How to Get Lewis Hamilton's Style

How to Get Lewis Hamilton's Style

He might be better known for his sportsman credentials, but Lewis Hamilton's style is definitely one that should be taken note of. He's had controversial reviews in the past, but his flamboyant look is actually a lot more wearable than you might think - we take a look at how you can easily recreate Lewis Hamilton's look.

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Lewis Hamilton Style

He seems to be a bit of a controversial figure, and granted it's not a style that will appeal to everyone, but there's no denying that Lewis Hamilton owns his penchant for bold prints and all things bling. His look flies in the face of the blandness, distinct lack of taste and naff brand endorsements that we've come to associate with sportsmen these days. Some might say its gaudy, but we'd rather that than Michael Schumacher in some badly fitting dad jeans. It's all about accessorising when it comes to Lewis' style, so dig out your finest pair of diamond earrings and you're halfway there.

lewis hamilton mens style red shirt navy suede jacket white trousers sunglassestoppicks

Lewis Hamilton T-Shirt

To say Lewis' general style is 'casual' might be a bit inaccurate, but the majority of his outfits do revolve around the basics: a good oversized tee and a pair of jeans. But the devil is in the details. Opt for a white T-shirt with a cotton slub to add a bit of interest to your look, and choose an elongated, oversized style for full Lewis Hamilton effect. Wear with a pair of distressed denim jeans and accessories to the max - although we're not sure it works quite as well if you're not laden in gold carats and a rolex.

lewis hamilton white tshirt black cap black sunglasses grey ripped jeansshopthelook

Lewis Hamilton Glasses

It's not very often that Lewis Hamilton is seen outside the race track without wearing a pair of sunglasses. Subtle isn't exactly his thing, so when it comes to his eyewear it's definitely a case of 'the bigger the better'. Lewis experiments with colours, shapes and sizes to add the finishing touch to his outfits, and they definitely make a statement. Step away from your usual aviators or wayfarers and opt for a more fashion-forward pair, but stick to darker colours rather than loud golds or mirrored lenses if you're feeling more cautious.

lewis hamilton sunglasses mens styletoppicks

Lewis Hamilton Snapback

So if you haven't already figured, accessories are the key to conquering Lewis Hamilton's style, and a snapback is a must-have. Lewis most often goes for a black version, usually featuring a massive Mercedes logo - but we're not all sponsored by car giants, so maybe leave that one alone unless you're a 9-year-old formula 1 fan. Stick to black as a base for your snapback as it will go with the majority of outfits, but play with colours and prints to add a bit of interest and spice up a casual outfit.

lewis hamilton mercedes black snapback black tshirt gold chain


Lewis Hamilton Jacket

There's a reason Lewis Hamilton has gained a reputation for his outlandish, maximalist approach to his fashion choices - and it's largely because of his jackets. Lewis bases his off-duty outfits around his selection of statement jackets, ranging from embroidered satin bombers and suede tailored numbers. Colour is definitely his strong point, pairing pastels and bold tones with muted base layers for a luxury streetwear look. While it's definitely a case of more the merrier for Lewis, leave your statement jacket to do the talking, lay off off the accessories and keep the rest of your outfit super minimal.

lewis hamilton pink satin bomber jacket sunglasses grey trousers mens styleshopthelook

How to Get Lewis Hamilton's Style

  • When it comes to recreating Lewis Hamilton’s style, it’s all about accessorising - the more the merrier. 
  • Go for simple outfits built around a fresh white T-shirt to let your accessories do the talking. 
  • Statement sunglasses are a massive part of Lewis Hamilton’s look. Play with big shapes and flash tones for the full impact. 
  • A black snapback should be a staple in your wardrobe - just go for one with big branding or contrasting prints to really amp up Lewis Hamilton vibes.

lewis hamilton bomber jacket street style
Lewis Hamilton wearing a bomber jacket during men's fashion week

On That Note

Lewis Hamilton isn't the most subtle of guys when it comes to style - you'll rarely spot him without a plethora of gold chains, flamboyant sunglasses and whimsical statement jackets. While it might not be a look that's appropriate for the everyday, we can definitely take a leaf or two out of Lewis' book when it comes to dressing for an occasion. Step out of your comfort zone with some statement accessories to jazz up a simple outfit without stepping into the controversial over-kill territory that he's is often guilty of - sorry Lewis.


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