How to Get Ryan Reynolds Style

How to Get Ryan Reynolds Style

Ryan Reynolds may be best known for his acting, but his style moves are equally as impressive. Here we dissect his best outfits and show you how you can achieve his impressive looks. 

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With him winning over Blake Lively, it's safe to say that Ryan Reynolds is doing something right. His dress sense has come a long way since his questionable role in the 1998 show Two Guys, A Girl and a Pizza Place. Nowadays he has become a red carpet stalwart and has mastered some of the best looks at awards ceremonies over the years. In his downtime he goes for menswear staples, with a slight 1950s influence. Want to achieve his look? Here's how...

Ryan Reynolds Suits

Back when he debuted in the public eye, Ryan Reynolds was of a slighter frame. Nowadays he is a bonafide gym junkie and with it came a reimagined red carpet wardrobe. He has mastered dressing for his size, with a range of slim-fitting suits that are suitably tight across his chest, allowing him to look leaner and less boxy.

He is rarely seen on the red carpet not in a three-piece suit and has made the waistcoat and essential part of his look. He has also become a firm believer in a navy suit, often mixing it up by pairing a waistcoat in a different shade of blue or a in a pinstripe design with a plain navy suit.

ryan reynolds mens blue three piece suit
Ryan Reynolds wearing a navy three-piece suit


Ryan Reynolds Jackets

Denim Jacket

In his downtime Ryan Reynolds has perfected a grown-up take on casual wear. One thing that stands out the most is his ability to carry off some of the best styles of jacket out there. He has adopted a timeless approach to his outerwear and has been heavily influenced by a traditional American cool, taking inspiration from the likes of James Dean.

Much like with his suiting, he holds a special place for blue in his outerwear. Denim jackets are one of his favourite go-tos. Indigo hues run thickly across his wardrobe, and he avoids washed denim.

ryan reynolds denim jacket mens
Ryan Reynolds wearing a denim jacket


Bomber Jacket

As said before Ryan Reynolds appears to take inspiration from the golden age of American acting. His outfits have a serious 1950s vibe to them, and this is especially true when he gives in to an inclination towards a decent bomber jacket. He usually goes for brands like Gucci, Levis and Haider Ackermann.  He pairs them with simple chinos from brands like Dockers, allowing the jackets to do the talking.

ryan reynolds leather bomber jacket mens
Ryan Reynolds wearing a leather bomber jacket



Ryan Reynolds' Bottoms

When it comes to bottoms, Ryan Reynolds tends to go for something pretty simple, allowing his outerwear and top layers to do the talking. He usually opts for a pair of straight leg jeans in a raw rinse. His go-to brands are usually Our Legacy or the original jean maker Levis.

Reynolds has also been known to wear wool or corduroy trousers, usually from high-end brands like Burberry and Thom Browne. Again he keeps to neutral colours and tones, allowing his upper pieces to gain attention and pull his outfit together.

ryan reynolds style trousers mens
Ryan Reynolds waring grey wool trousers
PHOTO CREDIT: Pinterest 


Ryan Reynolds' Shoes

Ryan Reynolds is a big fan of boat shoes. He looks to brands like Sperry for these and they help achieve a laid-back and chilled out look. He also is a fan of the chukka boot, opting for a brown pair and when he's not in either boat shoes or boots, you'll find him in a pair of box-fresh white Converse trainers.

ryan reynolds converse trainers mens
Ryan Reynolds wearing Converse trainers


Ryan Reynolds' Hairstyle

With regards to his hairstyle Ryan Reynolds is usually a fan of a soft side-parting, but in the past he has mixed up his look with a buzz-cut, with a slightly longer top part - not too military and still the right amount of gentleman. This is an ideal cut for a man with a rounder face shape, as the angular attributes of the cut make your face head appear more square. Reynolds styles his appropriately, most likely using a paste or wax to keep the top from going too fluffy and out of control.

ryan reynolds mens haircut hairstyle
Ryan Reynolds with a half buzz-cut


How to Get Ryan Reynolds' Style

  • Invest in a navy suit - Ryan Reynolds favours navy and blue tailoring over black
  • Make your outerwear your statement piece - leave trousers and jeans simple and invest in a bomber jacket
  • Converse, boat shoes and chukka boots should be your go-to footwear on your days off
  • Keep your hair neat - Ryan Reynolds keeps to a half buzz-cut with a little more length on top

ryan reynolds style mens
Ryan Reynolds in a long coat and glasses

On That Note

It's safe to say that Ryan Reynolds has come a long way, both with regards to acting and his style. He now has achieved a gentlemanly wardrobe based on classic staples, with a 1950s American rocker edge. It works for Blake Lively and it more than works for us.


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