What to Wear With Tan Boots

What to Wear With Tan Boots

Tan boots are a great addition to any outfit. Up there with the basic white T-Shirt and the blue denim jean, a good tan boot is the essential every man needs in his wardrobe. If you're thinking about picking up a pair then we have the perfect guide for you, with five styles that will compliment them. 

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How To Wear Tan Boots

I don’t know about you, but we think sometimes black boots can become a little boring. Everyone has them, everyone wears them; they've become their own tired cliché. Whilst it’s good to have an all-rounder boot, we just think they don't always have to be black. 

Tan boots are the practical basic every man needs in his wardrobe. They're stylish, versatile and suave. Good footwear is arguably the most important feature of any outfit and a tan pair of boots has to be a part of this. So what to wear with brown boots? We’ve got you covered and we’ll give you five of the best ways to style them. 


desert boots on foot
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Style One

This is a look all about the footwear! It’s a classic white T-Shirt and jean combo, with a navy jacket thrown over the top for good measure. Now, you don't need to be a fashionista to pull this one off, the Wood Wood Selvedge jeans show off the boots perfectly. The deep blue will play off against the lighter tan and highlight both the smart selvedge denim and Hudson boots. The outfit works because it’s simple, masculine and will always be trendy.

Jeans and boots are not for everyone but they do work better with Selvedge denim. If you're not familiar with this fabric you should take a look at our guide to know it a little better.





Style Two

White chinos, like the below from Dickies at £44, are a smart way to show off a pair of tan boots. Not keen on white? If you can find a trouser in a different yet complementary shade of tan or beige, you’ll also look incredibly stylish and on trend. The Hudson boots at under £110 will work in this casual look as well as a more formal setting.


breton striped t-shirt white chinos mens street style
Striped T-shirt And White Chinos




Style Three

A suit is always a great fashion choice, but they don’t have to be black. It’s a personal choice, but brown and black are hard to pull off together. We wouldn’t recommend wearing a black suit with tan boots. A blue suit, on the other hand, looks great with tan boots; black shoes have been overdone, so the tan will be a more interesting and fashionable choice.

If you don’t believe me just look at the combo we’ve put together! You might want to be careful when heading to a job interview, some outdated employers would see brown shoes with a blue suit as a faux par too far. Although you might want to question whether you even want to work for a company like that in the first place!



Style Four

How could we do this list without including double denim! It might not be for everyone but for those that are fans of this retro look you should seriously consider throwing a pair of brown boots into the mix. The Portuguese Flannel denim shirt for £89 will work well with some slim fit jeans. The contrast between the blue and tan helps to show off the boots. Work in a pair of Dr Martens into the look to make it even more edgy.


mens denim shirt jeans tan boots




Style Five

For our last look, we're considering another great autumn/ winter outfit. A denim jacket from Levi's is the kind of denim jacket you'll keep for years. You should consider wearing this look with a pair of trousers or chinos. Play around with the fit of your trousers to see what you prefer. We would always suggest playing safe and going for a slim fit style.


mens denim jacket green trousers tan boots




There have been many styles of tan boots over the years, so its origins are rather hard to trace. But one of the most popular tan boots in the men's fashion world has always been the desert or chukka boot. Originally worn as casual wear by the Burmese army in the 20th century, Nathan Clark, founder of footwear giant Clarks, brought the style to Europe. Soon, everyone wanted a desert boot. Their practicality and comfort meant that these simple, rough-soled, suede boots became a men's fashion staple.

Whilst being popular amongst many demographics, brown and tan boots became synonymous with the Beatnik scene. In the mid 20th century many artists, musicians and writers took influence from post war American society, and Beat culture was born. Popularised by writers like Jack Kerouac, the Beatnik subculture was embraced by American youths and making its fashion influences, including tan boots, hugely desirable. Tan boots are still popular today and there are many ways to wear this functional and gorgeous boot. 

How To Wear Tan Boots

  • Try them with a pair of selvedge denim jeans. Their smarter design will often compliment the darker boot shade.
  • Allow the boots to contrast with a lighter pair of chinos. White is a very on-trend shade, but navy and black chinos will also work.
  • There are lots of different styles. Tan boots come in different styles so check them all out and see which suits you the best.
  • Don't forget that tan boots aren't just for casual outfits, you can add them to your formal wear, like a suit. When worn right you'll be turning heads.


On That Note

We hope we have given you a few ideas on how to wear this versatile and fashionable footwear. Tan boots will always be in style, so it's definitely worth having a pair tucked into your wardrobe. If you haven't seen something you love just yet, don't panic! Check the store to see the full range of options available.

Author: Ben Elms


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