How Performance Wear has Become Fashionable

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Performance wear is an essential for doing exercise and working out, however, we still want to make sure we look good whilst doing it. For this reason, sportswear brands are designing their performance wear to be just as fashionable as the rest of the clothes we wear.

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Performance Wear

Sportswear fashion is rising in popularity- more and more people are becoming concerned with the gym clothes that they buy as they want to look good whilst they work out. Sports brands including Nike and Adidas have been producing fashionable sportswear for a while now, adding to the hype of the trend, and raising the bar of all gym-lovers everywhere.

Even fashion designers have latched onto the fashion performance sportswear trend. Stella McCartney started her lifelong collaboration with Adidas in 2004, leading to her designing of the Team GB Olympics kit for Rio 2016. In addition to this, musician Tinie Tempah recently started his own fashion sportswear brand called 'What We Wear'.

best gym bags for men duffle bag for men


What To Wear To The Gym For Men

If you go to the gym properly, you will be aware that by the end of the session you are usually drenched in sweat. This is a good thing, as it means you have been productive, obviously. This can, however, prove to be a problem if you do not wear the right gym wear. Good gym clothes are made from breathable fabrics. Quite often, you will see sportswear marketed as using technology, technical or innovative fabrics, which is the same thing.

Cotton is a terrible fabric to work out in, as absorbs water rather than repelling it. Cotton can hold and contain up to 25 times its weight in water alone, so you can imagine that it will a) make you more sweaty b) become heavy to wear c) take a long time to dry and d) smell.

You can get all kinds of performance sportswear, including T-shirts, shorts, leggings and even socks. The best gym wear will not only be made of breathable material though, they will also have other components which make them so suitable. You can buy products which are made with anti-odor fabrics and are cut to contour the body so the fabric doesn't rub. Don't forget to get a decent gym bag for all of your sportswear.

Man with gym bag


Gym T-Shirts For Men

As mentioned above, you should aim to buy gym wear that is made of breathable materials for maximum ventilation. These products will probably cost a little more than you'd prefer to spend on clothing you'll sweat in. However, the point of them is to essentially boost and increase your performance through comfort and ease of wear. For this reason, they are worth the extra pennies in the long run (pun intended). Sports wear is also much more likely to last a long time if you invest in quality.

The best part about clothes made of fabrics like these is that they are always aesthetically considered. They are designed to look good and feel good on the body. This is why more people are after performance wear, as it is now just as much about fashion as it is exercise.

What Shoes To Wear To The Gym?

Well, I mean it's pretty obvious, isn't it? You're hardly going to go and dead lift in a pair of penny loafers. Trainers. Trainers are the shoes that you should be wearing to the gym. There are, however, a lot of trainers on the market, most of which offer and promise technicalities for different things. This can make finding the right pair of trainers pretty confusing, especially if you like to train in different areas in the gym.

Our best advice is to buy yourself a pair of 'training' or 'running' trainers. These should cover every area necessary. Don't confuse performance trainers with fashion trainers. Fashion trainers are exactly what they say on the tin, and will not be practical nor comfortable for working out. Again, sportswear trainers are by no means cheap, especially if you are fashion conscious. For a pair of high-tech branded fashion sportswear trainers, you will be looking to spend around £100. These will, however, last you a long time, and change your work outs forever.

Running Trainers

Fashion Sportswear Brands

Many celebrities are jumping on the fashion sportswear band waggon and are creating clothing brands that celebrate the marriage between the two clothing industries, fashion and sportswear. One prime example of this is Tinie Tempah and his brand 'What We Wear'. 'WWW' debuted in at London Men's Fashion Week back in January, 17 and has grabbed the attention of many fashion and sports enthusiasts. He creates customised performance wear that is designed for performance whilst still abiding by street style fashion; the best of both worlds. His line ranges from shorts to performance wear shirts and socks.

Tinie Tempah's Fashion Sportswear Brand
PHOTO CREDIT: Noctis Magazine


The Best Tracksuits

Granted, tracksuits aren't really the best thing to wear in the gym, and if anything, they are used mainly to laze around the house in. Many people will, however, have a tracksuit on hand for when they have completed their workouts. Tracksuits have snuck back into street wear, especially since the rise of the classic 90s brands FILA and Kappa. They are now considered a fashion staple. Whether you wear your tracksuit out of the house or not, you can't deny that they are a great thing to own.

We have plenty of tracksuits and hoodies available, all suitable to style as part of your street wear look, to lounge around the house in, and to pack in your gym bag. Take a look at our top picks below.


How Performance Wear Has Become Fashionable

  • Performace wear has become fashionable due to the increase in demand for high-end sportswear brands.
  • The best sportswear is made with technical fabrics and designed to look good whilst being practical. This means them look good and feel good, which is what people want.
  • Celebrities are creating brands that combine performance wear with fashion.
  • People are wearing sportswear and tracksuits as part of their street style fashion, making them more desirable to own.

Gym Lifestyle Image
PHOTO CREDIT: Jonathon Summer

On That Note

We would strongly advise stocking up on decent performance wear. Not only do they do the job to literally increase your performance, they also make you look good whilst doing it. Most things now days have become about trends, so don't miss out on this one!


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