Incorporating Colour into Your Wardrobe This Season

Incorporating Colour into Your Wardrobe This Season

With spring in full swing, it's about time you incorporated some colour into your wardrobe this season, and over here at Idle HQ, we're going to show you how. 

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Trends seem to come and go within the world of menswear, and sometimes, it's difficult to keep up with them all. But, over here at Idle HQ we like to keep things simple; none of that high fashion malarky that you see in those glossy magazines, just understated style that every man can wear no matter what the season.

With it being spring, and the weather in the UK not committing to hot or cold, you'll always need a light jacket to wear if the weather does like to take a turn for the worse. I know that colour doesn't play a massive part in many men's wardrobes, but we think it's about high time it did.

black hunter jacket the idle man orange sweatshirt
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The Jacket

With this trend, you'll want to keep your outerwear simple. Take a simple black jacket, whether it be a bomber jacket or even a leather biker jacket, and throw it over your look. The trick with the jacket is to not take away from your outfit underneath, as this is the main feature to your look. In a nutshell, keep it simple and keep it stylish.

black hooded jacket orange swatshirt black trousers blue boat shoes
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What To Wear Underneath

Because your jacket or other outwear will be a darker colour, this allows you to play around with as much colour and pattern as you like underneath. Now, if you're just flirting with the idea of incorporating colour into your wardrobe at the moment, then you probably don't want to go all out and wear a pink sweatshirt, but, keeping the colours subtle may be the way forward for you.

If pink isn't your thing, then why not try a lighter blue or maybe even a green sweatshirt or tee underneath your jacket. This keeps the tone of your look simple whilst still keeping the full impact of colour to your outfit. Teamed with some wide legged trousers and a pair of crisp white trainers, you'll be well on your way to a cracking look this season.

black jacket pink sweatshirt beige chinos white trainers
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If you really want to experiment with colour, then why not go for a vibrant orange, perfect for this coming season, it will make your outfit stand out from the crowd. Because the colour is a touch louder than a subtle pink, you'll want to contrast it with a pair of darker trousers and a darker shoe.

black jacket orange sweatshirt black jeans blue shoes
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Doing the jacket up and only showing off a little bit of colours still incorporates the full impact of the trend. If you're not feeling confident wearing such a strong colour underneath then buttoning up your jacket, whilst leaving some of the colour showing, will give that hint of detail, without it being too in-your-face.

black edwin coach jacket yellow sweatshirt black trousers white trainers
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Key Elements

  • Black or neutral outerwear.
  • Bright sweatshirts or T-shirts.
  • Vary up your leg wear using both dark and light colours as a contrast.

And On That Note

This is one of those trends that will see you through the entire season without fail. Go all out with colour if you're feeling confident enough, and try a bright orange or yellow, or, if you're still flirting with the idea of colour then keep it simple and subtle. Remember to always keep your outwear simple and darker than what you've got on underneath to really make you look stand out.


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