The Best Men's Winter Coats & Jacket

The Best Men's Winter Coats & Jacket

When it comes to looking for the perfect winter coat, the task can quickly become an overwhelming one with the sheer amount of options available. We at The Idle Man have therefore created a complete list of the best winter coats and  jackets for the modern man to pull off. 

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Best Men's Winter Coats & Jackets 2018

Men's Parka Coats

Easily one of the most popular winter coats for a man is the Parka coat. This has been around since the early days of indigenous Inuit tribes and was originally made from caribou or seal skin. These days, most parkas are made from a combination of a waterproof synthetic outer layer and a duck down or warm synthetic fibre stuffing which is what makes them so warm and ideal for the winter.

Parkas usually tend to be worn for more casual settings with them evolving over the years to become a very popular everyday coat. They're able to maintain heat retention while taking on various design features which is what makes them such an ideal coat for the fashion forward man. Slimmer silhouettes have been created over the years and the warming properties are still one of their best features. Of course, you can still go for the traditional bulky designs which will go with everything from chinos and shirts to a simple jeans and jumper combo.

Here at The Idle Man, we think that the parka is one of the most classic wardrobe pieces to have in your arsenal, so we've come up with a range of sherpa lined parkas that'll see you through the coldest of winter spells while keeping that effortlessly cool mod-thing in tact. You're welcome.

Men's Quilted Jacket

The men's quilted jacket may hold its own among the more contemporary, stylish options of the modern day, but its origins go way back to the middle ages. While initially, quilting was reserved exclusively for use in bedding and household textiles, its light but insulated nature soon transferred across to apparel and was even used as an under-armour padded layer during war times. These days, obviously, the technique is purely used for its warmth and lightweight nature.

Diamond quilted jackets have a traditional formal feel to them and can give a simple outfit that tailored  finish. Our range of Barbour jackets are perfect for throwing on over a suit for a brisk autumn morning, or layering under an overcoat for a winter-ready look. For casual looks ignore the patterns and just go for a clean padded style, ensuring you've got a versatile base to work with.

Men's Waterproof Jackets

In complete opposite fashion to the previously outlined quilted jacket, the rain jacket is typically designed for maximum water protection without the added heat. Having debuted all the way back in 1823 with Charles Mackintosh and his world renowned 'rain-mac', countless other companies have created their own versions of the style since.

Layering is necessary when wearing a rain jacket as you're typically dealing with a fine, waterproof material that doesn't do a lot to keep the body warm. It's best, in this case, to go a size up or choose a slightly looser design, enabling you to add extra layers to your outfit without looking like a stuffed sausage. 


Men's Padded Jacket

The origins of the puffer or padded jacket can be traced as far back as the 1930s when fisherman, Eddie Bauer, decided to utilise a design previously spearheaded by the Russian military. After a particularly life-threatening situation where Bauer's wool coat froze up leaving him on the brink of fatal hypothermia - he revived the, then obsolete, design and the rest, as they say, is history.

Looking at the modern iterations of the jacket design, besides an outrageous and cringe-inducing revival in the nineties, it's remained largely unchanged from the original. Practical and simple in design, you'd be forgiven for thinking that this might not be one of the best men's coats to wear for a fancier occasion, but above we've paired our green puffer jacket with tailored trousers and loafers, channelling the huge AW18 trend of mixing tailored and sports-inspired pieces in the same outfit. Trust as, it's easier than you think.

Men's Duffle Coat

Originating from the Belgian town of Duffel, the namesake Duffle coat is a thick woollen coat ideal for the winter which features a unique buttoning system. Initially made from wool from the Antwerp region, duffle coats are now made from a variety of different materials both synthetic and natural, although if you've got the cash it's better to splash out on a more breathable natural make.

Their unique style can be off-putting to some, but as long as you go with a versatile black, grey or navy you won't end up looking like Paddington. In fact, the clean loops and toggles gives the coat a uniformed look that can give a subtle boost to a simple outfit - great for when you're bundled up against the cold.

Men's Trench Coats

The trench coat is easily one of the most iconic, quintessentially British jacket designs of the modern day. While it's hotly debated as to whether it was first created by Burberry or Aquascutum - most will veer this argument in favour of beloved Burberry. The iconic coats traditional design features 10 buttons, wide lapels and storm flaps among other characteristics and modern iterations that have since been developed.

While trench coats for men can come in a variety of materials to suit every season, it's best that in autumn and winter you go for a wool or wool blend coat in order to keep in as much heat as possible. The tailored, slim fit design makes it an ideal choice if you're looking for a smart coat, and with its flattering shapes it can go with a wide range of outfits, from formal looks to everyday, casual styles. This is a great investment piece for the cooler months and a good trench coat should stick with you for many years.

A fashion aficionado's favourite, the trench coat will no doubt continue to stand the test of time in the style stakes. We particularly like this trench-style coat from Wax London - a British-based heritage brand who have nailed timeless designs using the best quality fabrics. Head over to The Idle Man to check them out. 



Men's Overcoat

Finally, we come to the overcoat. One of the oldest iterations of the selection of men's outdoor jackets, the overcoat can be traced as far back as the 17th century when it was worn, regardless of social status, as a final piece over the rest of an outfit. While the style has seen fluctuations in its fit, from a form fitted, tailored appearance to a looser, more casual look, it's largely remained unchanged.

While overcoats are popularly used over tailoring, these days the relaxing of fashion norms has seen them in a more casual light - even being worn over ultra laid back hoodies and leisurewear. They've now become more of a 'one-stop-shop' for flexible, multi-purpose outerwear. Wear your overcoat over a pair of Idle Man Dad Jeans to get that ultimate relaxed look, the jeans will add comfort and will last you throughout the seasons.

The Best Men's Winter Coats 2018

  • Parkas are ideal for both rain protection and heat retention making them a piece suitable for the cold, windy weather.
  • Quilted jackets are great as an extra layer of protection that will smarten up any outfit.
  • Rain jackets are good for both water protection and style but without the added heat so remember to layer up if you're rocking this style.
  • Puffer jackets are a very fashion forward coat, they also protect and retain body heat in the cold winter months.
  • Trench coats for men are good if you're after a smarter look but also what to occasionally wear it over something a little bit more casual.

On That Note

And there we have it! Let's face it, while the trends of winter jackets will come and go, for the most part; the styles and selections haven't really veered far from where they used to be. At least since the mid 20th century anyway. Whether you're looking for an investment piece that'll last a lifetime, or perhaps just a cheap men's coat to see you through festival season. With the comprehensive overview above, you'll be more than ready to make an educated choice when it comes to selecting your new winter warmer. Now go forth and shop with confidence!


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