How to Dress like Boxing Legend Amir Khan

How to Dress like Boxing Legend Amir Khan

Other than becoming Britain's youngest Olympic boxer to win a medal at the age of 17, Amir Khan is also known for his clean and tasteful style. Whether it's a perfectly tailored suit or joggers and a T-shirt, Amir Khan knows how to dress, in and out of the ring. 

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Amir Khan Boxer

As the former unified Light Welterweight Champion of the World, it's safe to say that Amir Khan knows his way around a boxing ring. Growing up in Bolton, Khan is also actively involved with the British Muslim community and supports many progressive causes. Other than his impressive performances in and out of the boxing ring, Amir Khan is also known for sporting some of the most stylish looks around. Usually seen in a clean cut suit, here's how to get this champion's look.

amir khan boxing casual shorts T-shirt mens street style

Amir Khan Suit

Although you're probably more used to seeing Amir Khan in a pair of boxing shorts or a tracksuit, when he's out and about he certainly knows how to dress himself. Khan's style is most commonly characterised by well fitted suits and tuxedos. He usually keeps things simple with either a dark navy or black and adds details through accessories such as a watch, tie or pocket square.

To achieve a formal Amir Khan look that is perfect for any stylish occasion try teaming a black suit or dinner jacket with a crisp white shirt and a black tie to match. Finish it off with a pair of smart leather shoes and you can't go wrong.

amir khan black tuxedo white shirt mens street style


Amir Khan Casual Style

When he's not showing off how to wear a perfectly tailored suit Amir Khan can be found wearing a whole host of more casual ensembles. Much like his formal outfits, Khan likes to keep things simple when he's relaxing and wears premium basics such as a polo shirt, joggers and jeans. As well as his trademark accessories.

For a classic look that's perfect for going down the pub with some mates or just relaxing at home try combining a plain black polo shirt with a pair of standard blue jeans and some trainers.

amir khan black polo shirt black watch casual street style mens
PHOTO CREDIT: Beats, Boxing and Mayhem


Amir Khan Gym Style

Like any good boxer, Amir Khan spends weeks, if not months, training and sparring in the gym before a big fight. Although he might wear some over the top shorts when he's on the big stage, Khan keeps things casual when he's training. A classic T-shirt and jogger shorts combination is all you need to comfortably pump some iron. Adding a hat can also be useful if the gym is a bit cold or just want to look cool whilst working out.

amir khan boxer training orange t-shirt beanie hat mens street style
PHOTO CREDIT: World Boxing News


Amir Khan Beard

As well as his impeccable clothing taste, Amir Khan is known for working a rugged stubble beard. Matched with his olive skin tone and short quiff hairstyle, the short dark stubble is the perfect accompaniment to finish off his masculine style.

Despite what you might think, keeping a stubble or beard well groomed can be trickier than it first appears. Using good quality shaving and skin care products is essential for keeping your face fuzz in check.

amir khan stubble beard black t-shirt mens street style


How to Dress like Amir Khan

  • Suit: Amir Khan is most famous for wearing some classic tailored suits. Keep things simple with black or navy.
  • Casual: Khan is great at keeping things casual. Team a polo shirt with some jeans and you're ready to go.
  • Gym: You want to be comfortable when working out. Team a loose fitting T-shirt with some shorts and trainer.
  • Beard: His look would be nothing without his trademark stubble. Keep yourself well groomed with good quality shaving products.

amir khan boxer mens street style

On That Note

Whether he's boxing his way to victory or showing off his formal looks at an event, Amir Khan knows how to make himself look good. Other than this, his work and support for causes outside of boxing makes him a role model that's well worth taking after.


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