How to Get Chris Brown's Enviable Style

How to Get Chris Brown's Enviable Style

Chris Brown's overall fashion sense is up there as one the best around at the minute. Read our guide on how you can dress like Breezy, with minimal effort and maximum style.

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In between being a dedicated father, touring all over the world and producing more Top 40 hits than you can shake a stick at, Chris Brown's style is impeccable. The Virginia native has a fashion sense that sees him in Vans to Jordans and from dinner suits to tracksuits. This eclectic style and open-mindedness towards his outfits shows that he's not afraid to wear what he likes. With that being said, Mr Breezy has some specific rules that you should definitely adhere to.

It's easy enough to replicate Chris Brown's fashion sense and is not as expensive as you'd think. As the multi-platinum singer wears a lot of street wear brands, it's more than capable to get his style relatively cheaply. Take a look at our handy guide below to see how you can dress like Chris Brown.


All white is an outfit Chris Brown pulls off well




Chris Brown's Style

Chris Brown has a huge appetite for clothes, often wearing outfits that take inspiration from all aspects of fashion. It can be difficult to get his style when he's spotted in Dior, Lanvin and Saint Laurent but that's only on special occasions. Thankfully he's often spotted in brands like Champion, The North Face and Converse, meaning you don't have to break the bank to dress like the man himself.

Chris Brown Hat's

Now, if you've seen Chris Brown over the last few years then you'll know that a hat never leaves his head. The man's trademark snapbacks and hats have gained him a certain sense of notoriety over the last decade or so. However there's more to his style than just snapbacks and caps, he also has a penchant for Fedoras, bucket hats and trilbys. To keep things simple and for an everyday look we'd recommend sticking to a snapback or simple baseball cap.

As the snapback or baseball cap is Chris Brown's hat of choice, and the sheer variety that he has, there are countless ways that you can style them. Whether it's for the everyday or for the club on a Friday night, the combinations really are endless. Take a look at the outfit below so you can see what we mean.


mens street style chris brown black cap black t-shirt black jeans white sk8 hi vans
A simple baseball cap is a staple item if you're trying to get the authentic Chris Brown look
PHOTO CREDIT: Upscale Hype




The simpleness of this all black outfit shows how plain yet stylish Brown can be. A decent cap, smart logo T-Shirt and black jeans with some Vans is a perfect way to get Breezy's style without a great expense being laid out. Simple, yet effective is the name of the game.

Chris Brown's Shoes

When it comes to shoes, Chris Brown has a large variety of brands in his closet. Like most American rappers, Chris Brown's Jordans do play a big part in his outfits but that doesn't mean he sticks to them. Living in California means that more often than not he is in Vans or Converse, paying tribute to the skater scene around him. What sets Brown apart from the norm is the respect that he has for classic brands like Saucony and Asics.

Chris Brown told an interviewer that in middle school he was big into Sauconys "trying to get every colour...I like to bring old shoes back that a lot of people don't wear...even if you don't like them I like them." It is easy to see how moving away from the norms has helped him set himself apart from the rest of his peers. In facet, in late 2015 he was rumoured to have a collaboration with Asics coming out but no news has emerged ever since.


mens street style chris brown blue jacket white t-shirt black jeans black white vans old skool
Wearing classic Vans means that Chris Brown elevates his style from rapper to skater with ease




Classic shoes like these allow Chris Brown to push his style away from the generic rapper of baggy jeans and Jordans. Having a pair of Vans or Converse in your wardrobe allows you to replicate a number of signature looks by the singer so be sure to have a pair in your rotation.

Chris Brown 2017

After a successful year touring the globe, being nominated for two BET awards and a big album expected for a June release of this year, it's safe to say that Mr Brown has been more than busy. That hasn't stopped him wearing some cool outfits and making some bold fashion choices. Often having multiple outfits on stage, Chris Brown can show an array of styling when he's out on tour. Some are pretty outrageous but others are more simple and effective which we'll show.

Performing for two hours, you've got to be comfortable. The below outfit shows how you can replicate Chris Brown's clothing style with ease and look like you've just stepped fresh off the stage.


chris brown orange jumper blue jeans white trainers mens street style
A simple jumper, jeans and trainers combo can be a sleek and stylish outfit without the fuss
PHOTO CREDIT: Chris Brown's Instagram




Looks like this is what makes Chris Brown's style so enviable. When partnered with some simple jeans and white trainers, bold colours like this bright orange jumper are perfect for all seasons. They make a great statement for your outfit and will certainly have you turning heads on the street. It's easy to replicate, cheap and cool. What more could you want?

2017 has been about keeping it tonal with Chris Brown. Simple colours really seem to be what he's favouring at the minute, as you can see through these pictures he's loving a bold statement piece. Accessorise your outfits properly and voila, you've got the look down perfectly. If you need help then just refer back to this handy little guide. Cool, right?


On stage he still sticks with what he loves in a pair of Vans



How to Get Chris Brown's Enviable Style

  • Style - streetwear is the majority of what Breezy wears, keep it urban
  • Hats - snapbacks or baseball caps for the every day, Fedoras for a more special occasion
  • Shoes Converse, Vans or Jordans for the more authentic look, Saucony and Asics to recreate an edgier look
  • 2017 - think tonal and vibrant colours, Brown likes bright colours to make his outfit stand out
  • Accessorise - watches, jewellery and sunglasses to finish off the perfect Chris Brown style



On That Note

If you're really looking to keep things simple and dress like Chris Brown, just remember to keep it streetwear based. Brands like Champion and The North Face are all perfect when you're trying to recreate that signature look. You've got to have a good snapback or baseball hat. A hat is rarely off his head and they also complete an outfit more than you'd think. When it comes to shoes, there's a few staple brands like Vans, Converse and Jordan's. If you're trying to go for a more different look then Saucony or Asics are key.


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