Top Men's Sweater and Jumper Types and How to Wear Them

Top Men's Sweater and Jumper Types and How to Wear Them

Wearing a collection of sweaters and jumpers becomes a necessity during the winter months. Other than keeping you warm, a good pullover can be an extremely stylish way to layer your outfit. Here's a look at the best jumpers around. 

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Men's Turtleneck Sweaters

Turtlenecks were originally worn by pop legends such as Elvis, Steve McQueen and Robert Redford. Then, like most trends, opinions changed and turtlenecks were seen as a mildly disastrous look. In the early 2000's especially, they became one of the worst jumper styles around. However, if you're asking yourself 'are turtlenecks in?' then you're in luck. when pulled off correctly, turtlenecks can be one of the best pieces in a man’s wardrobe. Here are some great ways for men in turtlenecks to look good.

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Turtleneck Fashion - Casual Outfit

When it comes to rollnecks, the heavier knitwear jumpers are often the most casual. The woollen material makes the fabric stretchier than a more conventional cotton based pullover. This means that it will stretch slightly and give a nice baggy feel to your style.

Staying casual during the winter months is a great way to stay warm without worrying too much. Team your warm jumper with a pair of black joggers to dress your look down. Finish it off with a pair of dark trainers to create an outfit that is simple, slick and comfortable.

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Men's Turtleneck Sweater Formal Outfit

The joy of wearing a turtleneck, other than keeping your neck warm, is that it's extremely versatile. Whereas it can look great in a casual outfit, they are also perfect for a more formal style. Historically this style of jumper has become a controversial alternative to a shirt and tie. Although rollneck jumpers aren't necessarily formal jumpers they still retain a professional vibe.

Although this isn't the most formal outfit you could ever wear, it is still an excellent alternative to the traditional suit and tie. However, you might want to check that it's acceptable for your office before rocking up to work.

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Are Turtlenecks out of Style


What to Wear Under a Sweater

Casual Outfit

You will most commonly wear a crew neck on its own or with a T-shirt. Depending on the look you're going for, you can have the shirt on show or hidden. Unlike a turtleneck or V-neck, the collar on a crew neck sits perfectly around the base of your neck. This means that it can usually hide a T-shirt pretty well when you need an extra layer.

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Sweater Mens


Sweater over Dress Shirt

On the other hand, keep things smart by teaming your sweater with a dress shirt. The neck shape makes it perfect for a collared shirt to poke out of. Just remember that the collar of your shirt should remain tucked inside the jumper and not rest on the top. You can also tone it down by wearing a smart casual shirt and jumper.

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Collared Shirt Under Sweater

The jumper and shirt combo is a great way to create a more noticeable finish. If styled correctly this outfit is perfect for achieving a smart casual look. Just make sure you tuck your shirt collar under the sweater neckline, rather than displaying it openly. Letting the collar peek out can give you a schoolboy look that you will probably want to avoid.

When combining a shirt and sweater you have to make sure that the top layer is large enough to fit another underneath. Although the thickness of your shirt may vary, if you find a size that works well, then stick with this. However, be careful not to buy a jumper in a huge size as you may end up with an unwanted baggy look.

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Top Men's Sweater and Jumper types

  • Despite their reputation, turtleneck sweaters are a great formal alternative to a shirt and tie.
  • For a classic look wear a button down shirt. Jumpers with shirts underneath gives you a great smart casual look.
  • V-necks are similar to crew neck jumpers, but offer that extra bit of detail. It's up to you.
  • Never wear a sweater vest.

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On That Note

Sweaters and jumpers can be some of the most versatile pieces of clothing you can own. Whether you want to layer your outfit or just add some style and warmth to your look, sweater tops are perfect. The various different styles are partly what makes this such a staple of men's fashion. As you certainly already know, sweaters and jumpers are one of the best items of clothing that a man can own. Whether you need to layer your outfit to stay warm, or just want a stylish pullover, you can't go wrong. Despite the large variety of styles and designs, the humble jumper is surprisingly versatile. As long as you spend a bit of time and effort in thinking about your look, you will easily find a jumper to match.


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