Editorial: The Lines That Shape Us

Editorial: The Lines That Shape Us

Undeniably Folk and Carhartt WIP are key brands on the men's fashion scene currently and they are continuing to deliver their sharp and charismatic designs as we head into spring.

What helps these modern brands thrive is their inherent ethos to remain true to themselves and to be fashionable and not 'trendy'. For that, we all thank them. These new season releases have been designed into great detail from every thread. Including the '50s inspired short sleeve shirt from Folk's collaboration with Yorkshire born artist, Alfie Kungu, who has designed each shirt with a colourful explosion. 

Meanwhile, Carhartt's latest seasonal drop showcases their original sports-inspired pieces which have been adapted to fit the 'everyday man' who wears the label with pride. The classic pullover quarter-zip jacket is one of Carhartt's staple pieces. The boxy fit of the pullover is given direction with the white detail on the sleeve giving a slim-lined elongated look.

Created with character they still remain minimal with detail focusing on the actual structure of the clothing. The stitched lines across the chest of the shirts help create a looser, boxier fit which gives the whole look a more casual feel. Whilst the central closure buttons and square chest pockets have been architecturally designed to stand out as well as work for a purpose. 

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