Easy Tips on How to Measure Jacket Size

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As a wardrobe essential, a jacket that fits well will look good. You may feel like this is a lot of hassle but getting it right saves you time, money and energy. Here shows you how to measure for a jacket.

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How To Measure Jacket Size

Before you start to measure there are two things you will need. A tape measure and a close friend, girlfriend or mum. A tape measure is an essential tool, (not sure you could call it a tool) but for this it will be, to have lying around the house, especially if you're planning on investing in a well fitting suit jacket or coat. The tape measure will save you a lot of money as, hopefully, after reading this guide you will know how to determine suit size.

Jacket size is important, it can pull your whole look together. You may ask yourself what jacket size am I? Do I need to know my waist measurement, sleeve measurement AND my shoulder measurement? Well, if you want to spend your hard earned cash on the perfect jacket then yes. However don't fret, it is much simpler than you think.

Mens Navy Blazer Grey Trousers Smart Style
Navy Blazer and trouser combo

How To Measure Chest For Jacket

As this is the most important measurement you'll need, this is where we'll start. Make sure you're standing up straight with your arms relaxed at your side. Get your new little helper to wrap the tape measure around your chest area, it should brush over your shoulder blades and go the entire way around your body. Record the measurement and make sure the tape measure can move and is not too tight as this will present you with a very tight fitting jacket size. If, for example you want a looser fitting jacket, which is only really acceptable for a casual sports jacket or giant puffer coat, add an extra inch or two onto your measurement. As well as the chest measurement, a waist measurement for men is also essential, this is done in the same way but around your waist.

Chest measurement men
Make sure the measurement is not too tightly taken

How To Measure Shoulder Width

Having the right shoulder width is probably the second most important measurement. The jackets shoulders should fall smoothly around your shoulder and will allow for movement of your arms if it's not fit too small. Also, if the shoulder space is too big, the jacket wont fall nicely and you will look swamped by fabric. To do this measurement, make sure you are standing relaxed and place the tape measure across your back from one shoulder to the other. The tape measure should mould to your shoulders so an accurate measurement can be made.

mens shoulder measurement
Measure across the back, for a shoulder to shoulder measurement

How To Measure Jacket Length

Length on a jacket can vary as there are a lot of different jacket lengths out their. However, the length will be different for the shorter man and the taller man as well as it depending on how long you want the jacket to be. Using the tape measure, place it on the top of your shoulder where you would have a shirt or t-shirt seem. For a standard jacket like a blazer or coat, measure down to the top of the thigh, for a top coat measure to just above the knee.


How To Measure Sleeve Length For Jacket

A jacket with sleeves that are too long isn't a good look and sleeves that are too short looks like you've just had a growth spurt, which is probably unlikely. Getting the right length is therefore crucial. To measure this place your hand on your hip so your arm is slightly bent, measure from the centre back of your neck all the way along your arm to the wrist. You will also need the coat sleeve inseam measurement. This is a measurement that goes from under the armpit to the wrist. This will give you a measurement for sleeves that should fit like a glove.

mens arm length measurement
How to measure arm length for jacket

How To Measure a Suit Jacket

Now you've got the measurements that are specific to you, it's time to find the perfect jacket. The chest measurement is the most useful and important as a lot of brands size their products based on the average chest measurements for men. If you are after a tailored fitting jacket, knowing your own measurements will be very beneficial. For men's suit sizes that are generically sized you may ask what size jacket am I? For this you need to pick the closest size to what your measurements are. Knowing this is a life tool that will help guide you to finding the best fitting jacket every time. A suit jacket is meant to be fitted to your shape so you don't want to get this sizing wrong.

mens street style chest size guide
Your chest measurement is needed for how to size a suit

How To Measure For a Sport Coat

Sports coats are very similar to suit jackets when it comes to measuring. The fit should mould the body but be slightly looser in fit than the suit jacket. A sport coat, if you are unsure about what it is, is a less formal suit jacket that is intended to be worn without matching trousers. They vary more in colour and pattern and are usually a thicker material than a suit. As they are intended to have a slightly looser fit, so add one or two inches onto your initial measurements. A blazer is very similar to a sport coat and how to measure blazer size is also very similar which make life a little bit easier.

sports jacket with jeans
Sports jacket paired with a pair of blue jeans


How To Measure a Coat

When buying a coat, you will usually want it to last a while so the fit should be accurate in order for it to be comfy and not a waste of money. The coat will also be worn over a series of clothing and outfits so a snug fit may not be the best. This is where the additional inches come in. If you want the fit fairly fitted only add one or two inches onto your coat measurements. If you are going for a slouchy, oversized look add a few more inches to your measurements. For example rain coats are not usually very fitted which give you space to move around.


How To Measure Jacket Size

  • Chest measurements are the main and most important measurement you'll need.
  • Add one or two inches onto the chest measurement for a looser fit.
  • Shoulder, sleeve and jacket length are also valid measurements to take.
  • Sport jackets are a looser fitting suit jacket but are both still structured jackets.

man wearing grey blazer with jeans mens
Jeans and a blazer is the perfect streetstyle outfit

On That Note

Jackets are an essential wardrobe piece and should be fitted perfectly in order for them to look the best they can. Knowing your own measurements is something useful to know when shopping, notably more when shopping online. Suit jackets and coats should always be fitted to your body shape whereas coast can have a slight exception and be on the larger side. Make sure you are not swamped in the jacket but also make sure you can move and it's not too tight. If you've got this nailed, finding the best jacket for you will never be a hassle again.


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