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Whether you've invested in a wool coat for winter or you happened to receive some woollen knitwear this Christmas, knowing how to properly care for it is important if you want it to last longer than England's qualifying hopes in this year's World Cup. In other words, knowing how to launder, dry and store your wool properly will mean you get plenty of wear from the garment without the risk of it shrinking, losing its shape or going into holes.

So in the course of this post we're going to guide you through looking after wool garments to ensure you're still wearing them in years to come and not just for the duration of winter.


General Care

  • If garment gets particularly wet for any reason, dry it on a flat surface to avoid warping its shape
  • Avoid direct heat which can damage and change the structure of the proteins in the wool causing distortion of the garment
  • To get rid of any minor wrinkles, hang garment in the bathroom while having a hot shower
  • If you have any issues with your coat that can't be rectified by some improvised steaming or hanging on a sturdy hanger, we'd advise taking it to a professional dry cleaner


  • To ensure you don't damage or shrink your wool coat we'd always advise going to a professional dry-cleaner rather than attempting to wash it yourself
  • We'd also advise you don't dry-clean your wool coat too often as it will make the wool fibres brittle over time


  • Wire hangers are no good for wool coats or any coats for that matter; use a sturdy wooden hanger and do up the buttons when it's being stored to help maintain the shape of the coat
  • Avoid leaving your wool coat in direct sunlight, especially if it's lightly coloured; invest in some suit bags to preserve your coat from both moisture and intruders while it's being stored

Wool Coats

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General Care

  • Avoid folding and storing woollen knitwear immediately after wear; leave it to breath over the back of a chair before later folding and putting it away in the drawer or wardrobe


  • Always read the care label before attempting to wash any knitwear - especially woollen knitwear - as incorrect washing will result in shrinkage and misshaping of the garment
  • If machine washable, wash separate from the rest of your clothes with similar coloured woollen knitwear on a specific wool setting with a special wool detergent
  • If hand wash only, soak in clean, lukewarm water with a special wool detergent for 10 minutes, then rinse throughly in clean, lukewarm water
  • If dry-clean only, then take your knitwear to a professional, don't attempt to wash it yourself


  • It's advised you let your woollen knitwear dry on a clean, flat surface
  • Avoid drying woollen knitwear in the tumble dryer as it could result in shrinkage
  • Don't dry woollen knitwear on a hanger as it will inevitably stretch the garment


  • Ensure your woollen knitwear is completely dry before storing it flat in a folded manner
  • Don't store woollen knitwear, or any knitwear for that matter, on a hanger as it will stretch the shape of the garment
  • It's worth buying some moth balls to stick in your drawers or wardrobes to avoid moths leaving holes in your clothesWoollen Jumpers

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