How to Get The Heritage Look for Men

How to Get The Heritage Look for Men

It's a look that many men have adopted for its ease of wear and durability, and, it's easier to achieve than you first thought. 

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When I say heritage, I don't mean you need to sport an array of flannel shirts with braces and start chopping down random trees in the park, the heritage can be adapted in many different ways. Mixing textures and playing around with muted tones is at the core of this style for men with pieces such as raw or selvedge denim featuring heavily to break up normally subdued looks.

Flannel Shirts

Probably the most iconic piece of this style, the flannel shirt is one that's steeped in history and style. Adopted by the lumberjacks of the deep American and Canadian north as an almost uniform-like garment, the flannel shirt has since been adopted by many other subcultures such as grunge, hip-hop and heritage.

The heritage look is one that can trace its roots back to workwear of years past, and the flannel shirt is vital to that. However, to give it more of a modern twist, team it with some quite plain pieces. Layering is quite key to this style, so wear a T-shirt or thin jumper underneath your flannel shirt and paired with some selvedge denim jeans and a beanie and you'll be good to go.






Raw Denim

Raw denim or selvedge denim as it's known to some people is a integral part to achieving the heritage style. Raw denim is, if you want to make the investment, a great piece to have in your wardrobe arsenal. Invest correctly, and you'll have a pair of jeans for life, but, again, you'll want to make the investment and do your research into the best brands of jeans for men to go for.

The great thing about selvedge denim is that it has the ability to work with a multitude of looks and colours. For a great, heritage inspired look, then take pair of selvedge jeans and team them with a simple white T-shirt; again, to work in the layering element, then throw on an overshirt in the same hue as your jeans to tie the outfit together; add a pair of boots in a dark brown and accessorise with a pair of sunglasses and a beanie for a great heritage outfit.






Ankle Boots

The heritage look is all about practicality and nothing speaks practical more than a pair of boots. Many deem boots to be too clunky and heavy to wear everyday, but they can incorporate into your wardrobe with ease and work with a plethora of looks.

Red Wing, Grenson and Clarks all produce a series of boots that will work with any wardrobe, heritage inspired or not. Again, you can mix up the colour, but the one that's most true to the heritage feel is brown and the varying shades of. Teamed with a pair of selvedge denim jeans and a thick overshirt for a casual and versatile look.


red wing boots for men




Who's Doing it Well

Of course, you're always going to look to celebrities or people of influence for some inspiration, so we thought we'd make it a little bit easier for you by narrowing them down to our top picks.

David Beckham

A man popular with the majority of the population for his skills on the pitch and his style when he's simply going to the airport, David Beckham embodies the easy styling of the heritage look. Seen here with a simple red flannel shirt, grey under T-shirt and dark jeans, fully taking on the heritage look with style and ease.






Jake Gyllenhaal

Probably not someone you'd first think of when it comes to personal style, but Jake Gyllenhaal is a force to be reckoned with. His style stems from practicality, he's not one of these Hollywood A-listers who's obsessed with paparazzi and stealing the spotlight, but he's a man who likes to look good. Again, we're seeing the flannel shirt feature heavily but in a lighter tone and teamed with lighter pieces for a practical and stylish look.






Robert Spangle

Now, some of you may be thinking who on earth is this person, well, most street style photography you see on the internet may have possibly been taken by Robert Spangle. A man who's former career saw him on the front lines in Afghanistan, his love for photography and practical styling sprouted when he returned home. Now jet-setting across the world taking photos of various style icons, his own personal style is the epitome of heritage with a few military inspired pieces in there for good measure.






How to Get the Heritage Look for Men

To achieve the heritage style you have to embrace a more practical approach to your wardrobe. Think flannel shirting, selvedge denim and practical footwear. The key to this style is to make sure that you have a core base of practical basics at your fingertips to always rely on.

shirts to wear with jeans for men white shirt selvedge denim jeans for men



On That Note

The heritage style is something that is easily attainable when you get the core pieces correct. Flannel shirting and raw denim is the basis of this style and practicality come hand-in-hand with it as well. Invest in some core pieces and make sure that you always keep the fit slim without being too constricting. Look to people like David Beckham and Jake Gyllenhaal for inspiration and you'll be pulling off the heritage look in no time.


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