The Definitive Guide to the Best White Trainers

The Definitive Guide to the Best White Trainers

Trainers are at the top of everyones wish list. Some even have a wardrobe dedicated solely to them, full of every colour and style. But white has to be the most luxurious. It can make your whole outfit look effortlessly suave. Here's our guide to the best men's white trainers.

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Originally used solely for sports and athletics, the trainer has come a long way. There are a number of brands catering to your every trainer need from running to just looking good, and they're now even considered smart wear. Who'd have thought?

Incorporating them into your wardrobe is on of the simplest trainer trends this season, and adding them into everyday outfits is even easier. It's definitely a necessity in your shoedrobe, that's for sure. There are so many fashionable trainers around at the moment, so we've compiled a list of how to wear the best white trainers around.

Top Picks

The all white look is possibly one of the most suave looks to date, so it's no surprise white sneakers are some of the most popular trainers around. So what to wear with white trainers, you ask? It's incredibly effortless and slick, but can be rugged up with a leather jacket or formal trousers. Sticking to an all white pair is key in creating this look. But if you're after something a bit quirkier, than grab a pair with a touch of colour, such as coloured soles or a contrasting tongue.

Huf trainers streetstyle white
Huf Hupper 2 White trainers


First Date

You'll be looking to impress so will want to look sharp but without trying too hard. A white pair are the best casual trainers to dress an outfit down, but this is a date after all, so opt for a nice shirt to keep the whole outfit looking smart casual. Pair slim black jeans with white trainers and top it off with a black suede bomber jacket as an on-trend alternative to a blazer.

black suede bomber jacket striped shirt black trousers white trainers mens street style
Black suede bomber jacket with a striped Soulland shirt and black trousers for men.


Night Out

You'll be looking to go on a mad one so want to look made up, but want the flexibility to drink and dance. These trainers will give you that option and keep your outfit looking fresh, while the double black look will keep things smart enough to get into most places. On that note, make sure you check the dress code of the bar your heading to - some places aren't as much of a fan of white trainers as we are.

black short sleeve shirt black trousers white trainers mens street style
Black short sleeve shirt with a pair of black slim leg chinos and white trainers for men.



If it's just for a chilled Sunday or a day of errands, you'll still want to look good. White is perfect choice for men's summer trainers - pair them with wide leg trousers or chinos for a perfect smart casual look. Team a plain tee of any colour with these slick white bad boys, and add a bomber jacket to complete the outfit.

white trainers white chinos stripe top mens style



In the 1800s the first training shoes were plimsolls, which were all leather, heavy, and didn't even have a right and left distinction. By 1892, American Inventor Charles Goodyear came up with a newly developed process, Vulcanisation, which used heat to melt rubber and cloth together. This process added to the evolution of the trainer.

By the early 1900s, trainers were being produced by small rubber companies who specialized in the production of bicycle tyres. In 1916 US rubber introduced Keds, the name chosen for this athletic shoe concept, to be taken to the mass market. They were then called Sneakers by Henry Nelson McKinney, an Advertising Agent, as they allowed the wearer to move around without being heard.

The love for trainers increased after World War I in the US, as sports and athletes was used as a way to demonstrate patriotism. Around the same time Marquis M Converse, of Converse, had released Converse All Stars ,which were said to revolutionize the game of basketball. His trainers were then endorsed by basketball legend Chuck Taylor making them a must have item, leading to the Chuck Taylor All Stars. From then on, the trainer just kept evolving, as in the 1920s and 1930s they even became gender specific.

chuck taylor in converse

In 1924 brothers Adi and Rudolph Dassler, of Adidas, began producing handmade training shoes. After producing the first tennis shoe, Adidas later became one of the most popular sports brand in the world. This was increased further with The Olympics, when Jessie Owens wore Adidas at the 1936 event and won 4 gold medals.

The Olympics not only attracted fans to sports but also to trainers. Rudolph Dassler later founded his own company Puma and in 1948 introduced the Puma Atom, Puma's first football shoe which was worn by the West German football team.

puma atom 1948

The partnership of Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman in 1962 produced low cost, high technology athletic shoes under the name of Blue Ribbon Sports (BRS). This made trainers more accessible to a wider range of the population. They later became known as Nike, and they've obviously gone on to design some of the best men's trainers in the world.

Brands began to release ranges of street inspired footwear and styles that were for fashion as much as for function and performance. The most famous endorsement was by Nike with Chicago Bulls basketball player Michael Jordan and the release of Air Jordan in the late 80s. They have since played an important part in everyones adolescent lives and have had a recent revamp, finding their way into our work wardrobe.

The 5 Best White Trainers

  • For a quirkier look, opt for a pair of white trainers with a splash of colour to break up the look.
  • White trainers are the perfect addition to an outfit when you’re on a date, as you want to look sharp without being too formal.
  • A night out wearing white trainers can be a tricky one considering dress codes and spillages, but they definitely bring a fresh note to your outfit.
  • For casual days, stick to wearing your white trainers with a pair of laid-back chinos and a simple t-shirt.

mens street style white denim jacket white t-shirt white jeans white trainers
Wearing all white can be a risky business, make sure you get the look right

On That Note

Starting as an item solely used for sport and athletics, the trainer has evolved greatly, and is a far cry from what it was, to what it is now. Some people don't even use them for their exercise purpose, but to look flash. They can be found in almost everyones wardrobe as a staple and are used for everyday use. And thanks to its basic colour, it can be teamed with anything. The style is up to you, high tops, chunky or even slip ons, there are a number of options to suit your style. Just remember to keep them clean and looking fresh, and the whiter the shoe, the better.


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