How To Achieve Perfect Layering

How To Achieve Perfect Layering

It's that time of year again when it's cold outside but warm inside, making it difficult to choose what to wear. This is why layering is key to getting you through the winter storms whilst still maintaining your style.

Layering is all about having an outfit that works all together as a whole to keep you warm, but you can also remove layers as the day goes on and not end up with a mix-match outfit. Like stepping stones to the next item, you build upon your layers each time. There are a few basic steps you can follow to achieve the desired layered look, which you can apply to all of your wardrobe choices, so you can get it right everytime.

Layer Upon Layer

The secret to layering is getting your variables right and not going too heavy too soon. You wouldn't want to start straight with a jumper as you'll just end up melting on the inside. Keeping everything in moderation and breathable will be your happy medium. When it comes to layering, some people prefer to go for a monochrome look as this is the easiest to achieve and can still look very smart. Whereas others like to add some colour to their layers, if you prefer colour try going for autumnal colours, they will have a warming and comfortable feeling.

To begin every basic layered look, you'll need to start off with a basic t-shirt, something light and easy to work with. A simple t-shirt will be the best choice, plain or coloured is up to you, but it will be beneath your second layer, so you won't be needing anything too fancy.

Your second layer is there to add some substance to your outfit, deciding between something simple like a jumper or something different like an overshirt. This warm layer has a little more freedom when it comes to colour and texture. In fact, it will set the colour palette for the whole outfit. Corduroy has proved to be a popular style choice this year, with it looking like it's going to a staple within your wardrobe and no longer a trend-driven piece.

Your last layer is your warmest and heaviest layer. Choosing a stylish coat will bring your whole look together and will set the tone of your outfit. For example, if you go for a tailored coat, you'll look more sophisticated, or alternatively opting for something more sporty you will have a more of a casual and practical look.


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