The Best No Show Socks and What to Wear With Them

The Best No Show Socks and What to Wear With Them

So you’ve found a new pair of shoes, and you’re a huge fan. But wait, you can see your socks – disaster! What do you do? Have no fear, The Idle Man is here to help. Check out our guide to the best no show socks for men, and more importantly, what to wear them with.

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No show socks, or men's footies, a name are they are also sometimes known by, divide male (and female opinions) across the globe. The truth of the matter is, wearing normal socks with some shoe styles just does not work. Think about this for an example, you would never wear white ankle socks with dress shoes, or black knee high socks with boat shoes, right? The complete no socks at all policy is often a total no go - unless you have the world's sweetest smelling feet of course!

So why not invest in some no show socks? Come on, they get bad rep but just give them a try...

The Best No Show Socks

Listen up guys, no show socks are an everyday essential, and we can safely guarantee you will be needing more than one pair, especially if you are a fan of the casual trouser hem roll up look or you wear loafers or something similar on a regular basis. Unsure of what style or colour to go for? Here are our top three best no show socks for men.


Black no show socks are brilliant for wearing with any dark coloured shoes, especially if they are new, as the new colour won’t rub off onto your clean (we hope!) feet. From a distance, if the socks do ride up a little, onlookers won’t be able to tell which is your sock and which is your shoe.


Nude invisible socks can be worn with anything - literally anything. They are mostly the same colour as your skin and therefore will camouflage themselves even more into your feet. Nude no show socks can be worn with any colour or style of shoe, as well as with dress shoes for any events or occasions you have coming up.


White no show socks are probably the best worn with trainers, as darker colours tend to attract more heat when you’re working out. Of course, with all white clothing items, there are downsides, the main one being the increased likelihood of dirtiness and therefore greying in the wash.


PHOTO CREDIT: Ralph Lauren


The Best No Show Socks for Loafers

Loafers can be worn comfortably for work or play. It’s safe to say they are one of the ultimate transferable men’s shoe. Loafers tend to have high fronts and/or a tassel or frill as detailing, so you don’t have to worry too much about ensuring you buy super low cut invisible socks as the edges of normal no show socks that are known to creep up, will be disguised. Darker coloured no show socks should be paired with black or navy loafers, whereas nude or white no show socks should ideally be worn with brown or coloured loafers.

Team your loafers with black skinny jeans and a shirt for both a professional or play time look.


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The Best Socks for Boat Shoes

Boat shoes were first inspired by the sailing theme (obviously) and are often worn in the warmer months for a cool alternative to sandals or flip flops in the summer. The best invisible socks to wear with boat shoes are ones that are super low cut, as boat shoes themselves tend to have low fronts and sides. Nude or white invisible socks are also a better choice, as boat shoes are often lighter in colour, especially when worn in the summer months.

Sperrys are the original boat shoe, also sometimes known as Top-Sliders. Do you wear socks with Sperrys? If not, why not? No show socks are the perfect Sperry companion they keep your feet cool and stop shoes from smelling, and you can’t even tell they are there! Pair with blue jeans shorts and a striped t-shirt for the ultimate yacht chic look.


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Nike No Show Socks

Are you a runner? Frequently at the gym? Nike no show socks are none slip and are therefore perfect for working out. They are made from 100% cotton which helps to keep feet cool and dry. The material also absorbs sweat, keeping you from getting some form of foot fungus, such as athletes foot. The socks also have ‘arch compression’ which provide a supportive, biomechanically enhanced fit.




For an outfit that gives off a casual sports luxe vibe, wear a t-shirt, a bomber jacket and a pair of jeans.


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Vans No Show Socks

Vans no show socks are made from cotton, which like the Nike no show socks, is good for guys with sweaty feet. Vans no show socks aren’t just available in plain old black, white or nude. Do you fancy a hit of colour? Neons? Pastels? Whatever shade you fancy, Vans have the colour for you.




Vans compliment a cool, edgy outfit well. Try a patterned t-shirt, a leather jacket and some grey skinny jeans for an outfit that is on point.


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Converse No Show Socks

Comfortable and stretchy, Converse no show socks can be worn with any shoe type. Wear with trainers, brogues, loafers or boots, these are low cut and comfy, perfect and practical – and what do men want more than an easy, straight forward life?




Get the standard preppy Converse look right with a white polo shirt worn under a knitted jumper, paired with a casual pair of chino trousers.


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Under Armour No Show Socks

Under Armour is known across the world for their work out wear, and true to form, their no show socks do not disappoint. The invisible socks have a cushioning layer, which protects your feet from high impact when running. Under Armour invisible socks also have an embedded arch support that reduces foot fatigue when working out. Not only that, but they have a handy ‘Armour Block’, which is an anti-odour technology that prevents smells from sticking to the fibres in the socks – smells be gone!


PHOTO CREDIT: Under Armour


Be super chilled and wear your socks with a a t-shirt or vest, sweatshirt and joggers for the ultimate relaxed outfit.


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I wear no show socks all the time. Especially the fully invisible ones – they’re handy.

- Marko Smudgens, fashion design student

The Benefits of Wearing No Show Socks

The list of benefits for wearing no show socks is endless. It literally goes on and on, so we will just name a few:

  • You don't get the dreaded squeak sound. You know the age old problem, a warm summer's day, mixed with hot, sweaty feet, no socks and leather shoes. The sound of walking around like this leaves a lot to be desired and can often be a cause of inconvienience and embarrassment. Socks help to combat this by soaking up moisture.
  • No show socks don't have to be boring. We understand when you first think about socks, you may switch off. Yes, they are an everyday essential but that doesn't mean they don't deserve thinking about. The good thing about no show socks are, well, that they are no show. You could have what ever pattern or design you wanted on down there - and nobody except you would ever know!
  • Finally, and we would say that most importantly, no show socks keep your feet looking and feeling healthy. They help to prevent your feet from contracting any unwanted diseases such as verrucas, athletes foot, blisters, callouses and many more other unsightly problems that occur from having occasional sweaty feet.

Not wearing socks causes sweat to seep directly into the shoe's leather, which turns the inside of the shoe into a breeding ground for bacteria. This, combined with high moisture levels, creates a bad smell and in many cases triggers the itchy fungal infection known as athlete's foot.

- The Mail Online

Alternatives to No Show Socks

Ok so you're still not convinced that no show socks are for you for whatever reason. Maybe you think they are too feminine, or that they will be a pain and just slip off your feet, or even that you feel a bit of a grandad spending longer than five seconds thinking about socks.

So as an alternative, why not try washable insoles that slide into your shoes. Insoles are guaranteed to not slip off your feet like some no show socks do, as they fit directly into your desired pair of shoes. They can also either be machine or hand washed, which is brilliant for those thrifty few who love to reuse items more than a couple of times - and you get your money's worth. Another excellent selling point is that machine washable insoles for men can almost always be trimmed down to fit the exact size of your shoe, so it doesn't matter if your feet are on the small or thin side, and you don't get left with an unattractive, uncomfortable over spill of excess of material.




How to Stop Shoes from Smelling

So after reading all the above, and you are still not feeling a pair of no show socks, then that’s ok, but obviously bare feet and sweaty shoe soles only equal one thing…foul odours galore. Not to worry though, here are some top tips to keep your shoes smelling fresh as a daisy.

  • Fill a pair of tights with tea bags or cat litter, and leave them in your shoes overnight. You’ll end up with a more pleasant smell in your shoes.
  • Fill shoes with baby powder and put them in a sandwich bag. Then put them in the freezer, again overnight gives the best results. The cold can kill off odours and the baby powder draws out the sweaty moisture.
  • Peel a lemon, lime or orange (any citrus fruit will do). The citrus oils eliminate bad smells.
  • If you’re in a rush, throw them in the washing machine. Now, lads we know that there are horror stories out there about machine washing shoes, however, adding a towel or pillowcase into the wash will add extra support and stop them hitting the sides.


No Show Socks Cheat Sheet

  • Wear dark no show socks with black shoes just in case they creep out when walking
  • Wear low cut invisible socks with boat shoes as they don’t tend to have a really high front
  • Buy genuine sports no show socks for working out if you can. They will support your feet more, and also will help your feet to breathe
  • If you aren’t a fan of no show socks, make sure that you carry out preventative or odour eliminating methods after wearing your shoes with no socks

And On That Note...

Regardless of whether you’re planning on hitting the gym, going to work, if you are off out with the lads or just kicking back and relaxing at home, there’s no doubt that no show socks are practical and discreet for your feet!


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