Top Tips on How to Wear a Vest for Men

Top Tips on How to Wear a Vest for Men

The vest is one of the hardest items in a man's wardrobe to pull off, or is it? We've established a handy how-to guide that will help you pull off the controversial piece without any fear of looking a mess. 

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Of all the controversial items in a men’s wardrobe, the vest, or tank top as it known by our friends on the other side of the Atlantic, is perhaps the most hotly discussed as the casual white vest for men has some pretty bad connotations. Many argue that a certain physique is required to pull one off, or that they should be seen strictly in the gym and nowhere else, but we disagree.

Believing that the vest deserves a re-evaluation, we've assembled a handy little guide on how to not only get away with pulling off a men's casual vest, but how to make it one of the most fashionable items this summer. Don't believe us? Well read on.

What to Wear With a Vest

Vests or tank top aren’t an acceptable item of clothing in all situations, but during the summer months they are perfectly suited to festivals, days at the beach and other casual social events. The vest can also suit casual street wear, providing the fit is right. Make sure when you're wearing a vest that it's nicely fitted around your armpit area. Nobody wants to have their Saturday afternoon ruined by your armpit hair.

The same applies to the neckline - make sure this isn’t too loose. Unless you have huge pecks chances are this will just show the world your nipples, and that's never an attractive look.

mens white vest striped top summer


What to Wear With a Vest In the Summertime

Partnered with a nice pair of shorts, the vest shirt can be perfect for a nice hot summers day, keeping your body from going into meltdown. Try combing a neutral coloured vest with a pair of patterned shorts, or these denim ones with a belt and some boat shoes or casual pumps to get that perfect laid back summer style.

The best type of vests tend to be ones that are either plain or have a simple pattern, with vertical striped ones, or speckles being a popular choice. Long line vests are also both practical and stylish during the summer months and are also more versatile options than normal fitting vest T-shirts, allowing you to experiment more with colours and patterns.

Vest and Jeans

If you want to stay cool without showing off your calves, then you may want to think about how to wear a vest with jeans for men. Try and keep your denim light coloured, as if you're dealing with the summer heat, black jeans will just absorb heat and leave you sweating. Match these with a light coloured vest, like a grey or white casual vest for men, and finish off with some casual loafers or boat shoes to complete the laid back look.



Vest and Shorts

Why not opt for a cooler combination of shorts and vest? The combination is perfectly suited for the summer months and you can create a few different looks with the pairing, from an alternative grunge style to a preppy, clean vibe. So, you're wondering how to wear a vest with shorts. An easy combination that creates a modern, youthful look is to match a pair of skinny shorts with a neutral coloured vest, then finish off with some high-top Converse.




Unlike a normal T-shirt, vests put a real emphasis on the arms. In this case, accessorising with some nice bracelets or a watch is ideal. It is also a good chance to show off any tattoos you have on your arms that are otherwise not visible. Vests also provide a very casual look. A pair of sunglasses, a classic pair of Ray-Bans would be well suited, or even a hat could perfectly finish off this style.



What to Avoid

Vests are a controversial piece of clothing because there are certain rules that should be followed when it comes to wearing one. Needless to say, any sort of novelty vest should be avoided. Whilst you’re at it, steer well clear of any sort of neon vests as well. Unless you want to look like you have just returned from a night out at a 1980’s electro concert.

Ribbed vests are also a hot topic for debate. If you have the body for it, then by all means wear a ribbed T-shirt vest. However, if you're like like most of the population then it's probably best to avoid them.

Top Tips on How to Wear a Vest for Men

  • Change up the design of your vest depending on your figure. If you're on the thin side, try opting for a long line vest rather than an average look.
  • Make sure your vest fits neatly against your torso and arms. Ones that are too loose can give a messy finish.
  • Match your vest with a good pair of light coloured jeans for a cool yet covered look. Alternatively, opt for a more summer friendly outfit with a slim fit pair of shorts.
  • Accessorise sparingly with simple sunglasses, a neutral beanie, or understated jewellery.

mens striped vest casual streetstyle summer

On That Note

The vest will always be a tough item to pull off. Hopefully, thanks to our help you can now wear one with pride. An item that will always make a statement, the vest top is an essential item to have this summer.


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