Breaking Down The Denim Jacket and What You Can Wear With it

Breaking Down The Denim Jacket and What You Can Wear With it

The denim jacket is a classic piece of menswear that every man should own. In this style guide we break down the denim jacket fashion and show you what you can team with it. 

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The denim jacket has been around since early 20th century, it’s one of those timeless and classic piece that your grandad gives to you and you keep it to pass down to your son. The denim jacket has become a staple item to have in the wardrobe as it is very versatility, practical, goes with everything and the ultimate summer to autumn layering piece.

Through the years the denim jacket has been changed around to suit the trend of that current moment. We have seen the jean jacket evolving from different fades, cut, tones etc. Here at Idle HQ, we’re obsessed with the denim jacket, as it’s not only seasonal but can be dressed down or up to suit to any occasion. We are breaking down how to style it both up and down, with simple key pieces you can master the trend with little to no effort.

The Denim Jacket

The denim jacket trend has been around for centuries; we have seen the denim jacket on many celebs, from James Dean to David Beckham. It’s a worthy invested to make, as the denim jacket will last you a lifetime because of the strong cotton material used to make it. Cloth made from cotton is wear resistant, strong, flexible, and impermeable.

Blue jeans in the form we know them today didn't come about until the middle of the nineteenth century. Denim is made with a blue cotton warp yarn and a white cotton filling yarn. The initial denim design was intended to make work clothes and tough clothing like overalls, but today the blue cotton is used for everything including denim jackets.

denim jacket outfit grid
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Key Pieces to Wear with your Denim Jacket


If you are looking to dress down your denim jacket, then look no further then pairing it up with a simple T-shirt. Marrying the two items together is the best way to rock a casual wear, making you picture ready for a drink in the pub with the lads or to running errands in. This combination of the two is also perfect for those days that you do not want to think too much into what you are wearing.

the idle man plain t shirts
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If you we wondering how can you possibly dress up the denim jacket, the answer is in your wardrobe. A crisp shirt is the perfect item to take your outfit from street style to office ready. This new generation of denim jackets can be accessorised with a tie. Depending on the wash of your denim jacket, you can pair the jacket with a white shirt, a bright coloured shirt or a patterned shirt.

casual shirts to wear with a denim jacket outfit grid
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Similar to shirts, jumpers can be mixed and matched to your denim jacket with such simplicity. Pairing jumpers with your jacket, will not only provide you with warmth for the chilly days but it’s versatile. Thin cotton jumpers are great for the hot days and transitioning to cable knit jumper with your jean jacket is ideal for winter days and nights.

jumpers to wear with a denim jacket
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If you are looking for that casual dressed downed look to go with your denim jacket, then a pair of trainers is the way to go. The great thing about wearing your jean jacket with a pair of trainers, is that you can dress your whole outfit based on what sort of trainers you are rocking. For a classic look, then pair with standard trainers and if you want an edge to the look, then mix it up with high tops.

trainers to wear with a denim jacket outfit grid
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The original slip-on shoes, loafers are the perfect balance between smart and casual footwear. The great thing about wearing your denim jacket with a pair of loafers is that you can pick from a wide range. From suede, leather, velvet or patent finishes de sign, loafers will add that preppy look to your jean jacket outfit. These shoes are perfect for the warm months and add a classic finish to any look.

loafers to wear with a denim jacket
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Chelsea Boots     

The Chelsea boot is a style that's over 150 years old, however just like the denim jacket trend it’s evolved throughout the years. it's become a contemporary favourite for many guys today. The Chelsea boot is the perfect go to shoes, for those days that you don’t feel like dressing up but don’t want to go all the way causal with a trainers look. It’s the ideal balance of more dressed-up than a trainer, but not quite as proper as hard bottoms.

Your go-to option for a casual everyday outfit. What marries the Chelsea boot well with the denim jacket is that the boot's inherent simplicity lends itself well to a variety of looks. It will work well paired with a crisp shirt, your everyday t-shirt or a cable knitted jumper. It's a very easy boot to assimilate into your closet.      

chelsea boots to wear with a denim jacket
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