How to get Matt Healy's Style

How to get Matt Healy's Style

His style has sent both men and women running to the stores to capture his grungy look. But what makes Matt's gender-neutral style so chic? A question that keeps running across here at The Idle Man. So here's a ‘How To’ for those of you who are just as enamoured by his rock-star hipster look.

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Matt Healy from the 1975's style resembles that of a gothic-hipster found roaming the streets of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY. The hipster style is surprisingly put together, however from the outside looking in, you might assume he doesn't care about his appearance. Little do you know, he spends nearly $300 dollars on jeans alone and he owns 7 of the same pair.

Matt’s a small framed bloke, so most of his jeans are skinny-fit in order to elongate his 5'8" stature. If you can find Matty in a shirt, it’s either oversized, ripped up (designer of course), or a simple tank-top, accompanied by a leather jacket.

Matt typically wears the designer brand J.W. Anderson 90% of the time and has recently discovered his love for trainers, which he says is a lifesaver on stage. See, it's cool to sometimes switch things up - being stylish doesn't necessarily mean you have to give up comfortability. 

matt healy style
Matt Healy Style


Statement Pieces - Shoes

Matt Healy likes to sport slick black shoes, mostly Chelsea boots or a pair of classic trainers. Remember gents - texture makes a world of difference. The Chelsea boot is great for both the skinny jean and slim-fit jean look. It can also double up from being grungy to formal, and we love a good transitional look. Just swap the boots to trainers for a casual, thrown together outfit.


The biggest issue most people are faced with when trying to look like some of our favourite celebrities is that we either feel we have to break the bank, or we accidentally end up breaking the bank - damn it. However, it really doesn't have to be this way. All it takes to replicate these looks is a great sense of style, and we can help you with that. You'll always want to make sure you add your own personal touch to any look - no one wants to be a carbon copy.

The best thing about Matthew Healy's style is the fact that he's not afraid to mix things up, particularly by wearing women's clothes. Now I’m not suggesting you go run to the women’s department or anything, but if you are bold like Matt, check out what women’s sections have to offer. If this really isn't for you, opt for men's clothes that have a feminine touch, or are gender neutral, such as plain tees

Matt Healy Onstage
Turtle Neck And Jacket Look
PHOTO CREDIT: The Hollywood Reporter


How To Get The Hair

Matt Healy's hair really is a thing of wonder, and much like his clothing, it may appear that he makes no effort with it at all. In fact, it's quite the contrary. His hair is probably styled to perfection to create this care-free, tousled look. So, how to get it? Well, this look will be much easier for him to create due to his natural curls, however, there are certainly a few products which can help.

If you have long hair, it's essential you wash it, but don't overwash it. It's recommended that you wash your hair up to 2-3 times per week. It's also important you don't use conditioner on your roots, just ends - too much conditioner will make your hair so greasy (not a good look). If you have curly hair, invest in a salt spray to enhance them. If your hair is straight, use volumising shampoo and hairspray to add volume.

matt healy
Matt Healy's Hair
PHOTO CREDIT: Clash Magazine


Final Touches - Accessorising

A personal touch of his we like is his addition of cutting the jeans in certain areas to give a more grunge edgy look. You can easily cut your jeans with a razor blade to obtain this look.

His accessories are always minimal. So a simple neck piece and a double bracelet are key in his “gothic pied-piper” look. Also, don't forget the shades. Nothing's cooler than a bloke with a good pair of shades. Aviators are classic & never go out of style. Remember to choose the shades that best complement your face shape. It really does make a world of difference.

Matt is often seen wearing a belt with his all-black outfits. Adding a belt to this look will help divide the outfit and give it new dimensions.

matt healy guitar
Matt Healy Wears Sunglasses


The 1975

So, we now have all-things Matt Healy down, but what about the band? The 1975's are a group from Wilmslow, Cheshire. Alongside lead vocalist Matt Healy, there is Adam Hann (lead guitar), Ross MacDonald (bass) and George Daniel (drums). They have four EP's under their belt, with their second album I Like It When You Sleep, for You Are So Beautiful yet So Unaware of It debuting at number one in the UK Album Charts.

How to Dress Like Matt Healy

  • Accessories. These have the ability to really really pull your outfit together. Whether it's a bracelet, watch, a necklace or a belt, they're with investing in.
  • Stick to black. Matt Healy loves an all-black outfit. He keeps his look interesting by adding layers and textures to the outfit.
  • Footwear is key, so invest in a nice pair of Chelsea boots. Go for a high-quality pair, as these will last you much longer.
  • Don't be afraid to be different. Matt will wear women's clothes and still look better than most men. We're not suggesting you wear a dress, but check out jackets and trousers.
  • Make the look your own. No one wants to look like a clone.

matt healy
Matt Healy's Style

On That Note

As you can see Matt’s style is really quite simple. I think 80% of the look is attitude. Remember that a jacket, Chelsea boots, and black jeans are all very simple pieces to have in your wardrobe. They're all transitional pieces and will last you a long time if you get ones that are good-quality. If you need to sophisticate your look up a bit, ditch the leather jacket for a blazer and some loafers.

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