How to Wear a Duffle Coat

How to Wear a Duffle Coat

It's that time of year again, the weather's starting to draw in and you're desperately searching for the right coat to keep you warm. Luckily for you we've put together this guide on how to wear a duffle coat.

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With so many coats to choose from it can be hard to get an idea of what would be the best one for you, it doesn't have to be difficult, especially when we've done the hard work for you. If you want to get a good idea of how you should be wearing a duffle coat then this is the guide for you.

Men's Duffle Coat

The Duffle Coat is a staple of men's winter wardrobes. Most of us at some point have owned one of these coats or something that's taken some inspiration from it. Whether that be toggles on the front or a baggy hood attached. When you've got a design that's as classic as this it's hard to get it wrong but some men still manage it. To give you a few ideas of what would work with a duffle we've put together a few outfit grids but first let's consider arguably the most important aspect of menswear - the fit.

mens street style duffle coat-min
A man wearing a navy duffle coat

The Perfect Fit

Getting clothes that fit right is essential to making sure you look good. You can spend a lot on getting a coat that's well made but if it doesn't fit you right, it can end up looking cheap, which is far from ideal! To make sure that your coat fits well you have to consider what you're going to be wearing it with. If you're wearing your duffle coat casually you should look for one that's as close to your normal size as possible. For those that will be wearing the coat over thick clothing or a suit then you might want to consider picking one up in a larger size to accommodate for the fabric housed underneath.

A common issue when it comes to making sure your coat fits is the arms. If you're not sure what a good fit feels like, the shoulder seam should align with where your shoulder naturally ends. When you lift your arms in the air the sleeves should feel comfortable. You'll also want to make sure that it fits around your body without being constrictive when the buttons are done up.

Once you've for the right fit, now it's time to take a look for the right style for you. This will totally depend on what you're going to be wearing with the coat and the social situations you'll find yourself in. Although with something this versatile you can throw a duffle on to most outfits and look good.

Navy Duffle Coat

It's a classic duffle coat design for any kind of winter outfit. If you pick up a coat in a darker shade like the navy piece below, £325, you'll find it works with most of the outfits in your wardrobe. You can see how the duffle is great for a casual look with a pair of Nudie jeans and some desert boots from Clarks you've got an outfit that's easy to put together and will look smart enough for most events throughout the winter.

A huge plus of a smart looking coat is that you can make any outfit look better just by throwing the coat on top. A casual T-Shirt and jeans combo can become an outfit that's right for a smart casual event because your coat works so well on top.

Brown Duffle Coat

We're looking at a lighter shade of brown that's a classic when it comes to winter coats. It's the camel duffle coat. You can see below how simple it is to add your look but also how important accessories are to creating a striking look. Always consider adding something to your outfit and you'll find it will make your look more impressive.

If you want to recreate the look below then it's simple, the camel coat, £325, comes in a regular fit and you can find it in the store right now. You can always combine it with a pair of jeans and then some boat shoes bring the whole look together.

man wearing mens camel brown duffle coat
A man wearing a camel duffle coat

Black Duffle Coat

The black duffle is one that will work well with a lot of your outfits and there's often nothing more impressive, and easy to create than an all black look. You can also consider wearing it on top of a look like the one below with a couple of different shades of grey.

Wool Duffle Coat

Don't let the fact that the woollen duffle coat is Paddington Bear's coat of choice put you off, it's the kind that compliments so many different men because its design is so timeless. There's a huge benefit to wool coats and that has to be its warming properties. The mid length design also works well to keep you warm as it'll prevent a lot of cold air from getting through.

The charcoal coat below works well with a burgundy jumper and a pair of boots will always come in handy during the winter. A waterproof pair, at around £105, can seem almost essential as the rain starts to pour down throughout the winter.

Hooded Duffle Coat

Another feature you're going to love during the wet winter months has to be a hood. Having that little piece of extra protection can be the difference between getting soaked through and looking reasonably good. If you do pick up a duffle without a hood then you can always keep an umbrella handy but do consider getting a hat as it gets colder and you feel like your ears are about to fall off! As we've already said accessories can make any winter outfit look so much more impressive, just adding a well considered pair of gloves or scarf can work perfectly.

The bonus of a black coat has to be that you can wear it with almost everything, thanks to its versatility. If you are thinking about wearing it over a suit, check out our guide to get a few tips on how it's done well.

mens duffle coat hood
A great men's hooded duffle coat
PHOTO CREDIT: London Tradition

Further Reading: History

The coat gets its name from the Belgium town of Duffel or more precisely the woollen material that was first developed in this European town. The coat itself was introduced as uniform for the British Navy with its features being entirely practical. The large hood was designed to fit over a naval cap and the toggle fastening system was designed to allow the sailors to fasten or loosen up their coat with gloves on. All these features have now become a part of a fashionable men's coat design.

Who's Wearing it Well

We thought it would be a good idea to take a look at someone in the public eye who's wearing a duffle coat and looking good. This is a great way to see what styles might look good on you but always beware, just because it looks good on someone else doesn't necessarily mean that you'll also look good. They might be a different build or have a completely dissimilar look to you. Try and find people that have similar looks and builds to you before you run off to buy a coat you might regret. Or just throw caution to the wind and give it a go! Who knows what will look good until you try it on.

Harry Styles

This is how you wear a light coloured duffle coat well. Without the coat it would just be a simple outfit with a pair of skinny jeans and a T-Shirt, with the coat it instantly becomes a smart look that anyone would love to wear. Skinny jeans are a great shout with a bigger coat like this as they highlight the superior fitting so simply. The sunglasses also bring the outfit together, don't forget to check out what sunglasses we have available in our store and take a look at our guide to see what shapes suit your face.

How To Wear a Duffle Coat

  • The most important aspect of wearing a duffle coat is making sure it fits well. You can wear it with the perfect outfit and get a well made coat but you can let yourself down by having it too short or long in your arms. Get the fit right and you'll love your new duffle even more.
  • The Navy option is a classic and you'll find you can wear it with almost everything in your wardrobe. It's not just a choice for darker coloured outfits either, you can wear it with lighter colours as the contrast works well.
  • A black duffle has a lot of the benefits of the navy, you can really get a lot of wear out of a black winter coat. If you want to add a touch of colour you can always consider picking up a black coat with a check hood.
  • A camel coat is on a lot of men's lists this winter and you won't be making a mistake if you select one of these. The contrast you'll find it brings to a lot of your outfits will work well.
  • With a history with sailors using the coat for its practical features it's now become a fashion piece that is as loved for these features as it is for it's ability to keep people warm.

mens duffle coat model style
A man wearing a camel duffle coat

On That Note

It might be a navy coat or something in camel that you're looking for, either way the duffle has to be on your list of coats for this winter. Hopefully now you've got a good idea of how simple they are to style with your outfit, it might be a casual T-Shirt and jeans or something a lot smarter. Either way, this coat will compliment your look or make you even smarter. We've put together a few of our favourites that you can find in the store right now, if a duffle isn't for you, there are always more options available. Check out some of the different designs we have by navigating the link below.


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