Why the Fit of Your Casual Clothes Is Crucial

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The fit is the most crucial element of casual clothes. No matter how inventive and elegantly coordinated your ensemble is, if the fit is poor all your work and money is for nothing. This style guide will take you through all our top tips.

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Young men who can’t always afford high-end brands, so nailing the fit is the best way of getting value for money. The quality of the fabric matters little compared to the fit of your clothes; a good fit can conceal low-quality fabrics, not the other way round.

Of course, when it comes to fit individual preferences, comfort or style can take precedence over these general rules. However, the tips listed below provide a guide for getting the right fit for your most essential items. This guide will let you know how casual clothes should look.

Long Sleeve Shirts

Long sleeved T-shirts are a men's wardrobe essential. They are one of the best casual clothes for men as they will go with almost every look. When wearing a long sleeved T-shirt, try to avoid tightness across the chest and billowing fabrics at the sides or waist. The same rules apply for a shirt.

A shirt will work for both casual looks and formal looks. The cuffs of the shirt should end just over the wrist. Casual shirts will be slightly looser than dress shirts but still shouldn’t descend below the crotch. Take a look at our feature on how to style a casual shirt for the best shirt fit guide.

This below look is perfect for a casual going out outfit. If you're not into pink, go for a classic white or blue shirt instead.


mens pink shirt street style glasses and shorts
Styling A Casual Shirt





No man can, or should ever, live without a T-shirt. They are an essential piece that you can wear with so many outfits, all year round. The best rule of thumb for judging length with a T-shirt is to raise your hands straight above your head – if more than an inch of your midriff is exposed the tee is too small. If no midriff is exposed it’s too long. Again look for tightness or bunching.

You can get T-shirts in longline too, however, if you are shorter we would recommend giving these a miss.


mens cropped trouser converse white t-shirt hat
Styling A White T-shirt




Jeans and Chinos

A pair of jeans and chinos are also wardrobe must-haves, so it's important that you get the fit right. The key to well-fitted jeans is ensuring the waist is the correct size. So get your tape measure out before you order. What you're looking for is a waistline that sits comfortably on the hips without a belt. You don't need to worry as much about length because you can either fold them up and or get them shortened will cost around £10.

Skinny jeans have recently been in trend, but now it's all about slim fit. Slim fit trousers are great, whether it's chinos, jeans or even suit trousers. Consider going for crop length trousers, and pair these with a pair of clean, white trainers.


edwin jeans slim black
Styling Black Jeans




Jackets And Blazers

A jacket has the ability to finish every look, as long as you wear one that fits well. The tricks to a well-fitted jacket are making sure that it isn't too big or too small.

Standing square, you should have around ½ inch excess in the front of the jacket, making sure it isn’t pulling across the chest. The lapel should lie flat – not bowing with the chest – and the shoulder should have roughly ¼ inch excess, otherwise, it will start to collapse when wearing. The cuff should sit where the hand meets the wrist. In terms of length, with your arms by your side, the end of the jacket should meet the base of the thumb.


magic fox grey blazer white t-shirt mens street style
Styling A Casual Blazer




How To Make Sure Your Clothes Fit Well

  •  Measure your body. It's important to understand your body shape and your body size. Find clothes that meet your measurements and don't forget you can always get clothes altered. It's better to have clothes too big that you can alter than too small.
  • A T-shirt is an essential. Every man should own a well-fitted T-shirt, that when your arms are lifted, there is little skin showing.
  • Slim-fit trousers are the new skinny trousers. This counts for both jeans a chinos. Consider pin rolling your trousers for a better, more stylish fit.
  • When wearing a blazer make sure it's not too big and not too small. The sleeve cuffs need to sit comfortably on the wrist.


mens streetstyle birkenstock summer white shirt
Instant casual vibes with a pair of Birkenstock's


On That Note

On any walk around town, you'll see the same fashion mistakes again and again. You don't need to make the same ones! If any of your clothes don't match what we've said above, then you need to either get them altered by a tailor or chuck them out. Some people prefer to go for the oversized look, and if that's what you're into, great. Just make sure that you're aware of when and where it's appropriate to go for that laid-back casual wear style. All clothes and style preferences vary, so remember to be comfortable with what you are dressed in.


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