How to Dress Like London Mayor Sadiq Khan

How to Dress Like London Mayor Sadiq Khan

Not who you'd first think of when you picture a style icon, but Sadiq Khan has mastered the art of power dressing. Most politicians haven't got the first clue on how to wear a suit or tie a tie, but London's own Sadiq Khan has got it down to a tee. 

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When we think of politicians, we never automatically think style, and you wouldn't be wrong, especially with the track record of tie's not tied correctly and suits that are either far too big or too small. London Mayor Sadiq Khan, however, is an exception to this rule. As a man who rise to the office of Mayor of London in 2016 was held with high regard, not only for his left leaning policies, but to the fact that, unlike his predecessor, could actually pull off a suit.

As the new Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan has made a big impact, both on the city and on the style of many politicians. An always classic approach, Sadiq has mastered the art of power dressing and this guide will show you how to emulate that.

Sadiq Khan Suit

London Mayor Sadiq Khan certainly knows how to pull off a suit. Always perfectly tailored, unlike his predecessor, Sadiq always opts for classic styles and silhouettes that flatter his frame. The one piece of advice I always implore is that your suit must always fit you like a glove. An ill-fitting suit is one of the worst style mistakes any man can make, so always be sure you've got that down and half the battle is won.

Not one to push the boat out, and nor should he, Sadiq can always be seen in a crisp white button down shirt to accompany his suit. Again, always neat and well-tailored, Sadiq khan's shirts are the epitome of smart dressing.

sadiq khan dark navy suit for men street style
Sadiq Khan wearing a navy suit and a white shirt
PHOTO CREDIT: The Telegraph


When picking out suit options always try to stick with a classic colour palette as these will see you through a plethora of events and occasions with ease. Sadiq can always be seen in a neutral tone, whether it's navy, grey or black, he always seems to get it right.

Black will always be a number one option when it come to suiting as its dark tone epitomises classic dressing and works for almost every occasion. Your shirt options with a black suit are endless as every colour will work with it; for a classic approach stick to white, but if you want to add a subtle hint of colour then I'd suggest a light pink or blue.

sadiq khan black suit white shirt navy tie
Sadiq Khan wearing a black suit with a white shirt and a navy tie
PHOTO CREDIT: The Independant


Sadiq Khan Shoes

Much like his suits, Sadiq Kahn is always seen in a pair of smart shoes, whether it's brogues or derbies, he's never seen in a pair of shoes that knock his outfit down a peg. For a classic approach, always opt for neutral colours such as black or brown as these will go with every suit colour imaginable and you won't be caught short.

If you're wearing black or grey go for a pair of black shoes, but if you're wearing navy then always opt for brown shoes, never black. Black and navy are too close in tone colour and clash somewhat when paired together.

sadiq khan brown shoes navy suit mens street style
Sadig Khan wearing a navy suit with a pair of brown brogues


How to Get Sadiq Khan's Style

  • Always stick to classic suits, never wear anything too trend lead or vibrant.
  • Neutral colours such as black, navy and grey are always going to work in your favour.
  • Classic shoes such brogues and derbies in blacks and browns will always work best.

sadiq khan london mayor navy suit white shirt mens street style
Sadiq Khan wearing a navy suit with a white shirt
PHOTO CREDIT: The Telegraph

On That Note

Sadig Khan has an enviably classic style, from his suits all the way down to his shoes, he's a man who knows how to power dress. Nothing beats a well-tailored suit, and Sadiq Khan knows this. Championing neutral tones, Sadiq Khan always has the right outfit on for the job, and teamed with a formal shoe, you can't go wrong.


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