Best Men's Summer Shoes 2018

Best Men's Summer Shoes 2018

Finding the right footwear for the warmer summer months can be tricky. You have to think about the comfort of the shoe and whether your feet will be able to breathe in them to avoid a stinking foot situation. There are plenty of men's summer shoes options out there if you know where to look. Read on for a helping hand. 

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Sandal and trainer lovers alike will revel in the fact that they get to wear their favourite shoes in the summer (even if it is just for a fleeting second before Britain's rainy summer goes into full effect), but we're here to tell you that you can have a summer footwear wardrobe that's a little different. Let's take you through our top selection of summer shoes for men as well give you our tips on how to style them this season.

Best Brogues for Men

Wearing a more formal pair of men's shoes in the summer may not be a thought that has entered your head before. However, you can get away with wearing a nice pair of formal shoes in the heat of the summer as long as you can make sure that the rest of your outfit is right.

To get the best summer look with smart shoes, the key is to make sure rest of the outfit is relaxed. Try wearing a pair of brogues with a pair of chino shorts in a bright, summery colour such as beige or stone (which will tie in nicely with your shoes). Teamed with a plain white T-shirt and a pair of tortoiseshell shades, this will give you a formal twist to that easy summer look.

Brogues have been considered as one of the best men's shoes. You could try wearing your shoes without socks as this will give your feet a bit more 'breath', especially when you have your ankles out. If you tend to get sweaty feet, though, you can wear your brogues with a pair of invisible socks. You can buy these from most stores and they will give your foot that bit of protection so that your shoes don't smell at then end of the day. They're also much comfier!

Summer Loafers for Men

The best men's loafers are the ones that you can wear all year round. Loafers are a shoe that you'd associate more with smart clothing than anything, but actually they're such a versatile piece to own as they can be worn casually or with a more formal look - perfect for summer as a transitional piece.

For a dressed down summer look, try wearing a pair of men's loafers with a pair of light coloured trousers or shorts such as some stone chinos or linen trousers/shorts. People tend to veer away from wearing linen clothing because of the 'old' stigma attached to it, when actually linen is a great material for the summer time that you can dress up or down. Pair it with some loafers at summer and you'll automatically have a cool and laid back summer vibe.

For a dressed up look in the evening, team a black pair of loafers with a pair of slim fitted trousers or jeans. Don't dismiss a jumper, because, as we all know, it can get chilly in the evenings during the summer months, and a thinner jumper would be spot on to keep you warm. Also, try and wear no socks with your shoes, as this keeps it stylish and a bit cooler during the summertime.

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Summer Trainers for Men

The best men's trainers will be the ones that you always turn to most when you want something airy and comfortable when you're walking around. There are so many trainers out there that it can be impossible to narrow down which ones you want for summer. This year, there are a few we can recommend to make sure you're in touch with the trends.

A pair of Converse or Vans will give you a classic and timeless style. You can't really go wrong with these as the brands will always be two of the most popular. The shoes are easy to style which makes them an effortless addition to your summer wardrobe. If you fancy something a little more 'out there' or unique, the trainers from Saucony are our personal favourites. With different styles and a variety of colours, these will brighten up your summer wardrobe with ease.

The classic white trainer shouldn't be underestimated. Its ability to be worn with a multitude of looks, styles and colours make it the most valuable and versatile piece you could own. For a great summery look, take your white trainers and team them with a pair of shorts and a shirt or T-shirt for the ultimate in casual dressing.

Best Boat Shoes for Men

Boat shoes aren't for everyone, so if you're more of a trainer guy, just stick to those. However, boat shoes are some of the most classic pair of shoes that men own during the summer. Try to forget the connotations of the preppy kids wearing them and start thinking of a more stylish way of interpreting them to suit your own style. Boat shoes were a massive trend a few years ago and we are starting to see them come back. As they say, the classics never die.

Let us help you out with some of our favourites. A pair of boat shoes from Timberland in brown are spot on. They have a thicker sole, adding a little extra detail and height and they are made in a classic shape, giving them a timeless feel. Try wearing them with a pair of black or raw slim leg jeans and a plain white tee for a comfortable and casual look this summer. You never know when the next boat party will be, so it's always best to be prepared.

Flip Flops

Don't dismiss the flip flop this summer - they can be a useful piece to have, especially if you're looking for a shoe that you can slip on with absolute ease. Many of you out there will be quick to shut down the thought of wearing a pair of flip flops this summer, but remember, if you're at the beach, you don't want a thick, heavy pair of shoes weighing you down as you trudge through the sand.

As well as flip flops, a pair of sandals such as some from Birkenstock or Teva can be a great summer choice. Take a pair of flip flips and team them with a neutral coloured pair of shorts and a simple white vest top to keep yourself light and airy whilst you're out and about. Forget everything you thought you knew about sandals - they are cool now. You can even get away with wearing them with socks if your style the outfit right... how times have changed.

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The Best Men's Summer Shoes

  • Brogues are great for adding an element of formality to your outfit while still being appropriate for summer.
  • Loafers are perfect for both formal and casual occasions and can be worn without socks - shoes without socks are perfect for summer.
  • Trainers are some of the best men's shoes as they will let your feet breathe and will keep your feet comfy no matter the activity.
  • Boat shoes will add an instant nautical touch to your outfit while being casual. They also have the ability to work with both shorts and chinos.
  • Flip flops and sandals are definitely a more airy and cooler option to wear. Make sure you style these right to be able to pull them off.

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 On That Note

Summer shoes can work all year round - you just have to change what you're wearing up top to make the difference. Teaming trainers with a more formal outfit such as trousers and a shirt works both for winter and for summer, and when the warmer weather does eventually hit us we can be prepared to revamp our trainers into our casual style. The classic boat shoe is timeless and will work well for you this summer. Forget the stigma of the preppy kids wearing them and style them out in your own way. For an edgier look, try wearing a pair of boat shoes with a pair of black skinny jeans and a plain white tee, perfect for summer. If you're after a more formal look then team a pair of brown loafers with some navy shorts and a white shirt, keeping you cool and stylish no matter what the weather.


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