Learn How to Pull Off the Harry Styles Look by Following This Guide

Learn How to Pull Off the Harry Styles Look by Following This Guide

Want to know how to dress like one of the worlds biggest style icons? Then check out this guide on how to dress like Harry Styles and you'll be going in the right direction (no pun intended) in no time. 

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We were first introduced to Harry Styles and his style in 2010, back in the days when he rocked up to auditions wearing a simple grey cardigan and jeans. Not the greatest look to be fair, but fortunately as the One Direction lead singer's fame has grown, so has his style. Not only does Harry have legions of adoring fans for his singing, he is also getting many for his looks. The first thing to say about his overall look is that he obviously puts a lot of effort into finding a perfect vibe between different pieces of clothing.

He chooses to go for a bold look when wearing smart-casual, and is well know for his Keith Richards style bandana, print flannel shirts and tonal colour schemes. The attraction to his look is that it just looks so bold, but also subtle enough to not make a complete statement. His clothes look like they've just been picked randomly, but you see obvious choices in style - and this is a must to think about if you want to capture and use that look for yourself.

Harry's Smart Casual

When Harry is wearing smart-casual, he is mostly seen rocking a flannel shirt. To compliment this he often wears a t-shirt underneath and some skinny jeans. However this t-shirt often contrasts the flannel shirts worn over it, or vice versa.

If you want to steal his style, a basic Harry Styles rule is you have to have at least one item of clothing that stands out, completely contrasting the rest of the outfit. This can be something very subtle, like having a checked shirt over a plain white shirt, or something a little bolder. Take a look at the check shirt below, the colour and fit make it a very versatile item, and, will be certain to emulate the look. Teamed with a pair of black skinny jeans and you'll be good to go. Harry Styles is also extremely known for loving a grey suit.

harry styles smart casual


The Bandana

Through the ages, the bandana has had some significance in the music world. It's been a staple of many rockstars such as Keith Richards, and has symbolised a carefree spirit and a wild look. It is no wonder why Harry chose to pick up this style and carry it on with his look. For his tour, Harry chose to rock an American flag bandana with a plain black shirt and some black trousers. This is a change from his normal rule of contrasting wear, but it still looks effective when he is up on stage.

harry styles bandana



There's one thing that Harry Styles is known for, no, it's not his singing nor it is his legion of adoring fans worldwide, but it's his hats. Everything from snapbacks to the bang on trend trilby, he simply knows how to crack wearing a hat every time. Whats important is that you choose the right hat, once you've cracked that you can go hell for trilby. Harry Styles is also a big sunglasses man, and never misses the opportunity to rock some shades. Don't forget to match your hat with a Harry Styles-esque jacket for an even better look.

harry styles hat


A major way Harry shapes his style is the way he uses a tonal colour scheme so effortlessly. This means that he takes a colour and picks a look in several different shades of it, maybe even going for one piece of clothing that has a contrasting colour. This can be seen in both his smart and casual look, but lets have a look at his casual wear now. Harry Styles' casual outfits are no doubt some of his best.

When Harry is wearing casual, he quite literally keeps the colour sense and clothes casual. He often goes for just a simple white t-shirt and black skinny jeans. A perfect, but simple contrast that shows off his body to the obviously waiting paparazzi. He's even been known to add some sunglasses and a wide-brimmed hat into the look, further giving off that vibe of a young rockstar who just doesn't care. The look is very simple to recreate, go for a shirt similar to Harry Styles' shirts and some plain jeans, but don't forget to coordinate the colour!

Harry styles casual



Let's finish off on footwear. Harry loves wearing his Chelsea boots, whether it's for a formal occasion or just out on the go. Once again he also likes to be tonal when picking the colours of his shoes and trousers – we are talking black skinny jeans on dark brown boots to complete the look here, very subtle changes in tone that just complement so well. He never wears trainers or any other brash style of shoes, preferring to make outfits that draw attention away from what he's wearing and to the real star, himself. Pick yourself up some Chelsea boots from Hudson and start rocking this style today.

harry styles footwear


How to Pull Off the Harry Styles Look

  • Keep it either smart or casual, there's no middle line for Mr. Styles.
  • Accessorise your outfit well, Harry loves a hat or a bandana.
  • Keep well groomed, he doesn't frequently rock a beard but loves a wild hairstyle.
  • Always stay colour co-ordinated.
  • Harry Styles loves a good coat, make sure you have a few in your collection.

Harry Styles souvenir jacket

On That Note

So there you have it, one of the biggest singers on the planet and how he dresses. There are some basic rules you'd want to follow that apply to all the looks mentioned. Firstly, you have to think tonal - go for subtle changes in colour that simply look the best. Secondly, on fancy occasions pick one item of clothing that stands out - making everyone draw their attention to you. Lastly, if you really want to be like Harry you got to be open to wearing Chelsea Boots, as they are almost an essential. Pulling off a Harry look is difficult, but we hope this guide has got your back.


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