Dane DeHaan Talks to The Idle Man

Dane DeHaan Talks to The Idle Man

We chat to Dane DeHaan, one of Hollywood's most exciting actors, about his new film A Cure for Wellness and how he landed one of fashion's biggest campaigns. 

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Dane DeHaan, one of Hollywood's most exciting young actors, features in one of this year's most stirring thrillers, A Cure For Wellness. This psychological thriller sees Dane play the troubled Wall Street dweller, Lockhart and his search for his missing boss. A Cure For Wellness leaves audiences on the edge of their seat with classic thriller homages and plots twists to boot.

You probably know Dane more from his action filled role as the Green Goblin in 2014's The Amazing Spiderman 2, or his disturbed, super-power induced protagonist in 2012's Chronicle. This is a man who has honed his craft over the last five years, as well as his style. With a tremendous four campaigns under his belt with the Italian fashion powerhouse that is Prada, he certainly knows a thing or two about style.

What Drew You to the Role in the First Place?

I met with Gore [Verbinski], the film's director, and he spoke to me about wanting to make a thriller that was inspired by the classic, great psychological thrillers from the 70’s, such as The Shining. He sent me home with the script, and it seemed something really new, not the kind of film that’s made a lot, and that was exciting to me. I knew the part would be a huge challenge, it was a message I could get behind, and I knew that Gore could pull it off. It had everything I look for in a film.

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How Did You Get Into the Mind of Lockhart?

I did a lot of research into the people who work on Wall Street. What those people are put through; they live in a really intense atmosphere. They work almost 24 hours a day at their desk and they’re slaves to their corporation and to their boss. They’re helping humanity, they’re just in pursuit of personal money and power. They’re willing to step on people to get to the top. I think that was Lockhart. That was the sickness in the movie.

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PHOTO CREDIT: Box Office Buz


How Was it Working With Mia Goth?

Mia is incredibly present and incredibly talented. She was perfect for the cast and she created this strange character for the film. She was a pleasure to be on set with. She talks, she listens, she’s there. Very fun to react off of and react with.

Did the Costuming Help you Fit Into the Role?

Yeah it did. Especially the [leg] cast. I felt more like Lockhart per say in the cast and white coat than I did in the suit and trench coat. It’s when Lockhart becomes part of the system, trying to find this ‘cure’. It’s when I start to become like everyone else.

dane dehaan a cure for wellness

How Do You Feel Your Personal Style has Changed?

I’ve always really liked fashion. I’ve always put a lot of thought into what I wear and I’ve always enjoyed shopping. Expressing myself through fashion has always been important to me. Since I’ve been in movies and been doing fashion campaigns I have more colours of paint to paint a portrait with. I have a lot more available to me. It’s become fun in that way. I can express myself with fashion in a way that just wasn’t possible before all this.

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How Did Your Campaign With Prada Come About?

I’ve done four campaigns with Prada. I’ve done more campaigns than anyone in their history. It’s been a really amazing five year relationship. They’ve become a family to me. It originally began when they dressed me for the Cannes film festival and it blew my mind at how amazing they were. Afterwards I sent them a thank you note and that was the beginning of it, and it’s from there that they asked me to do my first campaign. It was shot in London by David Sims with Benicio Del Toro, Harvey Keitel and Aaron Taylor-Johnson.

The brand [Prada] is my aesthetic and I’m lucky enough that the sample sizes fit me like a glove. Miuccia Prada has become a great supporter of my career, she really has helped me, and is one of the reasons that I’ve been allowed so much choice in my career because she continues to support me.

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What Are Your Wardrobe Essentials?

I think you have to have your favourite pair of black skinny jeans. Especially living in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, they’re an essential. I also think in this day and age, you need a a great pair of joggers. In the morning I can put on my sweatpants and walk my dog and still look good. Dress shoes in black and brown, your favourite T-shirt and a jumper. A favourite of all the standard stuff can be the beginnings of a great wardrobe.

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What Would You Say Your Go-To Outfit Is?

I’ll have to say black skinny Saint Laurent jeans that are cut, I’ll put those on. Then a Prada jumper because it’s cold. In New York it's freezing so I’ll put on my winter coat and I’ve been wearing my Adidas Boots Ultras and I love them.

Going Back to Your Career, How Did You Get Into Acting?

I’ve just always loved to do it. I never tried to do it professionally until I went to college because it's always been an obsession for me and it’s always something that I wanted to do. No 'aha' moment but I'm lucky enough it’s all I’ve ever done.

dane dehaan wearing a suit dane dehaan a cure for wellness


Who Would You Love to Work With in the Future?

A lot of people. Wes Anderson, Paul Thomas Anderson, Xavier Dolan, Daniel Day-Lewis, Tom Hanks, Martin Scorsese. I could keep going. All of them!

dane dehaan overcoat and suit dane dehaan a cure for wellness


A Cure for Wellness hits cinemas from the 24th February!


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