Best Winter Coats for Men

Best Winter Coats for Men

As winter arrives there's nothing better than finding the perfect winter coat. And as the weather gets colder, there's plenty of things to look forward to. Christmas is around the corner, it might snow, and you'll finally get to style some great looking clothes. Here's a selection of the best winter coats for men. 

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Men's Winter Coats

Men's Parka Jacket

Out of all the men's coat styles, the parka has got to be one of the most classic pieces of winter fashion. The coat was designed to be worn in arctic conditions at very cold temperatures. The parka truly took its place in British fashion culture during the 1960s with the rise of the mods.

The parka is a great starting place if you're looking for men's warm winter coats. Worn for more than its practical elements, it's one of the best men's coats, especially for the winter months. There's a great variety of colours and styles, meaning there will almost certainly be a parka for any situation. If you want to go for a classic look, a green parka is the ultimate go-to piece, you can tone it down with a black jacket for men or dress it up with something that's patterned and has a bit more colour.

parka men street style
Finding one of the best parka's is a warm addition to any wardrobe


A Parka With A Suit

The great thing about a parka is that it's extremely versatile. You can wear a parka with more or less anything and you'll look great. When worn casually a pair of jeans and a crew neck jumper will be enough to keep you warm. However, if you want, you can try wearing a parka over a two piece suit and still look acceptable for the office. This will give even more of a retro mod style and is a great way to add some retro flare to your office suit.

Oliver Cheshire wears a navy parka over a green retro suit


PeaCoat with a Suit

As we're on the subject of classic winter coats then it would be silly not to mention the peacoat. Much like a parka, it's one of the warmest and heaviest winter coats out there. The double breasted design and large buttons make it one one of this year's best men's winter coats.

If you're looking for a formal winter outfit then you can wear your peacoat with a suit, smart shirt or even just some smart trousers and a jumper. Despite its thick nature and broad shouldered design, it always looks good when it comes to layering. When wearing a peacoat over a suit, the double breasted buttons add a formal style that combines perfectly with the square shoulders.

Ed Westwick wears a peacoat over a suit a lot in his Gossip Girl role

New York Overcoat

Single Breasted

The single breasted overcoat is possibly one of the best men's coats this winter, especially when trying to look formal. Due to the full body length of the single breasted overcoat, it will add a slimming appearance to whoever wears one, making them appear taller. To play it safe in terms of colour it's always a good idea to stick to simple monochromatic colours such as black, navy blue, or dark grey. However, if you're feeling slightly more daring then we suggest trying some autumnal tones such as maroon or brown.

An overcoat doesn't have to be the standard black, mix it up a little
PHOTO Credit: Pinterest

Double Breasted

A double breasted overcoat is a stylish addition to any formal wardrobe. Whereas other winter jackets such as a parka or down coat may take away the element of sophistication from your outfit, an overcoat will definitely contribute to it. Cheap winter jackets shouldn't be at the top of your list as investing in a quality overcoat is best when you want to pair it with a suit, suitable for both the office and any formal occasion.

Double breasted overcoats are slightly trickier to wear if you have a stockier or short build. When done up, the horizontal elements of your torso section will become emphasised due to the double breasted design of buttons on the coat. Generally, double breasted overcoats are thick and bulky. This means that they will make you appear bigger than you are.

Therefore, you're probably going to suit a single breasted overcoat more than a double breasted one if you have a short or stocky build. For this reason, if you do want a double breasted overcoat, it's always best to wear it with the buttons undone. To warm things up, add a scarf or a jumper underneath and you won't feel like you're letting in all of the cold.

mens double breasted overcoats in grey and brown street style
A double breasted overcoat can be worn undone to show off the suit style underneath


Best Down Jacket for Men

Down jackets are one of the good winter jacket styles that are very much this seasons must have - boasting both sport and fashion appeal, what could be better? The quilted design makes it one of the most insulated jackets around, plus it's also great for looking stylish when sipping on an ice cold beer at the chalet bar.

In terms of finding a good quality down jacket for this year's winter season, The North Face men's winter jackets come in a style that works well for every man. Try wearing a down jacket with a casual sweater and jeans combination for a perfect casual look.

With down jackets, we recommend wearing them in more experimental colours than your standard black or navy. A bright red or blue down jacket is a must-have this winter and you shouldn't be afraid of a little bit of colour. Go bright or go home should be the motto when you're buying your new down jacket.

mens down jacket green street style
Men's Winter down jackets should be as bright as your future
PHOTO CREDIT: Switch Back Travel


Men's Vest Jacket

The gilet vest jacket may not sound like the warmest item of clothing you could own, but in the right season and with the right base layers, this 'jacket' can be ideal. It will keep you warm but you won't over heat, so if you're out hiking or just walking to the pub, chuck this on and you'll be ready for anything.

Much like the down coat, a gilet vest jacket is a great combination of sport and street wear. Pair with some casual jeans and a warm, chunky crew neck jumper for an effortlessly cool Autumn look. Keep the base layers similar to the gilet as you don't want to go too far when it comes to your colour palette - neutral tones always work really well so opt for navys, dark greens, browns and greys.

mens gilet and hunter wellies street style
A men's gilet is a winter favourite
PHOTO CREDIT: The Joules Journal


Trench Coat

The lightweight nature of a trench coat is what makes it such a great piece of outerwear. Although a traditional trench coat design is a definite classic, you can get them in a range of lengths, colours and styles. Some of the best winter jacket brands for trench coats include, of course, Burberry. But if you're after something a bit more in the comfortable price range, Carhartt WIP's options are great quality and offer some stylish trench coats.

As with an overcoat, trench's are the perfect companion for a formal outfit or suit. Traditional colours still look the best, so stick to either camel, black or blue when choosing your trench coat.

A trench coat is best kept simple. Minimal colours and minimal pieces

Best Winter Jackets for Men 2017

  • A parka is a winter coat that'll definitely keep you warm during the cold and windy months. Invest in a green or black one and you'll have a staple piece that'll last.
  • If you're looking for a formal coat then try a peacoat, overcoat, or trench coat. These types of coat add elements of sophistication to your look, ideal for wearing over a suit.
  • A gilet is perfect if you want something a bit different. They allow you to stay warm and mobile while not getting too hot if the weathers not quite full on coat worthy.
  • A down jacket is a great cross between sportswear and a fashionable piece of outerwear. Go for something a bit brighter in colour to hit all the right style notes, greens, yellows and even pinks are acceptable.

New York Fashion Week – Street Style
Men's coat styles should be first on your to do list
Photo Credit: WhoKnowsFashion

On That Note

It's never too late to be thinking about what winter coat you're going to wear. Some exciting and modern reinventions of classic styles are coming this year. So, with such great styles, it's time to get deciding. Invest in a good one and you won't regret it - after all it is a statement piece to any outfit.


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