F*CK Boy Clothing 101

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Clothing trends come and go, but one that is growing ever popular is the f*ck boy. Think street style meets hypebeast, crossed with athletic sportswear and voila: the fuckboy is born. They might have a bit of a bad reputation, but damn, they dress well. Take a look below to see how this trend caught on and how you can recreate it.

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Street style is something of an untameable beast. Trends come in and out before they've ever really had a chance to settle down. In London, the urban jungle creates a whole new playing field when it comes to wearing clothes. Youth street culture manifests itself in the shape of technical outerwear, tracksuits and trainers.  Once relegated to the depths of suburban culture, this trend is now at the forefront fashion.

A highlight of AW17 is the f*ck boy trend, here at The Idle Man. Taking inspiration from cold industrial settings of East London, we delve into the life of the f*ck boy. You know the type. He's the sort of guy that will chuck his latest conquest that "hey you up?" text at 3am, and let's face it, dressed that well they're probably going to answer. Blending all of these individual pieces to structure well layered and hard hitting outfits, we've played on adding to the diamond in the rough aesthetic and mentality. Take a look below at this new trend.

black vest low cost oiboy green stan rays-min
Technical streetwear is at the forefront of this trend

If you're going to adopt this look, then it's important to remember a few things. Big jackets, tracksuit bottoms, white socks and a decent pair of trainers are absolute necessities if you want to carry this look properly.

The outfit below is a testament to this. WoodWood's A/W collection sees this eye catching puffa jacket take the centre stage. Technical outerwear is a must for this trend as we've already shown, and this jacket is one of our favourites. Combine it with Carhartt's black Marshall joggers and a pair of trainers and you've got the perfect look.

woodwood red puffa jacket black tracksut jackets-min
Layering is crucial to achieve this look

Another of our favourites for this season is The North Face Nuptse. A favourite of the hypebeast, The North Face Nuptse has gone from being worn in the mountains to being worn in the queue for the next Supreme drop.

This black Nuptse jacket, along with our exclusive Oiboy collaboration T-shirt, has created the perfect f*ck boy look. Bring the whole thing together with a cross body bag, and you're ready to hit the concrete jungle of the city.

north face nuptse idle x oiboy t-shirt black tracksuit bottoms cross body bag-min
The North Face Nuptse jacket is an essential item for this season

The baggy tracksuit bottom is a must have item this season, especially if you're trying to recreate this style. Not only are they comfortable and practical for the millennial, but they also add a huge element to the overall f*ck boy look.

Oiboy's Logo Joggers are exactly what every jogging bottom should be. Loose, soft cotton and most importantly, cool. Team your new classic joggers with this HUF striped T-shirt for a casual but effective outfit. It's effortless, but less always says more.

huf t-shirt oiboy tracksuit bottoms-min
Keeping it casual is key to being on trend this season

On That Note

If you're looking to recreate the f*ck boy look, then it's important you remember the basics. Technical outerwear is an absolute must, and brands like WoodWood and The North Face do it best. Bold graphic T-shirts an casual jogging bottoms are also necessities for completing this look. Finally, trainers. They're the only thing that go with the milennial f*ck boy look and you can't skip them.


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