How To Layer for Spring

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Even in the warmer seasons we have to deal with chilly days, so read this quick and easy guide on how to layer for spring, so you're never caught out by the weather. 

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When the spring hits we're usually ready for blue skies, heat and air conditioning. However a lot of the time that's not what we get, and instead we're treated to grey skies, rain and chilly winds. It's important to have a wardrobe that allows you to layer up so that when a cold spell hits, you're ready for it.


You're going to want a jacket or coat that's lightweight, waterproof and can still give you a bit of warmth. We're not ready for thin anoraks just yet, so try something with at least a bit of padding. A rain jacket is a good choice if the weather is warm but wet, and a decent nylon coat will keep the worst of the weather out. Don't be afraid to go for a bit of colour. It's almost expected in the spring.

how to layer in spring
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Office wear

If you need something for the office, or a smart event, then layering has to be done carefully. You don't want to over do it and look like the Michelin man, but you don't want to freeze or get completely wind swept either.

Luckily three simple items will create an effective but formal layered look. You just need a crisp shirt, a well fitted jumper, and a blazer that fits your body shape just right. Then it's as simple as putting them together and pairing them up with a good pair of smart trousers and some brogues.

how to layer for spring
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Out of the office now to focus on a more casual, weekend appropriate, look. There are many ways to layer up for the spring, but one way to choose an outfit is to pick your outerwear first and work backwards from there. If you pick a sturdy coat or jacket then you might want to pick a more light weight shirt, like a polo shirt, to pair with it, where as if you choose a rain jacket then you could layer that up with a T-shirt and thin jumper.

layer for spring
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