Sandqvist: A History of This Swedish Classic

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Sandqvist has proved to be one of the biggest names to come out of Sweden in recent years. Their collection of bags epitomises Scandinavian style, with minimalism and functionality prevailing throughout. But how did the brand come to be? With Sandqvist’s latest collection new to The Idle Man, we take a look at the brand’s history.

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Founded in 2004 in Stockholm, Sandqvist is the namesake brand created by Anton Sandqvist. With its forest, rivers and vast landscape providing the inspiration, Sandqvist sought to combine Nordic heritage with up and coming urban city lifestyle. The brand, as a result, has come up with some of the most simple, functioning yet aesthetically beautiful designs, all in keeping with their clear Swedish heritage.

history of sandqvist

History Of Sandqvist

Before finding his calling in creating bags, the brand’s founder, Anton Sandqvist, worked as a civil engineer at an international electronics company. Granted, it might seem like a million miles away from designing bags, but Sandqvist had always had a penchant for creativity. Craving a dream job in which he could have real influence, Sandqvist called upon the time he had spent building, stitching and fixing up old bikes to create something entirely new.

Buying an industrial sewing machine, Sandqvist came up with a prototype bag, which he stitched himself, and turned out to be a huge success amongst his friends. Sensing a gap in the market, he invested in a small Estonian factory to help him make a hundred more. With his bags loaded onto the back of his Vespa, Sandqvist drove around the streets of Stockholm, selling them to his favourite retailers.

sandqvist lookbook mens style

Sandqvist Today

Fast forward to 2006, and Anton Sandqvist’s younger brother Daniel and childhood friend Sebastian joined the brand, creating a complete collection of bags, and elevating the brand to what it is today. That means products sold at over 600 retailers in 38 countries, with five standalone Sandqvist stores: Paris, Gothenburg, two in Stockholm and one here in London.

Sandqvist’s CEO, Caroline Andersson, told us:

Our vision is to become the world’s leading brand in stylish and long lasting everyday bags. On our way there, we aim to have fun, be fair, inspiring and care for the environment.

Dedicated in becoming the first choice in quality men’s bags and accessories, Sandqvist prides itself on combining modern classics with a contemporary twist, while using the highest quality products that are both conscious and long lasting. If you’re after that timeless, Scandinavian cool factor, then you can’t do much better than Sandqvist, and you can shop their latest collection right here on The Idle Man.

sandqvist lookbook mens style2

On That Note

Sandqvist is one of the biggest names to come out of Sweden, and has built a indisputable reputation for quality bags, fusing quintessential Scandinavian minimalism with expert craftsmanship. With so many styles available, there’s one for your every need - from commuter optimised bags to weekend luggage. So what are you waiting for? Go check out Sandqvist’s latest collection on The Idle Man.


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