rare. We don't plan on changing this either and certainly won't move out the UK for any of these requirements.

What have you got planned for Filmore Skincare in 2017?

A lot! Not much I can tell for obvious reasons, but we are always working on new products, exciting new retail partners and perhaps a brand collaboration or two along the way. Best place to keep an eye on what's happening is our Instagram page @FilmoreSkincare



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