How to re-create The Weeknd's Relaxed Style

How to re-create The Weeknd's Relaxed Style

From the red carpet to the streets and from pineapple hair to short back and sides, we've seen it all with The Weeknd's style. So, if you want to be the starboy of attention, follow our guide to grab his look.

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The Weeknd's Style

Abel Tesfaye, aka, The Weeknd, has had some interesting looks during his time in the spotlight. We've all heard how he made his fame after living on the sidewalk, but what are his style secrets? The Weeknd, singer and record label owner, is always spotted rockin' his own line, XO, however, he has also been seen in varying outfits from denim jackets and jeans to a full tuxedo. In this guide, we will be looking at some of his best fashion moments, and how to steal starboy, The Weeknd's, style.

Let's start with this all black outfit and a throwback to his questionable hair days. An all-black outfit is a powerful look, which is easily lifted with a pair of white trainers. His trainers, along with the use of jewellery, breaks up the all-black outfit. When you wear an all-black outfit, make sure the blacks are the same tone. This may sound silly, but it's not as silly as how you'll look if you mismatch.

The Weeknd Black Jeans Jacket Mens Style White Trainers
The Weeknd in an All-Black Outfit


To make this outfit work, opt for a skinny pair of black jeans. This will make your overall silhouette a much neater fit. When making your white trainers a statement piece of an outfit- clean them! If you love to lay or sit on the floor your trainers will get muddy/ dusty, and simply look awful (we have cleaning products for that). If you're not feeling the all-black look, switch up the black t-shirt for a white or grey one instead. This will break up the dark style and balance out the white trainers more.

Red Carpet

The Weeknd lives no ordinary life. He spends a lot of his time walking down the red carpet before he turns into a party monster. If there's one thing Abel does well (other than singing, obviously) it's wearing a suit. This look is a classic, and it's easy to pull off. If the event you're going to isn't quite as fancy as the red carpet, then mix up the bow tie for a normal tie, or unbutton your shirt and go without one (a tie, that is).

The Weeknd Suit Mens Style white Shirt
The Weeknd on the Red Carpet


When wearing a suit you want to make sure that the fit is perfect. An ill-fitted suit may make you look like you're going six feet under. Lucky for you, we already have a guide for the best rules on wearing a suit.

Date Night Outfit

Abel is no stranger to a lonely night- he is most often spotted with a beautiful girl hanging off his arm. As we say goodbye to model Bella Hadid, we welcome singer Selena Gomez into the scene. Let's take a look at some of his best date looks.

Firstly, we have picked out this outfit, captured with current girlfriend, Selena Gomez. He wears a camo bomber with a longline t-shirt and a pair of black jeans. Finishing off his outfit, he wears a white cap and a pair of white Gucci trainers. Just a quick reminder- a t-shirt is an easy, versatile and staple piece to have in your wardrobe, but before you pick out your go-to T, make sure you get the right one to suit your style.

The Weeknd Style Camo Jacket Jeans white Trainers
The Weeknd in a Camo Jacket, Jeans and White Trainers


Next up, we throw back to Abel's awkward hairdo and some pretty awkward pictures of him and Bella, who are both matching in a light blue denim outfit. For all I know, they coordinated on purpose. A blue denim jacket is the perfect summer piece; they're actually quite airy and are great for adding a splash of colour.

The Weeknd Denim Jacket Black Jeans T-shirt Boots
The Weeknd Styles a Blue Denim Jacket
PHOTO CREDIT: Purepeople | Oeker


The Denim Jacket

A denim jacket is an easily adaptable garment. Coming in different colours and styles, you're able to wear it in different ways to either dress it up or down. To get The Weeknd's style, pair your denim jacket with black jeans and a pair of black grungy style boots. However, if you're looking for an outfit that's a bit smarter because you want to make a girl die for you, go for a pair of Chelsea or desert boots. Check out The Weeknd's best denim jacket looks below.

The Weeknd Denim Jacket Blue Grey Black Red Carpet Jeans
The Weeknd Styles Denim Jackets
PHOTO CREDIT: GQ | Getty Images

We, at Idle, love denim jackets, which is why we make them in six colours. Take a look at our top denim jacket styles below. We suggest you go for the lighter shades for more casual wear, and the darker for smart casual. Pair the light colours with a pair of white trainers in the summer for a cool and relaxed look.


The Hoodie Style

When Abel, The Weeknd isn't on the red carpet or going out on date nights he tends to show his true colours and go for a very chilled style of a hoodie. Abel has his own line, XO which is also the name of the record label that he started in 2012. The line makes a lot of relaxed clothing, consisting of t-shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies, which we can certainly see reflected in his outfit choices. To nail 'The Weeknd clothing', you really need to invest in one of these.

The Weeknd Black Hoodie Mens Style
The Weeknd in XO Hoodies
PHOTO CREDIT: Billboard | Looklive

Wearing a hoodie doesn't have to make you look like you've just rolled out of bed, this is no false alarm. Styled with the right outfit, a hoodie can actually act as the perfect outerwear piece, which is comfy, too. We quite like a hoodie here, at Idle Man, so have a peek at our top picks below.


4 Easy Ways to Get The Weeknd's Style

  • Nail down on your basic pieces. Every man needs a good pair of jeans and a good set of quality t-shirts in your basic black, white, and grey.
  • All black outfits. The Weeknd is often seen wearing an all-black outfit. To get this style, invest in different black pieces of the same shade.
  • The denim jacket is a key item in The Weeknd's style. Invest in a couple of colours to ensure you have one for every occasion.
  • The hoodie. The Weeknd knows how to style a hoodie. Don't be afraid of wearing one as an outerwear piece.

The Weeknd Starboy Mens Style Leather Jacket
The Weeknd's Starboy Album

On That Note

The Weeknd has definitely had some hit and misses with his looks, however, he knows how to style his basic pieces, and this he does very well. To make the best out of his style, extract the key items out of his style and make them your own. You can't go wrong with a good t-shirt in your staple colours of grey, white and black. These pieces would be nothing without you.

Invest in a couple of denim jackets in a few colours. This way, you'll have one to dress up or dress down depending on the occasion. Remember, when dressing up or down a denim jacket, your shoes are a key element. Go for a clean trainer to dress down, and a desert or Chelsea boot to dress up. This is what I'll be doing...I feel it coming.

Bonus points if you can spot all 17 song titles from The Weeknd's album, Starboy.


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