How to Pull off a Brown Suit with Absolute Ease

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Every man needs to wear a suit relatively often. But the issue a lot face is that they're all very similar. Black, grey and navy are all extremely common, and hugely successful. But what if you want to stand out a little? A brown suit is the perfect smart attire to differentiate you from the crowd.

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You might be asking yourself why exactly we're writing an article on how to wear a brown suit. The answer is that as we all know, suits are all very identical at the moment, and there's not much room to express yourself or show a little bit of creativity. So, if you do want to stand out from the plethora of black or grey suit wearers out there, brown is the perfect opportunity.

However, it's not the easiest look to pull off, it has the potential to look very outdated and tacky. With this guide we aim to help you pull off a brown suit with an effortless flair of style.

Brown wedding suit
PHOTO CREDIT: King & Allen

What Type Of Brown Suit?

Wearing a brown suit isn't just as simple as a brown suit jacket and brown suit trousers unfortunately. There's a whole load of different styles out there and you need to decide which one is right for you, and the event. For example, if you're attending a more casual event is a brown tweed suit really appropriate? It would probably be better suited for a wedding or similar event.

You've also got to make the decision between a dark brown suit and a light brown suit. If you're attending an event in the summer, you're going to be extremely hot if you're wearing a dark brown suit, so we'd opt for it's lighter counterpart. A darker brown suit is also likely to be made of more heavyweight material, making it perfect for events taking place during the colder months.

Brown Tweed Suit

Brown Suits For Weddings

Many people wonder if men's brown suits are appropriate for weddings, the simple answer is of course. If you style it right you can look just as smart, if not smarter than every other average Joe in their black or grey suits. Our top recommendation would have to be a tweed suit. Absolutely timeless and sure to be a winner, you really can't go wrong. Ideally, pair the suit with a light blue or white shirt underneath to contrast the brown, with a navy tie. Accessories wise, consider a classy watch or a pocket square. If it's summer a stylish pair of sunglasses wouldn't go amiss, but bear in mind a tweed suit will be extremely hot.

Brown Tweed Wedding Suit
PHOTO CREDIT: Edward Sexton


What Shoes To Wear With A Brown Suit?

Footwear is an important aspect to every outfit. This is even more apparent with formal wear. If you've decided to brave the brown suit please don't make the mistake of also going for dark brown shoes. This is definitely not a look. Contrast the brown with a pair of black shoes, or a pair of light brown shoes, these are your safe best.

Brown Shoes


Brown Suit Variations

We've already spoken about tweed suits being one variation of the traditional brown suits, but there are in fact a few variations. One worth a mention is the pinstripe brown suit. Adding a little bit more of a casual vibe to the suit, pinstripes are a tried and tested favourite. However beware if you are tall and worried about looking lanky, pinstripes won't help this - and vice versa of course, great if you're short. Brown check suits are also worth an honourable mention.

Pinstripe Brown Suit

Fitting Brown Suits

As with any suit, you need to make sure it's fitted to your body type properly, or else it's just destined to look very average. A well fitted grey or black suit will make a guy look great, but a well fitted brown suit puts you on another level. People won't be able to get enough of your look, as it's a seriously hard to pull off style. If you do it well, it'll almost certainly give a great reaction.

Brown Tweed Jacket and Tie
PHOTO CREDIT: The Trashness Blog


How To Wear A Brown Suit

  • Go for a contrasting light shirt underneath, a dark shirt would look out of place.
  • Black or light brown shoes are the ones to match with a brown suit.
  • As with any suit, make sure it fits right. Check size guides and try on where possible.
  • Accessorise the outfit well with a stylish watch or a pocket square.

Tweed Suit Man With beard
PHOTO CREDIT: Cad & The Dandy

On That Note

If you've got a formal event coming up anytime soon, the brown suit might be one to consider. If you're fed up of blending in and want to stand out a little without making a massive statement. If you can do it well it'll be one that you'll go back to time and time again. Also with summer being in full flow, a light brown suit would be perfect for an outdoor wedding.


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