How to Layer During Summer

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Even during the hottest months the temperature can drop and the rain can come out, meaning you'll need this handy guide on how to layer during summer. 

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Generally speaking, no matter the time of year, mastering the skill of layering can help you to tackle most weather-related clothing dilemmas you might face.

During the winter, layering keeps you toasty even when icicles are forming on your facial hair and, similarly, careful layering in the summer will ensure you're well-equipped for any impromptu showers or sudden drops in temperature that may occur.

The Casual Blazer

A casual, unstructured blazer is one of the most versatile items a guy can have in his wardrobe simply for those summer scenarios when it'll come in handy. From garden parties to dress-down Friday, it provides the finishing touch to a smart casual ensemble, whether worn over an Oxford or a plain, fitted crew neck T-shirt. Try and opt for lightweight, unlined options in a dark shade of blue as these will help you stay looking and feeling cool even when the heat rises.

how to layer during the summer
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The Denim Jacket

We've sung the praises of the denim jacket on more than one occasion before, and we're just about to do it again now. Simply put, the denim jacket is one of the most versatile warm weather outerwear options going. Throw it over a graphic print tee with some shorts for a simple festival fit or team with a polo shirt and chinos for a smarter affair.

how to layer during summer
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The Essential Sweatshirt

The sweatshirt is another one of our favourites simply down to how much wear you can get from it all-year-round. During the summer it's easy to throw on when the sun goes in, or it can be tied around your shoulders when it heats up. Navy and grey options are the most versatile, plus they can be easily brighten up when layered over a bold stripy or all-over-print shirt.

how to layer during summer
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Light-weight Rain Jacket

It's pretty much a given that it'll rain at some point during the summer, which means having a lightweight waterproof jacket about your person is crucial. The beauty of them is that they're easy to fold up and stuff into a backpack making them a festival essential that you'd be mad to leave your house without. Neutral colours will be the easiest to wear, but bright, bold options are great, too.

how to layer during summer
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