How to Dress Like Floyd Mayweather

How to Dress Like Floyd Mayweather

When it comes to dressing like Floyd "Money" Mayweather, you're pretty stuck. Unless you have an estimated wealth of $400million then dressing like the champ is a bit hard. Luckily for you, we've put together a style guide for you so you know how. Take a look.

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The Money Team's main man, Floyd Mayweather has a lavish and luxurious lifestyle, to say the least. When he's not picking which pair of £1000 a pair Christian Louboutin trainers to wear, he's shopping in Prada, Louis Vuitton and Balenciaga. I mean, you would if you're estimated to make $220million from his fight against Conor McGregor, you'd probably splash a few thousand on a new pair of shoes.

Undoubtedly one of the greatest boxers of all time, Mayweather has always been one to show off his love of designer brands. But, if you live in the real world and get the train to work instead of a private jet, then this guide is for you. Take a look at how you can dress like Floyd "Money" Mayweather on a shoestring budget. We've got you covered.

mens street style floyd mayweather
The champ's individual style has certainly allowed him to make a name for himself

Floyd Mayweather Gym

If you're an undefeated boxing world champion, chances are you're going to be in a tracksuit a lot. Whether it's training, running around the block or catching a private jet, Mr Money is no exception to the tracksuit rule. In fact, Floyd is actually often spotted in a tracksuit, usually when driving with the roof down on his Ferrari's, Lamborghini's or other exotic supercars. Well, the dress code said, smart casual, right?

The tracksuit is, without a doubt, an athlete essential. Although you may not be able to afford a Balenciaga one, a simple and classic grey tracksuit is always going to be cool. Being sponsored by Nike is also a bit of an advantage for Floyd, as he'll get all his tracksuits for free. This simple Champion grey tracksuit is the perfect way to replicate Floyd's athletic style without all the hassle. Pair it with a snapback and some simple runners and you're all set.

mens street style floyd mayweather grey tracksuit black hat mcm bag
The simple grey tracksuit is a fan favourite amongst all athletes and Floyd is no different


Floyd Mayweather Casual

When he's not hitting the bag, knocking people out or making millions of dollars, Floyd like's to keep things casual. Now when, we say casual, we mean a Balmain denim jacket, Balmain jeans and some simple white Nike Air Force Ones. That kind of casual, you know? The undefeated champion is often quoted saying that whenever he travels he takes no clothes with him, he just buys a new wardrobe when he gets there. Nice problem to have.

Unfortunately, we don't stock brands like LV or YSL so we'll show you how to get that high-end inspiration for the right price. The outfit below is testament to Floyd's casual but signature designer brand style. A great denim jacket combined with some good quality light blue jeans is always a classic look. Finish the whole thing off with a nice pair of white trainers and you're ready for the red carpet or the restaurant.



mens street style floyd mayweather balmain outfit
Floyd Mayweather's idea of a casual outfit may be slightly out of your price range
PHOTO CREDIT: Floyd Mayweather's Instagram


Floyd Mayweather Formal

Weigh in's, interviews and also appearances at award ceremonies means that TMT's head honcho needs to be in a suit. To say that Floyd's designer suits are expensive would be an understatement. Never one to shy away from the camera's when dressed up to the nines, Mayweather's extravagant style has allowed him to gain some notoriety when it comes to walking down a red carpet. Take a look at the outfit below and you will see what we mean.

A black blazer and white Oxford shirt can go a long way. It's also interesting to see the champ's signature flash in this jacket but we'd recommend keeping it simple. A nice, well-fitted and constructed blazer is going to lay the canvas for your overall outfit look. Partner it with a white shirt and some shades and you're ready for all of those Hollywood Gala's in Wetherspoons Liverpool Street. Take notes from the champ, he's showing you what to do.

mens street style floyd mayweather black blazer white shirt sunglasses
Being formal as well as informal is a speciality of Mr Mayweather's, make sure you get the balance right


Floyd Mayweather Shoes

This is probably the hardest thing to copy about Mayweather's style. The man has an insane affiliation Christian Louboutin trainers and is constantly adding to them. If you don't know anything about Louboutin's, just know that they start at around £450 and can go anywhere up to £2000. You can now see why copying his footwear is such a struggle.

The picture below only emphasises what we mean. We pulled this from Floyd's Instagram and the caption reads "I can only fit 80 pairs in here, can someone help me pick?" ONLY fit 80 pairs in there. We thought we'd show you our ideas on how you can get the Louboutin style without the Louboutin price tag that may come with it.

mens street style floyd mayweather christian louboutin
There's around £80,000 worth of shoes in one picture. Reckon he has any going spare?
PHOTO CREDIT: Floyd Mayweather's Instagram


How to Get Floyd Mayweather's Unique Style

  • Brands - high-end designer is honestly all Floyd knows so good luck keeping up with him
  • Gym - your tracksuit should be a vital part of dressing like Floyd, casual is cool
  • Casual - jeans, a nice jacket and good quality T-Shirt should suffice
  • Formal - extravagant blazers are more Mayweather's thing, we'd recommend keeping it simple
  • Shoes - clean but of good quality, closest to Louboutin's you can get the better

mens street style floyd mayweather outfit
This is an example of how NOT to dress like Floyd Mayweather

On That Note

Floyd Mayweather's unique taste can be replicated if you've got $400million in the bank or a good sense of style. What we'd emphasise is that for simpler looks, like tracksuits, you can't really mess it up. An athlete's tracksuit is like a second skin and Money Mayweather is no different. As well as the athletic side of his style, Floyd knows how to dress it down. Bombers, varsity jackets, simple jeans and some good shoes can be informal if styled properly.

If you're trying to go for a smarter look then a black blazer with a plain white shirt will do the job. They're easy enough to pick up cheaply and have a great versatility about them. Shoes with Mayweather is a different story, however. You can't keep up with the Louboutin King unless you're got serious money in the bank. We'd recommend a nice high quality pair of trainers that you know will last a long time. After all, you're dressing like a champ. You should feel like one too.


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