How to Go Sockless for Men

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Going sockless is a taboo for many people. The fear of smelly feet and ruining your shoes is at the top of people's worries, but we're here to dispell any rumours and do away with any fears. This guide will teach you how to wear your favourite shoes in a new and different way this season.

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When the warmer weather decides to show its face we all tend to panic. If you live in the UK then your wardrobe tends to be built up of mainly winter pieces that we se you sweating if you wore them out during the summer. When it come to footwear however, we tend to worry slightly less as they usually see us through the year without hesitaion.

If you want to keep your feet cool and desperately show off those ankle then you need to think of a solution. Going sockless isn't usually at the top of everyone's priorities, but it's definitely something worth considering when the warmer weather decides to make an appearance.

Loafers with Socks

Loafers tend to be the go-to shoe for many men when the sun comes out as they're smart, yet show off enough of your foot to keep them somewhat cool. Loafers are usually made from a stiff leather which doesn't scream light and airy, but they can certainly tackle your summer footwear problems with ease with a few simple tricks.

When it comes to your socks I'd always suggest investing in a pair of invisible socks. These are socks that have been cut differently so they sit a lot lower on your foot instead of covering the whole thing. Because they're cut so low you won't be able to see them once you've slipped on a pair of loafers: opt for a pair of socks in a dark or neutral colour, because, if they do show up slightly, they'll be less obvious.

invisible socks for men
Invisible socks for men

I know this is an article about going sockless, but for a shoe such as loafers, I really wouldn't suggest it. As i've previoulsy said, loafers tend to be made from a more rigid leather, and if worn without socks can have the potential to be extremely painful when you've worn them for a while.

If you're new to the world of loafers then you need to opt for a classic pair in either black, brown or even burgundy. These offer versatility and ease-of-wear from the get-go and can be paired with both formal and informal looks.

black loafers for men
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Boat Shoe Socks

Wearing boat shoes in the summer is normally a go-to, especially if you're on the more preppy side of style. Traditionally, as you've probably guessed, made to be worn on a boat, they offer comfort as well as style. Boat shoes with no socks is generally to norm, but again, they can sometimes be made from a rigid leather causing them to rub an irritate the backs of your feet, so opt for a pair of invisible socks.

If you're insisting on wearing no socks then you may need to break your boat shoes in a touch purely for comfort. Once you've got them to a comfy standard, you can wear them without socks as the leather will be supple enough as to not rub.

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What Socks to Wear with Trainers

Wearing shoes without socks doesn't have to be tricky, especially when it comes to the summer favourite that is trainers. Brands such as Vans, Converse and Saucony have garnered a reputation of being some of the comfiest trainers on the market, and, most are made from a canvas material making them soft and easy-to-wear.

Knowing what socks to wear with Vans or Converse for intance can be tricky, especially if you don't know whether to opt for invisible socks or completely barefoot. You may find that if you decide to go sockless then you'll have a rather unpleasent smell coming from your feet, and no-one wants that.

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How to Stop Shoes from Smelling

If you want to know how to get rid of shoe smell then I'd listen up as this is a problem that many men face, especially when the weather gets warmer. If you decide to go sockless then I'd suggest, when you take them off, to keep them in a cool, dry place to fully air out.

If possible, I'd keep them outside in the warm (wweather dependent) as keeping them inside or in inappropriate conditions will makes them smell extremely bad due to the bacteria and sweat from your foot from the day's wear. If you don't have an area to put your trainers then I'd suggest turning on a radiator in your house and leaving your trainer in the vacinity to fully dry out. And if you want to know how to deoderise shoes, then I'd carry on listening.

shoes drying on a washing line

As we know, trainers can smell sometimes so after you've aired them out you'll probably want to freshen them up a little bit in terms of smell. There are a few methods to try and tackle pungent trainers, but the one main one is to wash them in the washing machine.

Only do this for canvas trainers, DO NOT wash leather trainers in the washing machine as this will completely ruin them. To start you'll want to remove the insole and the laces and wash these seperately in a bowl of warm water and soap and leave the sit. Never wash you trainers on their own in the washing machine as they will bang around and can ruin the drum on the inside, so always wash them with a loads of towels to really pad it out. Do this and you'll have no problems.

Once finished, you'll need to air them out so either place them on the radiator or leave them outside in the warmth until they're completely dry. If you wear them and they aren't fully dry, you'll run into the same problem of smelly trainers.

how to wash trainers in the washing machine
How to wash trainers in the washing machine

How to Go Sockless

  • Only go sockless in leather shoes if you've worn them in and are comfortable.
  • Invest in some invisible socks to wear instead as they can't be seen but still give the protection and comfort.
  • For summer, wearing shoes and socks can be too hot, so if you're wearing trainers always air them out properly and let them dry if washing them.

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On That Note

Going sockless is all about illusion and a few simple tricks to prevent damaged and smelly feet. If you're planning on going socklesss think about the shoes you'll be wearing; if you're going for leather then think about invisible socks as these will help prevent damaged feet and keep the sweat from preventing the leather, further damaging both your feet and your shoes.

If you're going for canvas shoes such as trainers and you're going sockless then take the correct precautions afterwards to prevent your trainers from smelling. Remove the insole and loosen the laces and keep them in a cool and dry place to fully air out. Wash them in the washing machine if you've worn them for a while, but always remove the laces and allow them to dry fully beofre you wear them.


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