What to Wear With a Polo Shirt

What to Wear With a Polo Shirt
You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to get a polo shirt disastrously wrong. With summer vastly approaching, don't ‘impulse buy’ the first polo shirt you see. Take a look at our guide and decide on the look you want this season. Read more Men's Style Guide features. wearwith There is a fine line between looking cool or like a tool. Especially when the polo shirt is involved. Important factors to remember are size, shape, buttons and logos. If just one of these things is slightly off, your look can be ruined. But on the flip side - when a polo shirt is done right - it can be a stylish, and an attractive addition to your wardrobe. They have the ability to flatter your body shape, add a touch of class and generally complete a look. But let's make sure that ‘look’, is a good ‘look’!

What to Wear With a Polo Shirt

So summer is here (barely), and you want to wear your favourite polo style shirts, but alas you don't know what to wear. Don't worry we have taken the best looks from casual right to smart, you'll be summer ready for any occasion, especially with what to wear with a polo shirt. Read on for our on not just what to wear but how to wear a polo.


Yes, polo shirts can be smart. Though you need to tweak your basic styling to accommodate. Try wearing a polo shirt polo shirt fashion with a summer suit for the best man about town look, to make it modern opt for a white trainer instead of a loafer, this gives the ultimate casual look of a man who knows how to style an outfit. 


Smart Casual

Wearing a polo shirt in a smart casual way isn't rocket science since this is the occasion they are made for. If you're looking for a new way to wear your button down polo shirts this season then why not try combining a classic blazer and jeans. Try wearing a jacket with a blue polo and black pants. For the ultimate short-cut to a smart casual dress code, finish this look with a pair of brown shoes. To keep the detailing to a minimum, we recommend either Chelsea or Chukkas boots.



While the polo shirt is versatile between occasions, it's also great as a throw on day to day. While you don't want to end up looking like an extra from Shameless, our Editor's advise the best way to style a polo is to always stick to neutral, dark tones. Avoid khaki pants and polo shirt and opt for grey and black. These colours always work, especially when pairing your look with a staple bomber jacket. Lastly, to finish to look, opt for a selvedge denim with a slim fit shape. The tone of the denim is the perfect match to the polo, making sure your look is subtle to take you through the day. If the weather is a bit colder where you are, don't be afraid to layer up with a beanie and scarf.


Polo Shirt Styles

The rules aren’t set in stone when it comes to different polo shirt types. But you can generally place them into three categories. Ralph Lauren describes them as classic, custom and slim.

The Classic Cut is:

  • Looser and a more relaxed fit
  • Straight up and down
  • Longer arm length
  • Sometimes longer tail length

The Custom Cut is:

  • Slightly trimmer
  • Shorter in length
  • Shorter arm length

The Slim Cut is:

  • Very similar to custom cut
  • Trimmer fitting the body, rather snug
  • Shorter than custom at the front and back hem

What Pants to Wear With Polo Shirt

Polo Shirt with Jeans

As stated above, jeans and polo look are a classic. You can wear it casually, or if you put on a blazer then you've bumped yourself up to smart casual. The possibilities are endless with this combination. Wearing lighter jeans will make the look more casual and the darker you go with you jeans then the smarter you'll look. toppicks

Can you Wear a Polo With Dress Pants?

A trickier territory than the jeans, we now look at dress trousers. Some will deem it a cardinal style sin to mix and match these with polo shirts. However, done right this can be one of the most stylish looks out there. Important to note when pulling off this look is the length of the polo shirt. The polo shirt must hit the waistband, the extra material looks baggy and scruffy. If you want to pull the look together then pair your belt with your shoes for added chic. toppicks

Shoes That Go With Polo Shirts

Many shoes go with a polo shirt. The only thing that you need to consider is the style and look you are going for.  We have chosen our favourite three styles to rock with polo shirts.


Chukka boots and Chelsea boots are a polo shirts best friend. When you want to look casual but still have a smart edge then go for these boots. Wear them with jeans and full-length trousers, you don't want to have awkward shins being cut off. toppicks


Now if you want to look more smart than casual then loafers are the shoe for you. Loafers and polo shirts work well together, especially when paired with slim dress trousers. toppicks The latest news from style, life, arts, and culture and everything in between. Whether it's a new brand arriving into our style, our latest drops and editorials. You will never miss a beat with us.

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