Falcon Enamelware Now Available In Store

Falcon Enamelware Now Available In Store

In an expansion of our lifestyle offering, The Idle Man are now proud stockists of Falcon Enamelware.

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A new drop from Falcon Enamelware now sees The Idle Man stock the classic ice white and royal blue rimmed mug, bake set, prep set and deep plate set as we expand our lifestyle offering.

Since the 1920s, Falcon have been an icon of British home life providing understated and classic designs. Never straying far from their original white cast, blue rimmed kitchen and dinner range, Falcon Enamelware is tasteful and contemporary with a distinctly nostalgic feel.

Falcon Enamelware with blue rim lifestyle imagery
Falcon Enamelware with Distinctive Blue Rim | PHOTO CREDIT: Techniques & Patterns

As well as being aesthetically pleasing, Falcon Enamelware has endurance appeal to boot. Made from a heavy gauge steel fused porcelain, Falcon can offer extreme durability. It is nigh on unbreakable, oven proof, dishwasher safe and can even be used for cooking on the hob.

falcon enamelware lifestyle cooking
PHOTO CREDIT: Falcon Enamelware

falcon enamelware collage deep plates and bake set
SHOP: Falcon Deep Plate Set | Falcon Bake Set

Aside from its longevity, Falcon Enamelware is a timeless focal point of any dinner table. Falcon have staked their place in the kitchen and are steadily making their way into the rest of the home. The tableware set against natural linen, distressed wood or slate furnishings makes the statement your home deserves.

falcon enamelware minimalist aesthetic with dessert
PHOTO CREDIT: Falcon Enamelware

The minimalist aesthetic and utilitarian design of Falcon Enamelware only cements its timeless appeal whist the iconic falcon in flight is the trademark and official seal of the coveted range.

It only took a mere glimpse at the collection to leave us full of childhood nostalgia of Sunday baking not to mention an insatiable craving for every piece of the set.

Falcon Enamelware has a traditional and rustic quality that instantly conjures up notions of home comforts and rural, country living. There is an enduring charm about the range that leaves you with an urge to pick up a wooden spoon and start whisking up a culinary masterpiece.

falcon collage prep set and mug
SHOP: Falcon Prep Set | Falcon Mug

falcon enamelware with brownies
PHOTO CREDIT: Falcon Enamelware

With kitchen and home wares this good, we defy you not to snap up the whole lot. Our guess is that they won't be sticking around for long.


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