Are Elevated Shoes for Men Okay?

Are Elevated Shoes for Men Okay?

There's no doubt that elevated shoes give that added confidence to the shorter guy, but why is there such a debate over them and how do you find the right pair? 

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Women slip into their high heels on a daily basis so what's the big deal about men wearing elevator shoes? Elevated, or heightening, shoes can add a couple of inches to your height that the average shoe can't. Elevated shoes are an entirely optional fashion addition that you'll either love or hate but if women can do it, why can't men too? Let's break these gender barriers.

Elevator Shoes

Shoes with a lift are often simply worn if you want to feel taller, if you want to improve your posture, or if you're feeling slightly self conscious about your height. Whether you're wanting to feel a little taller with a more upright posture for that coveted job interview you've just landed or if you're hitting up the town, they can be worn by anyone on any occasion.

You don't have to sacrifice style in the search for height increasing shoes, which is often one of criticisms for the haters among us. You just need to find the right pair, but it doesn't stop there.

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Do Elevated Shoes Really Work?

Yes, they do! The biggest fear many men have when slipping into a pair of elevated shoes is that they'll look silly, or worse, that people will notice. However, elevator shoes don't have to be obvious. There are so many options out there that look discreet and can fit into your daily style. You don't have to opt for a chunky, gearish looking pair of elevator shoes to get the height you want.

elevator shoes
PHOTO CREDIT: Chamaripa Elevator Shoes

It might take some getting used to when you're a couple of inches taller than usual. Your friends might notice the difference but plenty of elevator shoes just look like regular shoes. You really can't tell that some shoes are elevated as they have built in raised insoles providing elevation for your feet. On the outside they just look like regular shoes, so only you'll know that you're wearing them!

Height Increasing Shoes

Elevator shoes are generally linked to shorter guys just wanting to stand taller, but it really doesn't matter whether you're short or tall. Some of us just want that added bit of extra confidence. As long as you embrace your height and remember that elevator shoes are just an accessory to your look, then why not give them a try?

Some of us have a lousy posture and might want to opt for a more comfortable style with a lift to make us stand tall rather than slouch and elevator shoes are the perfect choice for this. Calto and Calden shoes are a great example of elevator shoes that can be worn by short and taller guys alike.

Calto and Calden shoes
PHOTO CREDIT: Tall Men Shoes

Elevator Shoes for Men

Shoes that make you look taller can be a total lifesaver but there are also a few things to keep in mind. Avoid chunky, boxy shapes when searching for the ideal elevator shoe. It'll detract from your style and if you're shorter this will only draw more attention toward your feet and legs. With these tips, finding a pair of comfortable elevator shoes won't be as hard as you might think.


Dress Shoes That Make You Look Taller

Considering that you want to elongate your figure, not draw attention to your feet and legs, you should keep similar rules in mind when deciding on what dress shoes you should buy. Needless to say that the same rules mentioned above also apply to shoes with square toes. Opt for a rounder more classic shape to blend in with almost any outfit.

elevator shoes for men
PHOTO CREDIT: Tall Men Shoes

Tall Shoes for Short Guys

There is a real variety of styles of elevator shoes out that will suit you and add the finishing touch to any look. You don't just have to stick with the classic leather smart shoe look with an added inch or two to get that added height. Let's face it, we're not up for dressing smart all the time!

casual elevator shoes
PHOTO CREDIT: Tall Men Shoes

Elevator Sneakers

You can find a mix of elevator boots or trainers for a more casual or alternative look that won't attract too much attention. The key to elevator shoes is finding the right pair to suit your style as long as they're comfortable and don't stick out like a sore thumb. Elevator shoes specialists Toto, do a wide range of elevator sneakers but more popular sneaker brands such as Nike and Adidas also do elevator trainers. Finding a pair that you love certainly won't be a problem.

elevator sneakers
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Shoe Lifts

If you're still feeling a bit unsure about elevator shoes, you can opt for shoe lifts or height increasing insoles instead. Think of insoles that make you look taller as a little magic trick you can pull without anyone realising. Shoe lifts are a great alternative to elevated shoes if you want to add a bit of height.

3 Inch Shoe Lifts

You can customise them to your preference and you can choose a range of 'lift' sizes, the most popular being between 2-3 inches. If you're afraid 2-3 inches might be a bit too much, there are plenty of lift kits for shoes out there with different options that are up to 1 inch high.

3 inch lift kits

Shoe Inserts for Height

These bad boys do exactly what they say on the tin, they are inserts that are added inside your shoe to lift your heel. You simply slip the insoles inside of any pair of shoes you already have, and no one will know any different. There are so many variations and styles, but some of them do not work with just any type of shoe so be cautious.

You can find shoe inserts or insoles with the added comfort of cushioning or padded with memory foam while giving you that extra lift to your height and style. Some shoes already come with lift inserts that are easily removable. Just be weary that they won't be as comfortable without them!

PHOTO CREDIT: Tall Men Shoes

Opting for a shoe insert or insole that gives you that extra lift won't make you feel too self conscious when you're walking the streets. If you're a little shorter than average it's easy to feel a bit insecure about your height. However, thanks soles that make you look taller, you won't have to worry about people are eyeing up your shoes with a heel or platform. It's a secret that only you'll know!

Where Can I Buy Shoe Lifts?

If you're wondering where you can find the best shoe lifts available, there are plenty of specialist traditional and online shops where you can find everything you need. If you're getting shoe risers for the first time, it's probably best to pop to your nearest specialist store so you try them on before deciding on which ones you should get. Never rush these types of purchases!

When to Use Shoe Lifts and Elevator Shoes

Going Out

Whether you've landed that all important job interview or you want to impress on a first date, there are a range of formal elevator shoes you can choose from. Just don't forget your style, it needs some love too! If you've opted for a pair of elevator shoes with a good 2-4 inch height boost you'll need to remember this when choosing a slick pair of slim fit black trousers or navy chinos to go with your outfit. No one wants to see your ankles when you're going for a smart look!

Finish off your look with a trendy black bomber jacket this summer or a black tailored blazer for a more formal look and you'll be sure to impress.

Going out
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Everyday Look

From brogues to trainers, there are so many different styles you can choose from and tailor them to your own unique style. If you're just planning on a chilled out day in town or maybe even a bit of Pokémon hunting while you're at it, you might want to choose a more comfortable trainer or slip on style of elevator shoe.

every day
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Go for a pair of slim-fit  jeans and team with a classic Oxford shirt or a long sleeved Raglan T-shirt. You can always mix up your style so why not create a more edgier look by choosing a plain white T-shirt layered with a leather biker jacket and skinny black jeans. Slip on a pair of elevator lace-up ankle tops or Chelsea boots and you're good to go.

Your Quick Guide to Elevated Shoes

  • If girls can do it, you can too!
  • If you've always wanted to wear elevator shoes, it's time to face the fear of being laughed. The chances that people will notice them are very slim.
  • If you're not too sure about elevator shoes, you can always opt for a variety of shoe lifts and soles that make you look taller. They're also the most subtle option avaialble.
  • Let's not forget that plenty of us have bad posture and having a bit of extra height can not only help boost confidence but they can help you stand taller and stop slouching so much!
  • There are so many options to choose from out there all the way from smart brogues, trainers to Chelsea boots.
  • Elevator shoes can be worked into most outfits you'll ever put together.
  • Most importantly, don't be ashamed of wearing elevator shoes or soles that make you taller. Wear either of them confidently!

On That Note

You're either going to love elevator shoes and won't be able to live without them or they might really just not be for you. Whatever you think about them, it's great knowing you have the option if you really want to add a few extra inches to your height. The only one who really will notice that you're wearing elevator shoes is you, and depending on how comfortable you feel about wearing them day to day, they really can be a life-saving fashion option if you're insecure about your height.

If you're fearful of trying elevator shoes you can always opt for shoe lifts or padded insoles to fit inside your shoes to add a few extra inches to your height. As long as you choose the right shoe to go with your outfit, it'll be your little secret. You won't really know if they're for you unless you invest in a pair, so why not find out for yourself?


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