How To Wear Cropped Trousers

How To Wear Cropped Trousers

With tailored styling becoming more and more popular on a casual level, the cropped trouser is a key piece that pulls the trend together. As daring as they sound, cropped men's trousers will be your go to staple piece. Read on to find out how best to style your crop trousers making them suitable for every month of the year.

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The majority of men will opt for a jean or suit trouser if they're feeling smart and the cropped trouser never seems to come to mind. However, this should be at the top of your list, or even in the top five, of go-to bottoms to wear in the day, evening or night. Cropped trousers add an edgy, street style feel to your outfit making you a fashion leader and innovator that everyone should begin to follow.

Men's Cropped Trousers

Cropped trousers for men can be worn both casually or formally, in summer or in winter, making them the ideal pant to invest in. They can also be worn in light colours, dark colours or any other colour you think you could dare to wear. It can be tricky trying to find pieces that will go with them without making your outfit look too baggy or too tight, but once you've nailed it the style will come naturally and you'll be rocking cropped trousers all year round.

The level of cropped will determine how risky and audacious you're feeling, but, you have to get this right. Too long and the cropped trouser trend will not be so obvious, too short and, well, you may look like you've just grown out of a pair of trousers your mum bought you when you were young.




Linen Trousers

Men's linen trousers are the ideal men's lightweight summer trouser, the loose weave makes the fabric very breathable and the comfort and texture make them easy to wear day in day out. Cropped linen styles are usually on the looser side so wearing these with a fitted top or shirt and a pair of white trainers or Birkenstock's will freshen up your summer style. Light colours such as white, beige or pastels add to the summery vibe and the cropped style portray an edgy, unique holiday look without feeling too Mamma Mia.

Pairing some cropped men's linen trousers with a short sleeved, lightly patterned shirt creates an instant chilled out, BBQ ready vibe. Make sure the shirt doesn't come up too loose fitting otherwise you could lose all sense of shape and look like your outfit's fit is generally too big. If you want to brighten up the look, a pair of white linen trousers and a white shirt will hit all the right summery trends.



Men's Wool Trousers

You may not think of wool as a fabric that can be worn all year round, however due to its breathable and durable fabric and the ability to manufacture to a variety of thicknesses, wool is spot on for both the summer and winter months. A pair of woollen cropped trousers can also look fairly formal, which is a bonus, usually in a light or dark grey colour these trousers can be worn with a loose fitting jumper or t-shirt. Similar colours should be used so you keep the focus on the crop trouser as one of the main parts of the outfit so think blues, blacks, greys and occasionally whites. Layering pieces for a cropped trouser winter look creates an edgy, just rolled out of bed but still on trend outfit.




Men's Cargo Trousers

If you're after more of the skater, street style look then cargo pants for men are a good option. The functional trouser can be styled to suit a variety of people, so pair with a cap and slogan t-shirt for a chilled weekend look. If you are wanting to dress it up a bit more, wear your combat trousers with a plain white tee and denim jacket. This may not be interview smart but if worn correctly the cargo pants won't look as casual as you think they might.




Black Trousers Men's

Black is a key colour, it's prominent in every man's wardrobe and the cropped trouser is no exception. Black can be worn with near enough everything and so can the crop trouser, making this the best combination for an investment staple piece. Despite the fact the colour may be dark, the trousers can be styled so they are worn in the summer months. With a light coloured shirt and loafers the cropped trouser has that summer appeal. If however, you do want to support this style in the winter months, a t-shirt and jumper combo with an oversized coat will also get you style points.

For instant style appeal, wear the men's black trouser with a long, slim fit shirt and leather jacket. A pair of black loafers will finish off the look, pulling it all together, giving a more formal approach while also being able to keep them on trend. 




Grey Trousers

A key colour for every wardrobe is grey; grey jumpers, grey t-shirts and grey trousers. Style your grey cropped trousers with a neutral colour palette or add a splash of colour with a coloured jacket or a pair of blue or brown shoes. If you want to keep it subtle and want to appear taller, all grey attire will do just the thing. This will add some length in the body as the colour will flow through the whole outfit. A grey, tight fitting t-shirt and a pair of grey trainers or plimsolls are the basics you need to get the look. Make sure the grey crop trousers are slightly more fitting than some of the other styles as a loose fitting trouser will ruin the desired look you are going for.

Accessories are as important as the cropped trouser itself so make sure you do this right. To give the outfit a casual allure, a cap will instantly add a street style appeal as well as adding an oversized bag there for both practicality and fashion. Putting these all together creates a sophisticated yet casual outfit that can be worn day to day or for an occasion.

Men's Formal Trousers

To dress the cropped trousers in a more formal way, match the trouser colour to your jacket. The jacket doesn't have to match entirely but should be along the same lines. Darker colours work just as well as lighter colours but make sure if wearing all white there is a hint of colour somewhere as it could deteriorate away from the relaxed, cropped trouser style. The colour could be added through a pastel coloured shirt, brown or blue smart shoes or a brown belt that splits up the outfit. For darker colours, keep the shirt or t-shirt light as this helps the cropped trouser look modern and not too much like a formal suit.

When making the cropped trouser look formal it is important that the right shoes are worn. With these men's smart trousers, loafers are your best option, brown or black are the best in terms of colour but will depend heavily on the colour of crop trouser. Lighter colours with brown shoes and darker colours with black shoes, this keeps the overall tone of your outfit together and presents a look that has been well put together.

How To Wear Cropped Trousers For Men

  • Getting the right length is important, not too long and not too short
  • Cropped trousers can be dressed up and dressed down
  • To get a summery look, add a pop of colour with a pastel shirt or trouser
  • For the winter months layer up to create an effortless looking outfit


On That Note

Cropped trousers are very versatile and can be worn with a lot of different pieces, however you need to know how to style it right in order to pull off the look. Start with neutral colours and work up your confidence to add some pastels or, if you're feeling very daring, a brighter pop of colour. Layering is key but make sure you are wearing the clothes, not the clothes wearing you.


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