How to Achieve the Perfect Pin roll

How to Achieve the Perfect Pin roll

Fashionable, flattering and fresh, pin rolling is in and you need to know how to do it. From jeans to chinos we'll show you every way to pull off this classic and handy technique.

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Whether you want to showcase a new pair of kicks or cinch in a flared jean, knowing how to pin roll effectively is a crucial skill for the modern, fashion forward gentleman. Pin rolling is a simple and quick way of tapering a pair or jeans or chinos; it’s trendy, good looking and practical. It’s also widely adaptable no matter your style, so there will always be an occasion for you to employ a well-executed pin roll.

Although pin rolling is similar to cuffing, it's not something to get confused with. Cuffing shortens the length, but maintains the fit - so your straight leg jeans stay straight legs. Pin rolling however not only shortens but tapers your jeans or chinos. Easy, practical and sometimes necessary, pin rolling is a technique that needs to be mastered, so read on to find out how to do it.


cuffing pin rolling mens jeans
Rolled up Jeans




How to Pin Roll Jeans

Knowing how to roll denim properly makes the difference between looking chic and looking geek. So here’s The Idle Man’s guide to the perfect pin roll:

  1. Put on some un-cuffed jeans and stand up straight.
  2. Grab the inner seam at the bottom of one leg and pinch it. The amount of fabric you pinch will depend on the bagginess of the jean so judge this by eye.
  3. You will then want to fold the fabric against your ankle so the fabric now overlaps
  4. You can now cuff the jean. So whilst holding the overlapped fabric together, roll the jean up, only about an inch or two.
  5. You can leave it at one roll but to do a second just fold the cuff up again. We wouldn’t suggest cuffing more than twice as it might start to look too bulky.
  6. Smooth out any creases in the jean and you’re good to go!

Pin Rolled Jeans: Outfit Ideas

Jeans are one of these versatile pieces that can be incorporated into a variety of looks. Want to go smart-casual? That's easy. Feel like keeping things as laid back as possible? Yep, that's' doable as well. The best thing about patrolling jeans is that it automatically gives your legwear a clean, almost tailored look, so you can easily wear the same jeans in both smart and casual outfits. Try a relaxed look with a simple patterned T-shirt, some indigo jeans and simple lace up trainers.

For a more formal look, ditch the trainers and get yourself a good pair of leather loafers. You can opt for the classic penny loafer design, which has a smooth elegant finish or some more casual tasselled ones. Whichever ones you choose they'll go great with some tapered jeans, and throwing on a neat, grandad collar shirt will easily help project it to a smart casual look that's perfect for the office.


mens jeans pin roll
Rolled up Jeans Style




How to Pin Roll Chinos

So you've learned how to pin roll jeans, and if you're looking up how to pin roll trousers then honestly there's not a lot to change. The same technique applies, but there are some things you should keep in mind when styling your chinos.

Denim is a rough, thick material that can stay in a pin roll easily, but chinos are generally made from a lighter material. To stop your pin rolls from coming loose you might need to make them a little tighter, so make sure the fabric is tightly folded against your ankle before you roll them up.


Pin Rolled Chinos: Outfit Ideas

It's important to note, just because you're donning a good pair of chinos doesn't mean you have to go for fancy footwear, you can easily match up some pin rolled trousers with a good pair of trainers. Mix the smart and casual looks together by trying out a stylish pair of trainers, versatile straight leg chinos, and a simple button-up shirt. This might seem like a mash of odd combinations, but trust us, it can really work.

There's, of course, the formal approach to consider as well, because - hey it's chinos, and they were made to be dressed up. Keep things simple with a neutral coloured, lightly textured shirt, some black or navy slim fit chinos and a good pair of leather chukka boots. Don't go crazy with how short you make your rolls, as you want to keep things fairly subtle, however showing off the detailing of your boots can give you outfit a stylish boost, so experiment with lengths and see which one works best for you.


mens jeans pin roll with trainers and desert boots




How to Achieve the Perfect Pin Roll

The best thing about fashion is it gives us the chance to express ourselves in our own way. But there are always rules to abide by and like any good mate, The Idle Man team would never let you be seen dead in a fashion faux pas! So here are some do’s and don’t to help you execute the perfect pin roll:


  1. If your jeans are too tight, don’t cuff. Spray on skinnies won’t need to be rolled, you’ll just cut off your circulation. The main point of cuffing is to show off your footwear, not make your feet drop off.
  2. Alternatively, don’t cuff if your jeans are too baggy. Now don’t get me wrong, a cuffed baggy jeans a la Yeezy looks awesome, but if you’re cuffing anything too loose you’ll look like your wearing a pair of denim harems. Or worse, you’ll look like an MC Hammer throwback. 
  3. If your jeans are too short or too long, a cuffed hem just won’t look good. Simple as.


  1. Pin roll with some Selvedge jeans. Those inner stripes were made to be seen so do them and yourself a favour.
  2. Put on some good footwear. A cuffed jean is the ideal way to showcase some killer kicks.
  3. Keep your cuffed straight and neat for smart, clean look.


mens black jeans pin rolled with trainers




On That Note

Pin rolling is an easy way of changing up your look without investing in any extra cash. Don't splash out on a pair of tapered jeans if you're in love with your straight leg pair, just give them a good pin roll and you'll instantly have some manageable jeans to see you through the day. The same goes with chinos, so don't feel that you're stuck with your straight leg work pants. You can easily transform your legwear with a pinch and a good roll, so why not give it a go and see what looks you can achieve?


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