4 Ways to Accessorise Your Suit


You may think that once you're wearing a suit your look is complete, but there are a number of ways to add accessories to pull everything together. Keep reading for our guide on suit accessories that will take your look to the next level.

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Suit Accessories

You might feel totally put together once you've put on a suit, but a suit is really a blank canvas just begging to be adorned with accessories. Have a special event coming up where the dress code calls for wearing a suit? In a quandary as to how to put together the perfect ensemble to look your best? Fret not, the options for men's suit accessories are more diverse than you may think.

You can add simple accessories like a tie or watch, or kick up the formality and pop on a pocket square or a lapel pin. The options may be overwhelming if you're used to just throwing on a tie, but we've put together a list of our top accessories picks that will bring your look to the next level without too much fuss.




While wearing a suit without a tie is a look unto itself, adding a tie to your look will elevate it for more formal occasions. Something about men with ties gives off a vibe of being smart and put-together. A men's tie is one of easiest business suit accessories to chuck on and instantly look stylish.

Picking the best tie for your suit depends on the formality of the occasion. For business functions, opting for a light coloured tie with a small pattern will make you look smart without crossing into too formal. For more formal occasions like a wedding or a black tie event, go for a tie in the same colour family as your suit for a sleek look.

If a tie isn't enough accessorising for you, consider sliding on a tie clip. Equal parts fashion and function, a tie clip looks smart and will keep your tie tail in place. You may be wondering, where does a tie clip go exactly? A good rule of thumb to follow is to slide it on between your third and fourth shirt buttons.




A wristwatch is a classic menswear piece that goes perfectly with a suit. A watch is a good piece to ease yourself into accessorising if you're new to the territory - it's a functional piece that will spice up your suit. After accessorising with a watch you'll always be perfectly punctual and it will look sleek peeking out from your shirtsleeve.

When it comes to men's watches, in choosing the perfect one you must again consider the occasion. For business occasions, we recommend going for a more understated design, but when looking for formal suit accessories don't be afraid to rock a bigger watch or even a pocket watch.

Men often wonder how to wear a pocket watch with a three-piece suit as it isn't as common nowadays. Since they aren't as popular as they used to be, if you're going to wear one you have to feed the chain through one of your buttonholes before buttoning it as the top suits today don't have a special hole for a pocket watch chain like they used to.

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Lapel Pin

A lapel pin is a small detail that you can add to your suit for some extra flair. A classically dapper accessory, lapel pins have made a recent resurgence in street style, similarly to other vintage styles and silhouettes.

Some lapel pins are purely decorative, but many of them indicate the wearer's affiliation with some sort of cause or organisation. You could even wear a floral boutonniere as your lapel pin.

These suit jacket accessories are best saved for special occasions because they instantly dress up your suit and can easily be too over-the-top.



Pocket Square

Again, a pocket square is such a small detail that can step up your suit game exponentially. These can be intimidating, as pocket squares are often seen on incredibly smart dressers that probably have a suit stand at home. No worries, if you can figure out how to match a pocket square you'll be well on your way to smart dressing as well.

Our guide to choosing a pocket square is quite simple, actually. Once you know what tie you'll be wearing, just make sure your pocket square corresponds with it. You could go for a pocket square in a complimentary colour or create a triadic colour scheme between the pocket square, the suit, and the tie. Don't be afraid to play with colour and even pattern, a pocket square can be key in mixing up an ensemble lacking interest.



How to Accessorise a Suit

  • Adding on a tie can add visual interest to your suit and can bring together the other colours in your ensemble.
  • Equal parts fashion and function, popping on a watch will keep you punctual and
  • Best saved for formal occasions, a lapel pin adds extra flair to your look.
  • Think of it as your tie's best friend. A pocket square complements you tie and brings the whole look together.

Man in Blue Suit Street Style

On That Note

Accessorising a piece that is already a bit formal can be intimidating. But don't let this stop you from playing around with suit accessories to elevate your look. There are so many options that you'll definitely find your perfect look. Simple pieces like a tie and a watch can work wonders on their own. If you're feeling extra fancy, slide on a tie clip, lapel pin, or a pocket square.


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