How To Get Jack O'Connell's Style

How To Get Jack O'Connell's Style

Jack O’Connell has long been considered the bad boy of British acting, with his brooding looks and infamous attitude making waves either side of the pond - but it’s his style that is getting a bit of attention here. We pick apart Jack’s mod-esque look and show how you can easily steal his style.

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Whether you know him best as Cook from Skins, or Pukey from This is England, Jack O'Connell has definitely made some fashion statements in his time. Granted, some more questionable than others. But when he's not in character, mod influences underline his look, keep true to that working class heritage that he's famed for.

Jack O'Connell This is England

Probably one of his earliest major film appearances, Jack O'Connell played skinhead "Pukey" Nicholls - 'troubled' is definitely an understatement when it comes to that one. Yes he was a bit of a nutter, and yes he may have been part of a English Nationalist gang, but damn it, he looked good whilst doing it.

Jack O'Connell pretty much nailed the punk look. Crazy acid wash jeans, a Harrington jacket and the all important Dr. Martens were iconic of Pukey and the rest of the This is England gang. It's definitely a strong look but it's a lot easier to pull off than you might think - and no extreme violence or gang affiliations necessary. Maybe tone down the acid wash jeans and go for a lighter, distressed denim for a more wearable, contemporary look. A Harrington jacket is a must for finishing the look - just through it on over a white band tee and wear with some eye-catching Docs for full Jack O'Connell effect.

jack oconnell this is england harrington jacket jeans
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Jack O'Connell Skins

Again, Jack O'Connell played a bit of a nutter in Skins, but arguably more of a loveable one. Cook was all about the drink, the drugs and the girls, and quite frankly if you didn't want to be him a little bit, you're lying. Generally speaking, 2009 wasn't exactly a golden age for fashion, and there was a lot of questionable outfit choices in Skins. The neon v neck t-shirts and super baggy jeans should definitely be left alone, but there a couple of style pointers we can take from Cook.

Jack O'Connell mastered the art of the checked shirt. Paired with grey jeans and some casual trainers, it was pretty much his uniform. Keep the colours muted for a proper Cook look - and if you're adopting his mentality too, its good to know that partying stains are more unforgiving on brighter colours. Jack also often sported an array snazzy v neck jumpers in Skins, but please, don't follow suit of Cook and go t-shirtless underneath. That is one look that is definitely best left in 2009.

jack oconnell check shirt mens style


Jack O'Connell Polo Shirt

When he's not playing a marginally disturbed character, Jack O'Connell seems to be a massive fan of a polo shirt. Details such as contrast collar tipping and alternative knit designs give an old-school Mod feel, but with his Jack-the-lad attitude, it feels a lot more contemporary - it's a look that's more at home down the pub rather than riding a Vespa scooter.

Iconic polo shirt brands like Fred Perry and Lacoste are often worn, but it's less about the logo on his chest, and more the heritage styling. Wear with dark raw denim for a sleeker, more put-together look that'll convince your mates at the pub you've put more effort in than just chucking on the nearest polo and jeans. Keep the colours classic and minimal, with pops of colour to break up the look and add a bit of interest.

jack oconnell polo shirt dark jeans mens styleshopthelook

Jack O'Connell Smart

Being a film star and all, there are occasions that require a slightly smarter look. Edging away from his scattier younger days, Jack O'Connell's style today is a lot more polished and contemporary, but of course, sticking to his roots with more premium polo shirts. Choose a sleek, long sleeved dark polo shirt and pair with suit trousers and a fresh pair of trainers for a nice smart casual look. Play with textures, as seen on Jack, and look for a marled pair of suit trousers - tonal flecks will break up an all black look, but it's probably a look to leave until colder months.

jack oconnell black polo shirt smart trousers black trainers mens style


How To Get Jack O'Connell's Style

  • Channel Jack's This is England look, and go full on punk with a Harrington jacket and Dr Martens. Skinhead optional.
  • Forget the neon v neck tees worn all too often in Skins, but take note of Jack’s laddish styling.
  • A classic polo shirt is the easiest way to recreate Jack O’Connell’s mod-inspired look.
  • Follow suit of Jack's contemporary take on smart casual, by pairing suit trousers and trainers with his favourite staple, a polo shirt.

jack oconnell stripe shirt white tshirt black trousers mens style

On That Note

While he might be better known for his award-winning acting skills, Jack O'Connell's style is also something that deserves a bit of an accolade. In real life, Jack takes laddish staples and gives them an old school mod twist for an updated contemporary look that is super easy to recreate. He's a guy that makes even the most questionable of outfits covetable (we're looking at you, Skins) and always ends up the coolest guy in the room. Take note!

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