5 Reasons Why Chino Shorts Need to Be Your Wardrobe Staple

5 Reasons Why Chino Shorts Need to Be Your Wardrobe Staple

If you're looking to up your shorts game this summer, then it's time to start thinking about chino shorts. Here is our guide on how you can style them, to ensure you stay on-trend.

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It may not seem real, but warmer days are soon upon us. So you'll be looking to bring out your shorts, or update your short collection. But have you ever considered chino shorts? A staple that can take you through a variety of events and is adaptable to formalities, it's a versatile piece that every guy needs in his wardrobe. Here's our guide on why it should be your wardrobe staple.

The Shorts

Chino shorts provide the perfect balance between comfort and sophistication. They can be worn in a wider range of situations than a more casual style of shorts; from a formal working lunch to a barbeque in your best mate's back garden. Their simplicity means that one pair of shorts can be styled in numerous different ways, and worn to a whole host of events, each time appearing like a new pair.

For the most part, chino shorts come in a single block colour; although there are some patterned pairs out there for those who like to add something a little jazzier. If you opt for a plain pair, then you've got a lot of freedom as to how you style them; T-shirts, vests, shirts and polo shirts are all an option, as well as flip-flops, trainers, loafers and slip-ons.

A patterned pair will work better with other pieces from the same colour scheme. As for length, you've got two options: above the knee and mid-thigh length. The shorter length is better left for once the sun decides to pay us a visit, whilst longer ones can be worn in these awkward in-between season months.


How To Wear Them

Everyday Casual-Wear

There's plenty of room for chino shorts in your everyday wardrobe. Whether your running errands or going to the pub, if you pair them with a simple T-shirt and a pair of plimsolls, then you've got a comfy yet stylish outfit. A graphic or pocket T-shirt are both good options if you want to keep your look relaxed.

Converse are the ultimate comfort shoe for when you're going to be on your feet all day. Sunglasses are another necessity for everyday wear, so make sure to invest in a durable pair that will go with everything; a classic tortoiseshell pair is a safe bet.

Every man also needs a bag to keep all his man things in, and a duffel bag is definitely the most practical option. You can avoid the I-just-finished-school look that you may get with a backpack, whilst still being able to carry around all your essentials.

navy shorts orange sweatshirt street style
A man wearing an orange jumper with black shorts



If you decide to go for a pastel coloured pair of chino shorts, then you can go full steam ahead and get pastel everything else, too. A pastel pink sweatshirt is just perfect for a chilly evening. Don't be scared of a little bit of pastel pink, it never did anyone any harm. Vans is usually seen as a fairly casual brand, but these slip-ons are surprisingly smart due to their simple colour-way.

If you want to keep your look a little more casual, then a vest and flip-flops will help take things down a notch. This might seem like a look that needs to be saved for the beach, but switching your trunks for chino shorts means that it can easily be worn for a casual day in the city.

pastel pink sweatshirt sand chinos for men street style
A man wearing a pink jumper with beige chino shorts



If you've been itching to get your flashiest patterned shirt out of the wardrobe, now's your chance. A pair of neutral toned shorts can be paired with almost any shirt. Yup. Even your tropical Hawaiian ones.

Loafers and chino shorts go hand in hand, so if you want to up the smart factor of your outfit, then they're the best way to go. You can also add a jacket and a belt to draw some attention away from your shirt; this Levi's denim jacket is a timeless piece, which will remind people that you do know a little bit about fashion.

Men's Camouflage Shorts

If plain chino shorts don't appeal to you, then you can keep things laid-back with a pair of men's camo shorts. They can be teamed with plenty of other pieces in neutral colours. A classic plain T-shirt is perfect for an afternoon playing, or watching, footie, and a burgundy crew neck jumper won't go amiss once the evening chill hits at a family barbeque.

As for accessories, a canvas strap watch can inject a tiny bit of sophistication into your outfit; adding a timepiece to your look is an instant sign of maturity. A pair of white leather trainers will keep things fresh, and a simple pair of sunglasses are the perfect finishing touch.

mens camo shorts outfit street style
Brad Pitts loves his white shirts


On That Note

It's time to make chino shorts a staple in your wardrobe. They can be worn on every occasion and with every style of top, so there's really no reason not to grab a pair. Whether you want to keep things relaxed with a vest and flip-flops or go full on summer with a patterned shirt, they can be styled to suit everyone's preferences.


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