What Colour Shoes To Wear With Trousers

What Colour Shoes To Wear With Trousers
Choosing the right pair of trousers to wear can be hard enough as it is, let alone deciding what to wear with them. Your shoe and trouser combination can easily make or break your outfit, and is, therefore, important to get right.  Read more Men's Style Guide features and check out our Store shopthelook

Black Trousers

If you're wondering about colours that go with black then you're in luck. Black is probably the most popular neutral shade and goes great with a whole number of different colours. You want to avoid pairing black with other dark shades like purple, bottle green and navy. Combining these colours with black will make your look seem a bit muddled. Instead, stick to contrasting colours like white. 


Black Trousers and Brown Shoes

You may be wondering 'does brown and black match'. Contrary to what you may think, this combination can actually work rather well. After all, both are considered neutrals that are generally considered to work really well together. The key to this combination is to wear different materials or fabrics. For example, if you’re wearing black tailored trousers, you can jazz it up with slick brown suede loafers. Wearing neutral colours in the same shade or texture can make the outfit look dull and flat, so mix and match materials to enhance or even make your outfit stand out. When it comes to accessories, try and match the colours to your shoes. For example, don't wear a black belt and brown shoes, wear a brown belt instead. 


Brown Shoes With Black Pants

Although a black suit with brown shoes can be hard to pull off, the average black pants with brown shoes look can work extremely well. Although it's risky, teaming up a pair of light brown shoes with a black suit can work well. On the other hand, brown pants and black shoes probably won't work as well together.


Navy Trousers

Navy is a popular colour to wear whether you’re at work, at a formal event or just down the pub with your mates. Due to the versatility of the colour, you’re rather spoilt for choice when it comes to what colour shoes you should be wearing. For more formal occasions it’s best to stick with the traditional styles like blue trousers and brown shoes. During the summer, you might want to be daring and go for a bold coloured pair of driving shoes when you’re out and about.


What Colour Shoes With A Navy Suit?

When it comes to navy suits, it’s best to stay traditional and stick to brown or black. The same applies when you're questioning what colour shoes to wear with navy pants. Try and avoid any bold colours and stick with simple ones like black. However for a classic style, stick with wearing a navy suit and brown shoes.


Grey Trousers With Brown Shoes

Grey and some variations of brown can be found in neutral colours or tones but they have different effects. Grey cools or neutralises while the brown warms the palette. Combining brown shoes with grey pants creates a balance which is surprisingly effective.


Grey Trousers With Black Shoes

Black shoes can go well with grey trousers especially if it’s part of a formal suit. However, be careful with which shade of grey you choose to wear. Black shoes can easily overwhelm lighter shades so a darker shade such as charcoal would balance it.

Khaki Trousers

Khaki is another popular choice when it comes to trousers. Despite what you may think, wearing khaki trousers and black shoes can be a great way to finish off a tonal look. If you’re wearing a lighter shade of chinos then brown would probably be more suitable. Neutral shades such as tan and brown are both earthy tones and because of the natural connection, the two colours are harmonious. Khakis and black shoes or trousers go well with blazers or sports jackets so ideally, you should be looking at investing in a good pair of Oxford shoes or penny loafers.



Black Belt With Brown Shoes

Generally speaking, you should match your shoes to your belt to make them look like a set. Any other accessories you wear doesn’t have to match them, but if they do then it’s a bonus. So you should probably steer away from combining a black belt with brown shoes. You may be able to pull it off if you’re wearing jeans, but if you’re in more formal clothing you should opt for a black belt and black shoes, or a brown belt with brown shoes.

Shoes For Jeans

Jeans are versatile and a wide range of shoes will suit them. You should avoid wearing any high gloss patent leather shoes with jeans. They suit formal wear much better. Go for shoes with a more textured feel like suede or canvas. If you're wearing some classic blue jeans then generally speaking tanned or brown leather shoes work best. These are less formal than black leather shoes and will suit the more casual look of the jeans. Black shoes can also work if they’re made from canvas or suede.

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