How to Stop Clothes from Fading


Have an outfit you love, and want it to look brand new even after washing? Read our guide on how to stop clothes from fading to learn tips and tricks to keeping your clothes looking their best.

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We've all been there - you have a favourite shirt, pair of trousers, any other clothing item you can think of, and after a few washes it's faded and just past its best.

It's obviously frustrating, and if you've spent your hard earned cash on clothes, you want them to last more than a couple of runs through the washing machine. There are a few simple ways to keep your clothes from fading though, so read on to see what they are.

Wash Your Clothes Less Often

This sounds bad, and we're not suggesting stinking out your office just for the sake of your T-shirt, but wearing your clothes cleverly can keep them from needing to be washed as frequently. If you're wearing a shirt for example, try layering a T-shirt underneath it, so you avoid sweating directly on it, giving it a few more wears before it needs washing.

If you've managed to drop something down your trousers but it's the first time you've worn them out, a touch of stain remover will clean them up without having to bundle them into the washing machine.

Wash Your Clothes with Similar Colours

You might have heard about separating your washes, and this might seem a lot of effort, especially if you're trying to save water, but it can make a big difference to the quality of your clothes. Washing black clothes together will mean that even if the dye runs it won't sink into your lighter clothes, and will reabsorb back into your garments. This is also vital for keeping your white clothes, well, white. Everyones heard the story about the red sock and the white shirt being washed together. Don't be that guy.

Wash Your Clothes in Cold Water

Warm or hot water helps dye loosen from fabrics, whereas cold water will help maintain the colour. Another plus is that it's cheaper to wash your clothes on a cold wash, so you'll be saving your money as well as your clothes.

Turn Your Clothes Inside Out

If you turn your clothes to the less abrasive side there'll be less friction when washing. This will prevent the fibres from breaking down and the dye from running, so your clothes will look less bashed about and keep their colour.


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