Elvis Presley's Style Through the Years

Elvis Presley's Style Through the Years

One of the most iconic men to have lived in the 20th century, Elvis Presley was not only a musical icon, but a style icon as well. 

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To most, Elvis Presley was one of the most influential men to have ever lived. His swinging hips and blue suede shoes pulled fans globally, throwing him into the limelight to become one of the most famous men in the world, and for us over here at Idle HQ, one of the most stylish as well.

With the release of the new film Elvis & Nixon, which is out on the 24th of June, starring Kevin Spacey as President Nixon and Michael Shannon as the loose hipped man himself, Elvis Presley; we thought we'd do a style archive of some of the legend's most famous looks. From classic 50's tailoring, all the way to the bedazzled jumpsuits and oversized collars, we're covering it all.

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 Elvis Presley 1950's Style

Whilst Elvis was born and raised in the south of America, his style influences came from the people and the environment around him. Keeping a traditional, working class, almost laid back attitude to his style, he pioneered the high waisted trousers, penny loafers and cuban collared shirts that many of us know and love.

elvis presley red shirt black trousers penny loafers
Elvis Presley Style - PHOTO CREDIT: Pinterest

Unfortunately, we don't have the red version that Elvis is sporting in the picture, but over here at Idle HQ, we do have the classic cuban collared shirt for you to have a gander at. Whether you're after a printed version, or something a little more subtle, you can always find one that suits you and your style.

cuban collar short sleeved shirts for men
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In his down time, Elvis was the king of dressing casually. He was a man who knew what suited him, and how to wear it. Seen here in the 1950's with a casual striped shirt and a pair of jeans, the perfect downtime look that Elvis was known for.

elvis presley striped shirt and jeans
Elvis Presley Style - PHOTO CREDIT: Men Style Fashion

To re-create this casual look, grab yourself a white and navy striped shirt. Leave the top two buttons undone and tuck it into a pair of slim legged blue jeans. To top the look off, and to give it a more casual feel, then slip on a pair of white plimsolls, both for comfort and style. If you want to swap the plimsolls for a pair of black penny loafers then go ahead, we certainly know Elvis would have done.

striped shirt white slip on vans plimsolls blue levis jeans
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Elvis Presley was a man who wasn't afraid of colour. During the 1950's a typical mans fashion could be quite drab and boring, but Elvis was a man who like to experiment with colour and pattern to make himself sand out from the thousands of screaming fans.

elvis presley style green cable knit jumper black trousers penny loafers
Elvis Presley Style

I think it's fair to say that Elvis Presley pioneered the Hawaiian print shirt when he donned a red and white version for the cover for his soundtrack Blue Hawaii. The Hawaiian shirt, in recent times, has had its fair share of stick, but over here at Idle HQ, we think that Elvis wore his with ultimate style.

elvis presley hawaiian print red shirt
Elvis Presley Hawaiian Print Shirt - PHOTO CREDIT: Documentary Heaven

To channel the Elvis Presley inspired look, then why not sport this subtle beige version with a tropical print. Teamed with a pair of black wide legged trousers (for a nod to the 50's) and a pair of classic black penny loafers, will have you expressing your inner Elvis in no time at all.

hawaiian print shirt black penny loafers black wide legged trousers
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For a more casual approach to the hawaiian shirt the can always tone down the colours. Try this white version with lighter blue accents on for size; teamed with a pair of wide legged (of course) chinos with the bottoms rolled up, and a pair of brown penny loafers for good measure, and you'll be channeling Elvis on the beach in no time.

elvis presley style hawaiian shirt beige chinos brown penny loafers
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Who could forget that classic jailhouse rock look Elvis donned in his famous music video. Although this was a costume meant to imitate a prison uniform, you can't deny the classic style that oozes from Elvis during this music video. Everything works, from the penny loafers and raw denim jeans, to the striped polo shirt and workman's denim jacket, very stylish indeed.

elvis presley jailhouse rock style
Elvis Presley Jailhouse Rock Style - PHOTO CREDIT: Huffington Post

Elvis Presley 1960's Style

Elvis was a man who knew what he wore was stylish, and, at the peak of his career, wore clothes that were bang on trend and classically stylish for, not only the time, but even now. The 1960's was a time of classic tailoring and sharp lines; slicked back hair and button down shirts were all the rage and Elvis was, as always, stylish.

elvis presley 1960s style guitar graceland
Elvis Presley 1960's Style - PHOTO CREDIT: Isabel Rose

Getting the Elvis Presley look isn't a tricky ordeal, all you have to remember is to stick to classic styles and colours and always keep it casual. Elvis was a fan of the classic cuban collared shirt with a pair of wide legged trousers, bang on trend, not only for the 60's but today as well.

If you really want to pay homage to Elvis during the 60's, then try on a mis-matched suit on for size. Go for contrasting colours such as beige and navy, as they work perfectly together despite being on opposite ends of the colour spectrum. Paired with a white button down shirt and brown penny loafers for good measure, and you'll be swinging those hips before you know it.

beige blazer white shirt navy blue trousers brown penny loafers for men
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Elvis Presley 1970's Style

We're finally there, we've reached the point in Elvis's life where we're starting to see the introduction of the bedazzled jumpsuits and thick sideburns that are synonymous with Elvis' style. Now, unfortunately, we don;t have a sparkly jumpsuit to offer you at The Idle Man, and there are reasons for that, but that doesn't stop you from swinging your hips in a pair of blue suede shoes, thank you very much (three puns in one).

elvis presley 1970s
Elvis Presley 1970's - PHOTO CREDIT: Elvis


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