How to Get Johnny Depp's Style

How to Get Johnny Depp's Style

Johnny Depp is well known for dressing up in different outfits on the screen. But don’t worry, we’re not about to tell you that dressing in full pirate gear with heavy black eyeliner is the way to dress when you’re at a flash Hollywood party! No, instead, The Idle Man is on hand to tell you how to look as awesome as Depp does off the screen.

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Johnny Depp Hat

Nothing says ‘Johnny Depp’ more than a trilby hat, usually a grey colour but sometimes brown. Depp somehow manages to take a look that started in the 20th Century, and brings it forward with him -  the hat is present in almost every snap of him at Awards events, or out and about. It’s a classic look that the trilby gives Hollywood’s most cherished actor, and it’s the classic look that makes him look as incredible as he does.

Johnny Depp Suit Blazer

Depp is always wearing something smart – there’s hardly any pictures of him actually chilling, in say joggers. He’s very private until the shoulders on a blazer and then there’s no end to the pictures you’ll find of him. A good blazer is a key to the kingdom of Johnny Depp clothes.

He’s a big fan of wearing a blazer that nobody else is going to have, in the same way that he’ll rock into any film as a character nobody has ever imagined. Checked patterns are something he can’t steer away from, and something that will always make heads turn when you step into the room.

johnny depp mens blazer



If you’re going for the smart blazer look, then you have to match it with the trousers. A pair of pinstripes or a pair of checked pattern trousers will match the Johnny Depp look – he loves rocking up to an event wearing clothes that don’t match anyone else’s.

Be brave and play around with these patterns. They’ll match the smart attire you already have going on, but they’ll also give you that extra Depp-ness – the ability to turn heads and make anyone in a room notice you.



So if you’re going for a bit more of a casual Depp look (though with Depp it’s nothing short of smart-casual frankly), then you’ve got to get the jeans right. Now, being a fan of the unexpected, Depp will never be seen wearing a pair of straightforward denim jeans. No, you’ve got to go for a pair which, though blue, are a bit tatty looking. Something ripped, like the Only & Sons Five Pocket pair which will do you very nicely, making you look ready to chill but, at the same time, ready to boss the cat-walk.

If you go for a blue shirt though, bear in mind you can’t be rocking double blue, or you’ll end up looking like the Pied Piper of Blue-ington – instead, go for a pair of Publish Colton trousers, and you’ll even look a smidgen like a pirate…

johnny depp mens jeans


Johnny Depp Shirt

If Depp does wear jeans then he always wears a shirt. It’s part of his smart look – the thing that puts him aside from most of the rest of Hollywood. He has no chill when it comes to fashion, and that makes it such a good thing to see. If you want to go for the smart look with the blue checked shirt look then go for it – check out The Idle Man's flannel shirts with a pair of blue or darker jeans to get the Hollywood superstar look, while staying in style.



Depp is an accessories man, that’s for sure. He manages to wear them without looking cluttered though, and that’s what’s important. Even with his smart casual look, regardless of the season, Depp proudly wears a scarf.

It’s always important to remember it’s a loosely worn accessory, and though the options are mostly woollen, you can always pick up something silky in case you’re in the middle of a heatwave. That said, a grey scarf is always a winner if you wear it with a loose knot you’re likely to look casual but smart all at once.

Depp also enjoys embracing his inner pirate with his jewellery, though more with the fabric than the metal options on his wrists. Go with bravery on the wrists, you’ll look absolutely wild but really it’s the only way to be, if you want to emulate the great Johnny Depp by making sure you look awesome at all times.


6 Easy Ways to Get the Johnny Depp Style

  • Nothing says ‘Johnny Depp’ more than a trilby hat. It’s definitely a statement, but more wearable if you stick to darker colours.
  • You’ll rarely catch Johnny Depp in casual wear, so a good statement blazer is an easy way to replicate his smart style.
  • A patterned pair of trousers will ensure you get heads turning like Johnny.A pair of distressed jeans are a lot more Johnny Depp than an average clean cut style.
  • A pair of distressed jeans are a lot more Johnny Depp than an average clean cut style.
  • A checked shirt is a staple in Johnny’s wardrobe and works well for casual and smarter occasions.
  • Depp is definitely an accessories man, so grab the nearest scarf and leather bracelet for full effect. 

johnny depp hairstylesOn That Note

Depp is, without a doubt, an A-list Hollywood star. I would go as far to say that almost every single person in the world has watched one of his films, and as a result, the media keep a keen eye on Johnny’s day-to-day activities. Luckily for Depp, he’s the king of Hollywood fashion and manages to dress himself better than a costume designer on a film set.

When it comes to Johnny Depp fashion, the shirt is essential – always be rocking a shirt that fits in with the latest fashion. Pick the look to match the occasion as well – you don’t want to turn up to a casual event in your blazer and trousers, but you don’t want to turn up to an awards ceremony wearing a pair of jeans and a pirate hat.

Accessorise to match the mood and always be ready to be brave – embrace your inner Captain Jack Sparrow with the right choices and you’ll look as good as Depp does wherever you are.

Author: Gareth Davey


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