How to Wear Dad Jeans

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Dad jeans may have been one of the most cringe items of clothing a year ago, but now they are perceived in a whole new light. If you don't own a pair of dad jeans, you're not in tune with the times. Worried about how to pull off this trend? Fear not. We're here to tell you everything you need to know about how to wear dad jeans.

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What Are Dad Jeans?

This trend has been the talk of the town for the last few months. What was once (and not so long ago) considered to be the laughing stock of the jeans world has now taken hold of the fashion industry with a firm grip. Dad jeans are suddenly cool again, and nobody saw it coming.

What is the dad jeans definition? To put it simply, dad jeans are the jeans that you've grown up watching your dad wear - the slightly ill-fitted, awkward length and debatable blue wash jeans that you never, ever imagined you would see anyone fashionable wearing, let alone yourself. None the less, the time has come for the dads of the world to have the last laugh, as everyone is finally catching on with their look.

Dad jeans can be worn in a few ways, suited to both smart and casual looks. These jeans are a staple that are easy to style, and just like any other jeans, the mood of the outfit depends on what you wear them with. For the ultimate dad look, go for a pair of dad jeans and match them with some dad trainers - groundbreaking.

Men's Dad Jeans

Dad jeans for men is the new in-thing, so naturally, you're going to need some outfit inspiration to see how it's done. So, what makes dad trends? Classic dad jeans are a light blue wash, a little baggier on the leg than most men are used to and a little shorter, too. If you're wearing a pair of dad jeans, everyone should be able to recognise that straight away, so don't worry about people thinking you just can't buy a well-fitted pair - you have to rock the dad jeans trend with confidence.

Styling A Suede Jacket

Here, we're taking outfit inspiration from the Feel Good Inc trend, where cosy vibes meet dad jeans. This look is incredibly easy to recreate, consisting of only a few key elements which most men should already have in their wardrobes. First up, a long-sleeved T-shirt should be the base layer. This can be a plain one or a minimally patterned one such as the thin stripe long-sleeved T-shirt.

Next up, a suede bomber is the perfect jacket addition to every wardrobe, perfect for styling all year round. It doesn't take too much away from the outfit as a lot of statement coats do. Instead, it complements the rest of the look by adding subtle colour and texture, giving the outfit a few more dimensions. The colour of your blue dad jeans will go well with suede or black beige, but adding too much colour on the T-shirt will make the outfit too confused and you'll risk clashing. Finally, finish the outfit with some clean white trainers for an effortlessly cool dad jean look.

How To Dress Up Your Dad Jeans

Yes, it is possible to dress up your dad jeans. Dad jeans, like any other jeans, can be styled up or down, so you can make the most out of your pair. Here, we have gone for a smart casual style with the dad jeans, but by adding or taking away a few pieces, you can completely transform the look. We have started with a base of a white Oxford shirt. Oxford shirts are one of the easiest shirts to incorporate into an outfit as they are minimal and timeless. We've tucked the shirt into the dad jeans, but you can play around with it untucked or half tucked depending on how formal or casual you want to go.

Dressing Up Your Dad Jeans

Next, we have layered over a simple grey overcoat for some warmth and further layered over a cross body bag. This bag is quite casual, so consider opting for a tote or no bag at all to look smarter. Again, we have chosen to pair this look with some trainers. Converse work for most looks - smart or casual - and the classic white ones will match all clothing - easy. Some bright socks lift up the outfit. We have folded up the bottom of the jeans to show off the socks and add a little edge to the look, however, to go smart, you can leave these down. A pair of loafers would look equally good instead of Converse.

The Dad Jean Trend

This trend has spread far and wide, with some pretty unsuspected names jumping on the bandwagon. Barack Obama is a dad, granted, however, he pulls off this trend a little differently to how we envisage it. None the less, we don't mind because, after all, he is Obama.

To improve on this look (not for Obama, but for all of you who might be considering recreating this outfit) go for some real shoes, not sandals. If you want to go smart, loafers will do the trick. If you want to go casual, minimal trainers are the way forward.

Obama Wears Dad Jeans


On That Note

We think these are some of the best jeans for men - they are fairly easy to style and can be paired with a lot of different outfits for different occasions. You can either get a pair of blue or black dad jeans (or even both) to ensure you have your outfits covered for all events. There are certainly worse jeans for men you could wear, such as the men's bootcut jeans which are a trend we're not in a hurry to repeat. We suggest you go and grab yourself a pair either from the shops or from your dad's wardrobe so that you can start experimenting with this look right away. Skinny jeans are so 2016 - it's time to update (and recreate) your jeans image.


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